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Have you ever sat on the beach watching a movie under a sky full of stars? Can you hear the peaceful sound of waves in the background? And what if I told you, in St Pete Beach, there’s the iconic Beach Theater? It’s the first movie theater in Pinellas County with sound and air conditioning. Known for its magic, this open-air theater is a standout spot for both locals and visitors.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Beach Theater in St Pete Beach offers a unique and unforgettable outdoor cinema experience.
  • It is the first movie theater in Pinellas County to have sound and air conditioning.
  • The theater is known for showcasing independent and international films.
  • With its stunning waterfront location, the Beach Theater provides a magical atmosphere for movie-watching.
  • Don’t miss the chance to enjoy the movie under the stars at Beach Theater St Pete Beach.

Outdoor Movie Screenings at Beach Theater

The Beach Theater in St Pete Beach makes movies more magical under the stars at their outdoor screenings. Watch your favorite films with the beautiful waterfront as your backdrop.

Sunset Movies St Pete Beach

The Beach Theater recently honored Judy Garland with a film series at Horan Park. It was a free event for everyone to enjoy.

Classics like “The Wizard of Oz,” “The Clock,” “Summer Stock,” and “A Star is Born” were part of the lineup. They’re perfect for fans of Garland’s singing or acting, no matter their age.

People brought their chairs and blankets to enjoy the movies comfortably. The theater also sold food and drinks, with some profits going to the Beach Theater Community Foundation.

“The Beach Theater’s outdoor movie screenings bring the magic of cinema to life, offering a unique and enchanting experience for residents and visitors alike.” – Local Resident

The setting, combined with a great movie selection, makes the Beach Theater’s screenings perfect for a night out. It’s a memorable way to enjoy movies by the waterfront.

Upcoming Outdoor Movie Screenings

Date Movie Time
July 10 The Wizard of Oz 8:30 PM
July 17 The Clock 8:30 PM
July 24 Summer Stock 8:30 PM
July 31 A Star is Born 8:30 PM

Don’t miss out on the chance to see movies at the Beach Theater outdoors. Bring friends and family, and get ready for a night filled with film and fun.

American Classics Film Series at the Warehouse Arts District

The AX Outdoor Stage in St Pete Beach’s Warehouse Arts District is where exciting events take place. The American Classics Film Series, run by the Warehouse Arts District Association (WADA), shows three famous American films outside. “Star Wars: A New Hope,” “Casablanca,” and “The Third Man” are in the lineup. You can buy tickets whether you’re a WADA member or coming in as a general guest. Feel free to bring your own blankets and chairs for a comfy movie night. Snacks and drinks are also for sale.

Warehouse Arts District

Discover iconic American movies at the AX Outdoor Stage in the Warehouse Arts District. This series highlights the best of American cinema. Enjoy the powerful stories and unforgettable performances of these timeless classics in a unique outdoor setting.

Movie Lineup

Here are the three featured movies in the American Classics Film Series:

  • Star Wars: A New Hope: A groundbreaking space opera that changed the game with its epic story, beloved characters, and top-notch effects.
  • Casablanca: Set in World War II, this romantic drama is known for its famous lines and its messages about love and sacrifice.
  • The Third Man: This film noir takes us to post-World War II Vienna, showing a deep story, great camera work, and an unforgettable role by Orson Welles.

Feel the magic of cinema with these American classics at the AX Outdoor Stage. Join us for this unique chance to see these beloved films and enjoy their lasting impact.

The AX Outdoor Stage and ArtsXchange Campus

The AX Outdoor Stage at the ArtsXchange Campus is a lively spot for outdoor events in St Pete. Its pretty scenery and bustling vibes make it a favorite place for folks who love art. Artists, performers, and fans alike come together here.

This stage hosts all kinds of events, like art shows, live gigs, and open-air movies. It’s a prime place for local talent to shine, letting them share their hard work with the crowd.

When you visit the ArtsXchange Campus, you step into a world of creativity. This spot is home to artists’ studios, galleries, and spaces for shows, making it a real arts hub. You’ll find every kind of art here, from paintings to live shows.

Experience the Magic of Outdoor Performances

Seeing a show at the AX Outdoor Stage adds something special. Whether it’s live tunes, a play, or a film, the fresh air and open area make it unforgettable. Everyone, from the artists to the audience, feels the magic.

“The AX Outdoor Stage is a hidden gem in St Pete’s arts community. It provides a unique and intimate setting for artists to connect with their audience. The vibrant energy and creativity that fills the space is incredible.” – Amanda Thompson, local artist

But there’s more to do than just watch shows. The ArtsXchange Campus has food trucks, bars, and neat stores to check out. You can grab a bite, enjoy a drink, or shop around while you’re here.

Are you a big fan of art or just curious about St Pete’s culture? You’ve got to check out the AX Outdoor Stage. Feel the charm of outdoor events and see the creativity this town is known for.

| Attractions | Description |
| Art Exhibitions | Explore the diverse range of visual arts on display, featuring the works of local artists and emerging talents. |
| Live Performances | Be captivated by the mesmerizing performances of local musicians, theater groups, and dance troupes. |
| Outdoor Movies | Enjoy movie nights under the stars, with screenings of classic films and contemporary favorites. |
| Food Trucks | Indulge in delicious cuisine from a variety of food trucks offering a range of flavors and culinary delights. |
| Local Businesses | Discover unique and one-of-a-kind shops and boutiques showcasing the works of local artisans and designers. |

The Impact of the Beach Theater and Warehouse Arts District

The Beach Theater and the Warehouse Arts District have really changed things for St Pete Beach. The Beach Theater, or the St Petersburg Beach Theater, is loved by everyone there. It shows movies from around the world and gives filmmakers a place to share their work. This has made the local culture and friendships stronger, giving memories that last a lifetime.

The Warehouse Arts District Association (WADA) has helped art thrive in the Warehouse Arts District. They focus on improving the area, getting the word out, and teaching. Thanks to their efforts, artists have found support in creating amazing new works.

Both the Beach Theater and the WADA have made St Pete Beach a top spot for culture. They welcome everyone to enjoy art, movies, and more. This has made a space where creativity shines and people gather to share in it.

St Petersburg Beach Theater: Inspiring Cinematic Experiences

The St Petersburg Beach Theater is a big part of the area’s movie world. It sits by the water, making every movie more special with its view.

It shows indie films and big hits from other countries. People love the range of movies it offers. This has built a community of fans who are always excited to see what’s next.

Warehouse Arts District Association: Fostering a Vibrant Arts Community

The Warehouse Arts District Association has turned a part of town into an art-loving hotspot. It’s all about breathing new life into the art scene.

They host all kinds of events and support new artists. This has led to many great works being seen. Plus, they spread the word about the variety of art fields found there.

The Beach Theater and the WADA are like a spark for St Pete Beach’s art and movie culture. They encourage everyone to get involved and admire the beauty of art in the area.

Beach Theater Impact Warehouse Arts District Association Impact
Long history of showcasing independent and international films Community revitalization efforts
Beloved landmark for locals and visitors Organizing events, exhibitions, and educational programs
Platform for local artists to showcase their talent Nurturing talent and fostering collaborations
Creating lasting memories for generations Raising awareness about the diverse range of artistic disciplines

Experience the Magic of Outdoor Cinema at Beach Theater St Pete Beach

Beach Theater St Pete Beach is a special place for outdoor movies. It’s right by the water and gives you a beautiful view under the stars. Here, you can watch old classics or new favorites in a lovely setting.

Bring your own chairs and blankets when you come. This makes the movie time really cozy. The sea breeze makes everything feel just right. Plus, there are snacks and drinks available, so you can sit back and enjoy the show.

Missing out on Beach Theater St Pete Beach would be a shame. It’s a great spot to make memories with the people you care about. So, get your gear ready and come for a night of film magic by the water.


What is the Beach Theater St Pete Beach?

The Beach Theater St Pete Beach is an outdoor cinema rich in history. It’s known for its sound and air conditioning features. This makes it stand out as the first in Pinellas County.

What kind of movies does the Beach Theater showcase?

The Beach Theater usually shows independent and international films. This offers a different kind of movie experience for everyone.

Where are the outdoor movie screenings held at Beach Theater St Pete Beach?

The screenings happen at Horan Park. It’s a chance to watch movies under the beautiful night sky.

Are the outdoor movie screenings at Beach Theater St Pete Beach free?

Yes, they are completely free for the public to enjoy.

What movies were recently showcased during the special series at the Beach Theater?

A special event featured famous Judy Garland movies. This included “The Wizard of Oz” and “A Star is Born,” among others.

Can I bring my own chairs and blankets to the outdoor movie screenings at Beach Theater St Pete Beach?

Feel free to bring your own chairs and blankets. It will make your movie night more comfortable.

Are food and beverages available for purchase at Beach Theater St Pete Beach?

Yes, you can buy food and drinks there. Part of the money you spend helps the Beach Theater Community Foundation.

What is the American Classics Film Series at the Warehouse Arts District?

This series shows famous American movies. It happens at the outdoor theater in the Warehouse Arts District.

Where is the AX Outdoor Stage located?

The AX Outdoor Stage is at the ArtsXchange Campus. This campus is in the Warehouse Arts District of St Pete Beach.

Can I bring my own chairs and blankets to the outdoor screenings at the AX Outdoor Stage?

For sure, you can bring your own chairs and blankets to the AX Outdoor Stage.

What can I expect at the ArtsXchange Campus?

At the ArtsXchange Campus, you’ll find places for arts and performances. There are also food trucks and local shops.

How has the Beach Theater impacted the St Pete Beach community?

The Beach Theater has become a special place for local art. It’s also where memories for many people are made.

How has the Warehouse Arts District Association impacted the St Pete Beach community?

The association has helped make the area lively with arts. They do this through different activities and by supporting local art.

Can I experience outdoor cinema at Beach Theater St Pete Beach?

Definitely, the Beach Theater at St Pete Beach offers a unique chance. Enjoy movies under the stars by the water.

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