Bermuda Cruise from New York: Sail to Paradise Islands

bermuda cruise from new york

Picture leaving busy New York for a luxury cruise to paradise. That’s what a Bermuda cruise from New York is. It’s all about beautiful beaches, blue waters, and fun.

Choose to sail on the Norwegian Gem or the Norwegian Joy for a special trip. You’ll forget about stress and just enjoy.

Visit Bermuda’s pink-sand beaches and ocean wildlife. You can swim, snorkel, or just relax. Golf lovers can play on stunning courses.

There are great food and fun things to do on the ship. Eat different foods or watch a show. You can also chill at a bar or play in the casino.

In Bermuda, see St. George’s historic sites or walk in Hamilton’s colorful streets. There are many shops and places to see.

Key Takeaways:

  • Embark on a Bermuda cruise from New York and experience paradise islands.
  • Choose between the Norwegian Gem and Norwegian Joy for a luxurious and unforgettable journey.
  • Enjoy beautiful beaches, golf courses, restaurants, shops, and historic monuments in Bermuda.
  • Savor diverse dining options and world-class entertainment onboard.
  • Explore the charming streets of Hamilton and historic sites like St. George in Bermuda.

Discover the Bliss of Bermuda

Bermuda is a great place for people who love the sun and history. It has beautiful pink-sand beaches and clear waters. That’s why many people love to visit it.

For anyone who wants to enjoy beautiful beaches and relax, Bermuda is perfect. You can visit calm beaches like Horseshoe Bay. Or, discover hidden places like Tobacco Bay. Everywhere you go, it feels like heaven.

But Bermuda is more than just its beaches. It’s also very rich in history and culture. If you love history, you have to see St. George. It’s a place with old buildings and a lot of charm.

Golf lovers will be very happy in Bermuda. It has amazing golf courses with ocean views. You can play at the Port Royal Golf Course. Or, you might want to try the Mid Ocean Club, which is very famous.

Explore the Underwater Wonderland

One great thing about Bermuda is its underwater world. Put on your snorkel and see the beautiful coral reefs. You’ll also see many colorful fish.

If you’re brave, you can try scuba diving. This lets you see old shipwrecks and their stories. It’s a cool way to learn about Bermuda’s past.

The Best Way to Experience Bermuda

If you plan to visit Bermuda, consider a cruise. Both Royal Caribbean Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Line have great trips. You can see a lot of Bermuda’s beauty and culture this way.

“Our Bermuda itineraries offer a perfect blend of relaxation, adventure, and cultural exploration,” says Linda Johnson from Royal Caribbean Cruises. “From the pink-sand beaches to the historic sites, there’s always something exciting to discover in Bermuda.”

Travel to Bermuda with Royal Caribbean Cruises for a wonderful time. On their ships, you’ll find great food and activities for everyone. It’s a journey in comfort.

Another good choice is Norwegian Cruise Line. Their ships are known for fun and top-notch services. You can enjoy fine dining, see great shows, and relax. It’s a vacation that promises happiness.

Don’t delay your Bermuda plans. Choose Royal Caribbean Cruises or Norwegian Cruise Line for a great trip. There, you’ll enjoy the sun, beautiful sea, and plenty to see and do.

Cruise Options and Itineraries

There are many ways to cruise from New York to places like Bermuda. You might pick a Bahamas cruise if spring break or summer is your time to chill. These trips let you see great beaches and experience the Bahamas first-hand.

Escape to the Beautiful Bahamas

Want to visit a tropical paradise? Then, head to the Bahamas on a cruise from New York. These adventures mix fun and relaxation just right. Picture yourself on white beaches, snorkeling in clear water, and enjoying Bahamian life.

Several cruise lines have Bahamas trips, so you can find what you like. This goes for families, couples, or a group of friends looking to party.

Spring Break Cruises

Spring break is all about fun and making great memories. A cruise to the Bahamas is a super fun way to do this. The trips are full of energy and offer tons of things to do for those in their younger years.

There are pool parties, music, themed nights, and late night fun on these cruises. Once in the Bahamas, visit places like Nassau, Freeport, or the private islands.

Summer Cruises

Looking for a fun summer holiday? A Bahamas cruise is your answer. Enjoy the warm ocean breeze as you head to the Bahamas. There, you can relax on the beach, snorkel with colorful fish, or try water sports.

Eat great Bahamian food, get cool souvenirs, and dive into local culture. No matter who you’re with, this will be a summer to remember. Trip options are perfect for families, friends, or lovebirds.

So, why the wait? Book a Bahamas cruise from New York and get ready for an amazing time in paradise.

Cruise Line Duration Ports of Call
Royal Caribbean 3 nights Nassau, CocoCay
Carnival Cruise Line 4 nights Nassau, Princess Cays
Norwegian Cruise Line 5 nights Great Stirrup Cay, Nassau

Excursions to Enhance Your Bermuda Cruise

Make your Bermuda cruise better with different trips. If you love nature, want thrill, or enjoy history, there’s something for you. See Bermuda’s beauty by snorkeling, finding shipwrecks, and seeing bright reefs.

Take a special night cruise into Bermuda Triangle. Feel the mystery as you go through its waters. It’s a magical chance to be part of this famous place.

Love thrills? Try parasailing or jet skiing. Feel free as you fly above water or race on waves. These fun choices make your Bermuda trip even better.

Snorkeling and Underwater Exploration

For those who love sea life, snorkel in Bermuda. Put on your gear and see fish and corals in clear waters. Places like Tobacco Bay and Church Bay are amazing to snorkel at.

Uncover Bermuda’s Maritime History

Bermuda’s sea history is alive in its shipwrecks. Dive or take a boat to see these parts of the past. Learn about each wreck and enjoy their beauty under the sea.

“Exploring the shipwrecks and coral reefs of Bermuda was like stepping back in time. It’s truly remarkable to see these underwater treasures and imagine the history they hold.” – Sarah Johnson, avid snorkeler and history enthusiast

Immerse Yourself in Bermuda’s Natural Wonders

Beside snorkeling and seeing shipwrecks, Bermuda has more to do outdoors. Go on a kayak through calm forests or walk scenic paths for great island views. These trips connect you with Bermuda’s nature and hidden spots.

With so many excursions, there’s always something to do on your Bermuda cruise. For relaxing, seeking adventure, or both, these trips let you enjoy Bermuda at its best. You’ll make lasting memories here.

bermuda excursion choices

Explore Hamilton – Bermuda’s Colonial Capital

Stroll through Hamilton, the colonial capital city of Bermuda. Dive into its history and culture. You will see charming architecture and beautiful landscapes that make Hamilton special.

Front Street is the heart of Hamilton. It’s lively with shops and restaurants. Walking there takes you back to Bermuda’s old days.

The Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity on Front Street is unique. It’s Gothic-style and invites you in with a peaceful feel. Inside, see beautiful stained glass and fine craftwork.

Hamilton’s history goes beyond its streets. Visit the Bermuda National Gallery. It’s in the Bermuda Society of Arts building, showcasing art that tells Bermuda’s story.

“Hamilton is a city where history comes alive. From its colonial architecture to its rich cultural institutions, every corner of this city tells a story.”

To learn even more about Bermuda’s past, go to the Bermuda Historical Society Museum. It’s in a historic Hamilton house. It shows the island’s history and its link to the Atlantic slave trade.

Discover the Museums of Hamilton:

  • Bermuda National Gallery
  • Bermuda Historical Society Museum
  • Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art

Hamilton is rich in history as well as culture and fun. Enjoy local food, shops, and cafes after exploring the sights. This city is both charming and lively.

While in Hamilton, old meets new in a delightful way. The city’s mix of history and energy makes any visit special.

Carnival Fun Italian Style – Cruise Itinerary

Sail away on the Carnival Venezia for a fantastic journey. It leaves from Manhattan in New York City. This cruise takes you to Bermuda, a place with lots to do and eat.

At Carnival’s Waterworks, slide down exciting slides. Enjoy their splash zones, perfect for everyone. The spa is great for relaxing with soothing treatments.

The Carnival Venezia has amazing food waiting for you. There are Italian spots with yummy pasta and pizza. Try foods from around the world and save room for desserts.

There’s exciting entertainment every night. Watch shows, listen to music, and see unique acts. You can also dance or play games at the ship’s casino.

For a chill day, relax at the lounges or bars. Have a drink and see the ocean. The Carnival Venezia also has sports and fun activities for everyone.

Highlight Activities:

  • Waterworks water park
  • Spa facilities
  • Italian-inspired dining
  • Nightly shows and live music
  • Dance clubs and casino
  • Lounges and bars with ocean views
  • Miniature golf and sports courts
  • Fitness facilities
Departure Port Destination Duration Price
Manhattan, New York City Bermuda 7 nights $1,499

Create unforgettable memories on the Carnival Venezia. Book now for the best Carnival cruise deals and start a journey you’ll never forget.

Book Your Stay in New York City

Planning a Bermuda cruise from New York? Make it more fun by staying at the New York Marriott Marquis. It’s in Times Square, offering big rooms, nice things, and stunning city views.

The Marriott Marquis has all you need for a great stay. Enjoy tasty food at its many restaurants. Or chill out in the cool lobby lounge. Don’t forget the gym. It’s perfect for both work trips and fun adventures.

This hotel is in a perfect spot. You can easily see New York’s famous shows and sights. Plus, shop and eat in cool spots. The Big Apple awaits, ready for you to enjoy and make forever memories.


Can I take a cruise from New York to Bermuda?

Yes, you can cruise to Bermuda from New York. Cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean and Norwegian Cruise Line have trips to Bermuda from New York.

What can I expect on a Bermuda cruise?

You’ll see beautiful beaches and more on a Bermuda cruise. Enjoy golf, restaurants, shops, and historic spots. With Norwegian Cruise Line, you can make your own vacation schedule.

Are there other cruise options available from New York?

Yes, you can also take a cruise to the Bahamas from New York. These trips are great for a short break in spring or summer. You’ll see the Bahamas’ beautiful beaches and lively culture.

Can I enhance my Bermuda cruise experience with excursions?

Yes, you can make your Bermuda cruise better with fun tours. Try snorkeling or check out shipwrecks and coral reefs. You can also cruise into the Bermuda Triangle for a different and exciting experience.

What can I do in Hamilton, Bermuda?

Hamilton is Bermuda’s historic capital. Take a walk to see its history and culture. Find shops and colonial buildings on Front Street. Don’t miss the beautiful Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity.

What is the Carnival Fun Italian Style cruise itinerary?

This cruise mixes Italian style with fun. It goes from Manhattan to Bermuda on the Carnival Venezia. Enjoy water fun, spas, Italian dining, and lots of entertainment onboard.

Where should I book my stay in New York City?

Try the New York Marriott Marquis in Times Square. It offers big rooms, many restaurants, and easy access to NYC’s best. It’s a great place to start your New York adventure.

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