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Imagine the bright sun on your face, a soft breeze in your hair, and the calming sound of waves. You’re starting a Bermuda cruise from busy New York. As the ship leaves the city, excitement fills the air.

Once on board, luxury and comfort welcome you. Ships like Norwegian Gem and Norwegian Joy are waiting. They are known for their top amenities and service, perfect for your holiday.

Heading to Bermuda, a tropical jewel shines ahead. The Royal Naval Dockyard offers sandy beaches, green golf courses, tasty food, and intriguing history. You can sunbathe, enjoy meals, play at the casino, or dance, all with Norwegian.

Now, booking your Bermuda cruise is even better. For a short time, get 70% off the second guest and enjoy more freebies. This deal lets you save while having a trip you’ll never forget.

Key Takeaways:

  • Cruise from New York to Bermuda and discover a tropical wonder.
  • Choose from ships like Norwegian Gem and Norwegian Joy for an amazing time.
  • Experience top-notch amenities, service, and fun on your trip.
  • Visit Bermuda’s features like beaches, golf, food, shopping, and history at your pace.
  • Use the short-time offer to save on the second guest and get free benefits.

Convenient Departure Ports for Bermuda Cruises

Planning a Bermuda cruise is exciting, especially with easy-to-reach departure ports. Norwegian Cruise Line offers two main ports for this journey – Boston and New York. You can start your adventure from either of these vibrant cities.

Choose Boston as your start point and board the Norwegian Gem. It will take you from Boston’s historic sites to Bermuda’s heavenly beaches. This ship provides top-notch rooms, delicious food, and a fantastic voyage experience.

For those picking New York, you’ve got the Norwegian Joy and Norwegian Prima. These modern ships take off from the iconic city to Bermuda’s paradise. They offer great shows, food, and fun, promising a memorable cruise.

There’s also Cape Liberty in New Jersey for folks around New York. It’s a great option for a smoother start to your Bermuda adventure,

These ports make starting your Bermuda cruise a breeze. They elevate your excitement for the memorable journey ahead.

Convenient Departure Ports for Bermuda Cruises

Bermuda Cruises:

  1. Convenient departure ports from Boston and New York
  2. Explore the stunning island of Bermuda
  3. Indulge in luxurious amenities and world-class dining
  4. Embark on unforgettable adventures and create lasting memories

Short Bermuda Cruises for Quick Getaways

Norwegian offers 4-7 day Bermuda cruises. They are ideal for a quick getaway. You can choose a weekend escape or a few more days to relax in Bermuda.

Enjoy Bermuda’s pink sand beaches and clear turquoise waters. You can take calm walks by the shore, sunbathe, or listen to the ocean.

On Norwegian’s cruises, you can enjoy many activities in Bermuda. This includes snorkeling in coral reefs or visiting crystal caves. There’s something for everyone.

Don’t forget to see Bermuda’s beautiful sunsets. They make for perfect moments with friends and family. Bermuda is known for its warm culture and stunning views.

Pick Norwegian for a Bermuda trip to paradise. With our great service and years of experience, we offer the best cruises to Bermuda. Make memories on our short Bermuda cruise.

“A short Bermuda cruise with Norwegian is the perfect way to escape for a quick getaway and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of this island paradise.”

Key Features of Short Bermuda Cruises: Benefits:
4-7 day itineraries Flexible options for vacation duration
Weekend sailings Convenient for those with limited time
Pink sand beaches and turquoise waters Experience the natural beauty of Bermuda
Award-winning itineraries Voted “Best Bermuda Itineraries” for ten consecutive years
Exciting activities and excursions Options for every type of traveler

Explore Bermuda’s Attractions and Activities

Bermuda has a lot to offer visitors. It has stunning natural beauty, colonial architecture, and exciting adventures. There’s something for everyone here.

Colonial Architecture and Colorful Homes

Bermuda’s colonial buildings and bright homes are worth seeing. Take a walk in St. George and Hamilton to see these old and colorful buildings. Their vivid colors make the towns even more beautiful.

Pink Sand Beaches and Crystal Blue Waters

Bermuda is famous for its pink beaches and clear waters. You can spend a day on the pink sands, under the sun. If you love snorkeling, you’ll enjoy the reefs and fish under the water.

Thrilling Outdoor Adventures

If you love adventure, Bermuda is the place for you. Try kayaking along the coast in the clear waters. Golfers will also be happy with the beautiful golf courses here.

Bermuda’s Crystal Caves

Explore Bermuda’s crystal caves for a unique experience. These caves are full of beautiful rock formations. They have guided tours for you to see the wonders up close.

Top Public Golf Courses in Bermuda

Golf Course Location Description
Port Royal Golf Course Southampton Parish Host of the PGA Grand Slam of Golf, with stunning ocean views.
Tucker’s Point Golf Club St. George’s Parish Award-winning course surrounded by lush greenery and turquoise waters.
Mid Ocean Club Tucker’s Town An exclusive and historic club offering challenging play and breathtaking views.

Bermuda is a paradise waiting to be explored. Experience its colonial beauty, natural wonders, and create unforgettable memories. Make sure to see all that Bermuda offers.

Bermuda attractions

Excursions in Bermuda

Embarking on a Bermuda cruise with Norwegian opens up many exciting possibilities. You can choose from various adventures such as Shipwreck Snorkeling, Catamaran Swim & Snorkel, or casually explore the island’s history and nature. There’s something for everyone.

Shipwreck Snorkeling

Jump into Bermuda’s clear waters to discover the ‘Constellation’ wreck. This setting offers a fascinating snorkeling experience. You’ll see bright coral reefs and meet diverse marine life.

Bermuda Triangle Evening Cruise

Enter the mystique of the Bermuda Triangle on an evening cruise. Enjoy the view of Bermuda’s coast while soaking in its legendary stories. It’s an experience that leaves room for your wildest imagination.

Golf Course Tours

Bermuda offers stunning golf courses like the Belmont Hills. The golf course tours let you enjoy a game with spectacular views. It’s a must-try, whether you’re a pro or just love golf.

Catamaran Swim & Snorkel

Board the Rising Son Catamaran for a relaxing adventure on Bermuda’s waters. Enjoy the sun, take a dip, and snorkel to see colorful coral and fish. It’s a chance to fully experience Bermuda’s aquatic wonders.

These adventures, like Shipwreck Snorkeling or a Golf Course Tour, are just the start. Norwegian’s Bermuda cruises offer a range of options for every preference. Whether you seek excitement, relaxation, or a bit of both, these activities ensure your Bermuda visit is memorable.

Explore the Capital City of Hamilton

Take a stroll through the streets of Hamilton, Bermuda‘s colonial capital city. Walk past boutiques, galleries, and eateries on Front Street. It’s famous for its colorful colonial buildings. Make sure to visit the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity. Its Gothic-style architecture will take you back to medieval England. Hamilton has a rich mix of history, culture, and great food. This makes it a top spot to see in Bermuda.


Can I book a Bermuda cruise from New York?

Yes, you can book a Bermuda cruise from New York on Norwegian Joy and Norwegian Prima.

Are there any cruise options from Boston to Bermuda?

Yes, you can take a Bermuda cruise from Boston on Norwegian Gem.

What amenities are available on the Norwegian cruises to Bermuda?

You’ll enjoy massages, four-course meals, casinos, and late-night fun on Norwegian cruises.

Are there any special offers or discounts available for Bermuda cruises?

Yes! Right now, there’s a 70% off second guest deal. Also, get free unlimited open bar, free airfare for the second guest, and more.

Can I depart for a Bermuda cruise from Cape Liberty, New Jersey?

Yes, cruises leaving Cape Liberty offer another choice for those near New York.

How long are the Bermuda cruises offered by Norwegian?

Norwegian has 4-7 day Bermuda cruises, great for a quick break.

What can I expect to see and do in Bermuda?

In Bermuda, explore colorful homes in St. George and colonial Hamilton. Also, visit the Royal Naval Dockyard. Don’t forget the pink sand beaches and diverse water activities.

What excursions are available in Bermuda?

Norwegian provides Bermuda excursions like snorkeling, evening cruises, golf tours, and catamaran adventures.

What attractions are there to see in Bermuda’s capital city, Hamilton?

In Hamilton, find boutiques and dining on Front Street. Visit the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity for its Gothic architecture.

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