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bermuda cruises from new york

Get away from the noisy city and start a special trip with Bermuda cruises from New York. You’ll leave the city life behind. Instead, you’ll be heading towards the stunning pink beaches and clear oceans of Bermuda. This subtropical paradise in the Sargasso Sea is full of amazing sights. You’ll see limestone cliffs, magical caves, and lanes filled with flowers.

Bermuda is perfect for those who love adventure. If you enjoy diving, golfing, hiking, or biking, this is the place for you. Imagine the thrill of cliff-jumping into the beautiful aquamarine waters. It’s a dream adventure for anyone.

But, the fun isn’t just about the activities. On your cruise from New York to Bermuda, there’s plenty of time to relax. You can enjoy fancy dining, top-notch entertainment, or just unwind in the spa. For something extra special, check out The Retreat. It gives you access to a suite and a lounge just for you.

Why delay? Leave your stress at home and take a Bermuda cruise from New York. You’ll experience the stunning natural beauty while enjoying luxury on a cruise.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bermuda offers a lush, subtropical destination with pink beaches and sparkling oceans.
  • Experience exciting activities like diving, golfing, hiking, and cliff-jumping.
  • Enjoy luxurious amenities and entertainment on board your Celebrity ship.
  • Elevate your experience with The Retreat and enjoy exclusive access to a suite and lounge.
  • Embark on a tropical adventure with a Bermuda cruise from New York and create lasting memories.

Discover the Beauty of Bermuda

Bermuda is a subtropical paradise in the Sargasso Sea. It’s famous for its pink beaches, limestone cliffs, and caves. This island is perfect for both adventurers and those looking to relax.

The island’s beautiful beaches are a must-see. They have soft pink sand and clear, turquoise water. You can take a walk, sunbathe, or enjoy water sports like snorkeling or kayaking.

Bermuda attractions

Don’t miss Bermuda’s limestone cliffs and caves. The Crystal Cave and Fantasy Cave are stunning with their stalactites and underground lakes. Exploring these caves is a magical experience.

Bermuda’s country lanes are perfect for nature lovers. These scenic roads are filled with colorful flowers. You can bike or walk there, enjoying the peacefulness and beauty.

Adventure lovers will find plenty to do in Bermuda. There are shipwrecks and coral reefs to dive into. Golfers can play at scenic courses. Hiking, biking, and cliff-jumping are also available.

Take a cruise from New York to Bermuda to see its wonders. You’ll experience beautiful beaches, interesting caves, and more. It’s a trip everyone will remember.

Exploring Hamilton, Bermuda’s Capital

Hamilton is the colonial capital city of Bermuda. It combines history, culture, and tasty food. It’s on the island of Bermuda in the Atlantic Ocean. Hamilton is a special place for those looking for something different.

When in Hamilton, don’t miss a walk down Front Street. It’s the city’s main spot. There, you’ll see bright colonial buildings. They show Bermuda’s unique style. You’ll also find lots of shops and galleries. It’s perfect for shopping and enjoying local art.

Don’t forget to try Bermuda’s food while in Hamilton. The city is famous for its food. You can choose from fresh seafood to dishes from around the world. Seafood chowder, fish sandwiches, or codfish and potatoes are popular. Hamilton has food for everyone’s taste.

Hamilton loves its culture and history. Don’t miss the Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity. It’s on Church Street. This Gothic cathedral makes you feel like you’re in medieval England.

The Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity

The Cathedral of the Most Holy Trinity is a key spot in Hamilton. Its stained glass windows and woodwork are amazing. Visit during a service or for a quiet moment.

After learning in Hamilton, see what’s nearby. It’s close to Bermuda’s pink sand beaches and clear blue waters.

Bermuda Cuisine Bermuda Boutiques Bermuda Galleries
Seafood chowder Boutique shops Local art galleries
Fish sandwiches Designer fashion Contemporary exhibitions
Codfish and potatoes Handcrafted jewelry Bermudian artists

Hamilton has a lot to offer. Whether you like history, shopping, or art, you’ll enjoy it. Discover Bermuda’s capital, and you’ll see why Hamilton is so special.

Incredible Cruise Deals to Bermuda

Want a great deal on a cruise to Bermuda from New York? There are affordable options and special discounts available. For example, MSC Cruise Lines has 7-night trips starting at $239. These cruises leave from New York, giving you seven nights to explore Bermuda’s beauty. The best bargains come in summer and fall, so book now for a great deal.

Embarking on MSC Cruise Lines’ trip to Bermuda is unforgettable. You’ll find amazing beaches, enchanting caves, and a lively culture. Even with their low prices, you’ll enjoy luxury and adventure.

Why Choose MSC Cruise Lines?

  • World-class amenities and entertainment
  • Exceptional dining options
  • Professional and friendly service
  • Onboard activities for all ages
  • Relaxing spas and wellness centers

MSC Cruise Lines excels in providing great experiences and value for your money. They make sure your cruise is all about enjoying and making memories.

Sample Itinerary

Here’s a taste of the 7-night Bermuda itinerary you could enjoy:

Day Port Activities
1 New York (Cape Liberty) Board the ship and start your adventure
2 At Sea Take it easy and enjoy ship life
3 King’s Wharf, Bermuda Visit the historic Royal Naval Dockyard
4 King’s Wharf, Bermuda See the stunning Horseshoe Bay Beach
5 Hamilton, Bermuda Explore the capital’s charming streets
6 At Sea Enjoy top dining and entertainment on-board
7 New York (Cape Liberty) Go home with beautiful memories

These cruise deals to Bermuda are too good to miss. Book your MSC Cruise Lines trip today and get ready for an amazing tropical getaway.

Bermuda cruise deals

How to Book Your Bermuda Cruise

Booking your dream Bermuda cruise is easy. Just head to CruiseDirect’s website. You’ll start your journey to paradise in no time.

First, pick the dates that suit you best. Would you like a summer break or a fall escape? CruiseDirect offers options for every season.

Then, choose what type of room you’d like. They have everything from cozy cabins to lavish suites. Find the perfect place to stay and make your trip unforgettable.

It’s smart to book early because rooms can fill up fast. Booking ahead means you’ll be sure to get the cruise you want. And, with CruiseDirect’s great prices, you won’t spend too much for your tropical getaway.

With a few clicks, you can be on your Bermuda adventure. Dive into planning your dream vacation with CruiseDirect today!


What are the best Bermuda cruises from New York?

The top Bermuda cruises from New York differ by personal choice. Yet, many recommend trying Celebrity Cruises and MSC Cruise Lines. It’s wise to look into the cruise lines, check out their routes, and read up on what other travelers think. This will help you pick the best one for your trip.

How long are the Bermuda cruises from New York?

Most Bermuda cruises from New York are about 7 nights long. This gives you plenty of time to see the island, enjoy its pink sandy beaches, and join fun activities and tours.

Are there any affordable Bermuda cruises available?

Yes, affordable Bermuda cruises leave from New York. MSC Cruise Lines, for instance, has some great prices. You can find 7-night trips from just 9. Remember to search around and compare offers to get the best deal for your money.

What activities can I enjoy during a Bermuda cruise?

Bermuda cruises are packed with adventure options. You might decide to explore sunken shipwrecks, play golf on top-notch courses, walk beautiful paths, cycle by the shore, or take a daring leap off a cliff into crystal-clear waters. The island has something fun for everyone.

How can I book a Bermuda cruise?

To reserve a Bermuda cruise, start by going to the CruiseDirect website. Choose the dates and room you want. Booking early is smart, as spots can fill up. While prices might change, CruiseDirect often has unbeatable offers when you book.

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