Bermuda Getaways: Escape to a Tropical Paradise Island

bermuda getaways

Imagine a trip to a perfect island. Here, turquoise water meets pink sand. Green lands go on for miles. This is Bermuda, a jewel in the North Atlantic.

Traveling to Bermuda is easy. Just a short flight from the Eastern U.S. It’s great for a romantic trip, family fun, or adventure. Bermuda’s weather is always nice. This makes it a top spot for a calming vacation.

The first step on the island wins you over. It’s full of nature and a lively culture. For golf fans, there are top courses to try. Runners can find beautiful paths. There’s sports like pickleball and tennis too. And if you love food, Bermudian dishes are a treat.

Imagine relaxing on the perfect beaches. Or diving into colorful coral. You can also explore Bermuda’s long history. Your trip here will be full of amazing experiences and lasting memories.

Key Takeaways:

  • Escape to Bermuda, a tropical paradise just a short flight away from major Eastern U.S. airports.
  • Enjoy a sub-tropical climate that makes Bermuda an ideal destination for a getaway at any time of the year.
  • Experience outdoor activities such as golf, running, pickleball, and nature walks in Bermuda’s mild winters.
  • Indulge in the island’s stunning beaches, luxury resorts, and vibrant culture.
  • Discover the perfect getaway for romance, family, adventure, or relaxation in Bermuda.

Play Golf on Bermuda’s Fabulous Fairways

Bermuda has great golf courses, perfect for people who love golf. Its beautiful landscapes and challenges make golfing there special. Players of all skill levels can enjoy golf in Bermuda.

The Port Royal Golf Course is a big highlight in Bermuda’s golf scene. It overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and has the famous “Waterloo” hole. This hole, with its stunning views and challenges, is known worldwide as a top par-3 hole.

Many other great courses exist in Bermuda, each with its own charm. Choices range from traditional to modern. Some favorites are the Mid Ocean Club, Turtle Hill Golf Club, and Belmont Hills Golf Club.

World-Class Resorts with Access to Outstanding Golf Courses

Bermuda offers luxurious resorts near top golf courses. These resorts have special packages for golf lovers. These include stays, golfing, and lessons from pros.

If you want a really fancy stay, try Rosewood Bermuda or Tucker’s Point Hotel & Spa. These places have private golf courses and great service.

Fairmont Southampton is another top choice, with its own golf course. It has fantastic ocean views for a memorable golf vacation.

Golf Course Resort
Port Royal Golf Course Rosewood Bermuda
Turtle Hill Golf Club Fairmont Southampton
Mid Ocean Club Tucker’s Point Hotel & Spa

Feel the luxury and have a great golf course near your stay. Bermuda’s resorts offer the best in comfort, services, and food. They make your golfing time special.

Bermuda’s climate and beauty make it perfect for golf and relaxation. If you love golf or just enjoy beautiful places, you’ll love Bermuda’s courses. They are truly remarkable.

Explore Bermuda’s Running Trails and Hiking Routes

Running and hiking in Bermuda is amazing. It offers many trails and routes for all. You’ll find paths with amazing views and green trails through beautiful landscapes.

The Railway Trail is a top choice. It goes along old tracks with ocean views. It’s great for both new and experienced runners. Start running and enjoy Bermuda’s beauty.

At Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve, you’ll love the coast runs. It has sandy beaches and cliffs for a fun run. Enjoy the view of blue waters and green plants.

South Shore Park and Hog Bay Park have varied trails. They mix coastal and woodland paths. You can hike challenging hills or take easy strolls in the woods.

Convenient Access and Accommodation

Grotto Bay Beach Resort and Spa is great for trail access. It’s close to the airport and St. George’s. Run in the morning and relax with spa treatments in the evening.

Bermuda’s outdoor activities help you escape city life. Whether running or hiking, the views are stunning. Put on your gear and enjoy Bermuda’s trails and views.

Trail Name Location Difficulty Level
Railway Trail Various locations across the island Easy to moderate
Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve St. George’s Parish Moderate
South Shore Park Southampton Parish Easy to moderate
Hog Bay Park Sandys Parish Moderate

Enjoy Racket Sports in Bermuda

Bermuda is perfect for sports fans, with lots of fun things to do. Racket sports like tennis and pickleball are very popular here. If you love playing or want to try, Bermuda welcomes you.

Tennis in Bermuda

Since 1874, tennis has been a big deal in Bermuda. The island has great weather and beautiful places. It has one tennis court for every 600 people. So, there are many places to enjoy playing.

A top spot for tennis is the Hamilton Princess & Beach Club. This fancy hotel has a view of the ocean and great places to play. You can join a match or take lessons to get better.

Fairmont Southampton is also awesome for tennis fans. It has beautiful courts and a lovely setting, perfect for tennis lovers.

Pickleball in Bermuda

Pickleball is a mix of tennis, badminton, and ping pong. It’s fun and easy for all to play. Lots of hotels have courts for pickleball too.

It’s a sport where you can have fun, be active, and make friends. Pickleball is great for a mix of play and meeting new people.

Structured Lessons and Free-Play

Bermuda has something for everyone. You can sharpen your skills with lessons. Or, play casually at many hotels and resorts.

Grab your racket and enjoy playing with a friend or in a group. You can have fun at your own pace.

Bermuda is a dream for tennis fans and those wanting to try pickleball. The beautiful scenery and great facilities make it a special place. Here, you’ll have fun whether it’s with a sport you love or a new one you’re discovering.

Indulge in Bermudian Cuisine

Bermuda blends British and Caribbean flavors in its food. It is known for fresh seafood and tasty desserts. You can find something you love at any restaurant on the island.

“Bermuda’s cuisine is a harmonious fusion of British and Caribbean flavors. It’s a delightful journey for your taste buds!”

Here are the top places for Bermudian dining:

The Swizzle Inn Pub

The Swizzle Inn Pub is the oldest in Bermuda. It has a cozy feel and serves classic Bermudian food. Their Rum Swizzle is a famous drink. Enjoy it with your meal.

Woody’s Sports Bar & Restaurant

Woody’s is loved for its local fish sandwiches. The fish is fresh, and the sandwiches come with everything you like. It’s a must-try in Bermuda.

Wahoo’s Bistro & Patio Restaurant

Wahoo’s offers fine dining. Chef Alfred makes sure every dish is top-notch. The menu has the best of Bermudian food. It’s a food celebration every time you eat here.

Bermuda’s food scene has both local and international dishes. Everyone finds something to enjoy. Dive into the island’s food culture for an unforgettable experience.

bermuda dining

Find Your Perfect Accommodation in Bermuda

Bermuda has many places to stay, fitting different tastes and budgets. You can pick from comfy bed and breakfasts to fancy bermuda hotels. Let’s look at some top picks:

Rosewood Bermuda

Rosewood Bermuda sits on 240 acres by the water. It’s known for luxury and stunning views. The resort has amazing services. Plus, there’s a tennis center for fun sports.

Cambridge Beaches

Cambridge Beaches is on a private piece of land. It’s a peaceful spot where you can relax. The place also has courts for tennis and pickleball.

Hamilton Princess & Beach Club

In Bermuda’s capital, you’ll find Hamilton Princess & Beach Club. It blends charm with today’s comforts. There are great views and sport courts for fun.

Bermuda has what you need, whether you want a fancy beach spot or a quiet hideaway. Find the perfect bermuda resorts and bermuda accommodations for a memorable visit.

Discover Bermuda’s Shopping and Souvenirs

When you visit Bermuda, make sure to check out its shops. You will find all kinds of unique things to remember your trip. Some are really fancy, and others show off local skill. It makes shopping here different and fun!

Shop Duty-Free for Luxury Goods

Bermuda has lots of shops with no taxes, making luxury items cheaper. You can buy fancy clothes, beautiful jewelry, and stunning watches. Have fun shopping without feeling bad, with Bermuda’s gorgeous views all around.

Immerse Yourself in Local Markets

Don’t miss Bermuda’s local markets for a real taste of the island. They show off Bermuda’s lively culture and let you see unique handmade items. You can buy things like pretty baskets and bright paintings showing Bermuda’s history. And, try to get a good price by talking to the nice locals selling goods!

“The markets in Bermuda are a treasure trove of local artistry and craftsmanship. You’ll find beautifully handcrafted items that represent the island’s unique cultural heritage. It’s like taking a piece of Bermuda’s soul home with you.”

– Local Artisan

A Shopper’s Paradise

You can find anything in Bermuda, from fancy jewelry to local crafts. Walk around Hamilton’s trendy shops or charming St. George’s. You’ll love the boutiques and shops filled with unique goods.

Shopping in Bermuda is more than just buying things. The locals are always ready to help and tell you about their products. Take it slow, enjoy looking around, and pick up mementos of your trip!

Plan Your Perfect Bermuda Itinerary

Planning your Bermuda trip is key to an amazing getaway. Whether you love eco-friendly travel, are with family, enjoy golf, with a partner, or up for adventure, Bermuda meets all needs.

First, pick the best season to enjoy this tropical heaven. Think of the weather and events you’d like to see. Then, check how to move around and see as much as you can. Make sure to know about visa rules for a smooth trip.

After the basics, find itineraries that fit what you love. Enjoy the beautiful beaches, historic places, and lively culture of Bermuda. Learn about the local way of speaking, and how to be polite. Keep up with safety info for a fun and worry-free trip. Also, learn about tipping in Bermuda.

With a good plan, you’ll have a trip to Bermuda you’ll always remember. So, get ready for an awesome time in this paradise. Make memories that stay with you forever.


Can you recommend some Bermuda travel packages for a relaxing getaway?

Yes, Bermuda has many travel packages for a relaxing stay. You can find options for romance, family fun, or luxury. These packages fit your preferences and wallet.

What are the best golf courses in Bermuda for a golfing getaway?

Bermuda boasts amazing golf courses. Check out Port Royal’s famous 16th hole. Rosewood Bermuda and Cambridge Beaches also have courses with ocean views. Many other great places are waiting for golfers, too.

Are there any outdoor activities in Bermuda besides golf?

Absolutely! Bermuda has a lot to offer outdoors. You can run, hike, and take nature walks. Enjoy beautiful trails like the Railway Trail, and there are parks for hiking, too.

Can I play tennis or pickleball in Bermuda?

Yes, Bermuda is great for tennis and pickleball. Hamilton Princess & Beach Club and Fairmont Southampton have tennis with ocean views. Also, many hotels offer pickleball for guests.

What type of cuisine can I expect to find in Bermuda?

Bermuda’s food mixes British and Caribbean tastes. You’ll find fresh seafood, local dishes, world cuisine, and tasty desserts. Many eateries cater to everyone’s flavors.

What are some recommended hotels and resorts in Bermuda?

Many places to stay in Bermuda suit all budgets. From Rosewood Bermuda to Cambridge Beaches and cozy B&Bs. Hamilton Princess & Beach Club is loved for its history and location.

Where can I find unique souvenirs and gifts in Bermuda?

Bermuda is great for shopping unique items. Look in duty-free shops or at local markets. They offer crafts and artwork showing the island’s culture.

How should I plan my itinerary for a Bermuda vacation?

Planning well is important for your Bermuda trip. Think about when to go, how to get there, and visas. See suggested itineraries to explore beaches, history, and culture.

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