Bermuda New York: Luxe Travel & Leisure Guide

bermuda new york

Imagine a place with pink sand that goes on for miles. The clear water calls you to swim, and every spot feels high-end. This is Bermuda, where luxury and relaxation meet.

Looking for a quiet beach getaway or cultural fun? Bermuda has both. It’s near New York, offering a mix of island calm and city buzz.

Bermuda gives you many ways to travel. Take a quick flight or a fancy cruise. Both options make the journey part of the fun.

After you reach Bermuda, many great places to stay await. Luxury hotels and beach resorts are all ready for you.

Leave your hotel to see amazing places. Horseshoe Bay Beach is like a dream with its pink sand and blue water. The Crystal Caves and Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse are must-sees, too.

Bermuda’s food scene is rich and varied. Try seafood at Barracuda Grill or tapas at Bolero. Devil’s Isle and Flanagan’s also offer tasty meals.

Enjoy shopping and fun after eating. Find cool stuff at The Urban Cottage or at the craft market. Bermuda’s nightlife at places like Bermuda Bistro or Mad Hatters is fun, too.

Bermuda is great any time you visit. It’s always warm and welcoming. So, pack your bags and head to this beautiful place.

Key Takeaways:

  • Escape to the pink-sand beaches and upscale ambiance of Bermuda, just a short distance from New York.
  • Choose from a range of travel options, including flights and cruises, to reach Bermuda with ease.
  • Immerse yourself in luxurious accommodations that offer exquisite design and exceptional service.
  • Explore must-see attractions such as Horseshoe Bay Beach, Crystal Caves, and the National Museum of Bermuda.
  • Indulge in a diverse culinary scene, ranging from award-winning seafood to international flavors.
  • Shop for unique souvenirs at boutiques and support local artisans at the Royal Naval Dockyard Craft Market.
  • Experience the vibrant nightlife scene of Bermuda at bars and restaurants.
  • Visit Bermuda year-round to enjoy its temperate climate and a variety of seasonal experiences.

Luxurious Accommodations in Bermuda

Bermuda has many top places to stay. You can pick from fancy hotels to resorts near the beach.

Top-rated Hotels

The St. Regis Bermuda Resort and Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa stand out in Bermuda. They have great looks, top service, and amazing views.

“The St. Regis Bermuda Resort is a truly luxurious retreat, with its elegant rooms, impeccable amenities, and breathtaking beachfront location.”

“Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa is a hidden gem, boasting unparalleled privacy, stunning cottages, and a tranquil atmosphere that exudes relaxation.”

The Loren at Pink Beach is a modern place known for style and lots to do. The Hamilton Princess in Bermuda’s capital offers luxury and great art.

Grotto Bay Beach Resort is the only all-inclusive spot in Bermuda. Guests here enjoy the island’s beauty without added costs.

Selecting Your Ideal Accommodation

Whether you like the beach, small hotels, or big resorts, Bermuda has something for you. Spend time looking for the best place to stay.

Accommodation Location Highlights
The St. Regis Bermuda Resort St. George’s Parish Exquisite design and exceptional service
Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa Sandys Parish Unparalleled privacy and tranquil atmosphere
The Loren at Pink Beach Tucker’s Town Modern and sophisticated design
Hamilton Princess Hamilton Central location and world-class art collection
Grotto Bay Beach Resort Hamilton Parish All-inclusive option and convenient amenities

There are many luxury options in Bermuda. You can make great memories here.

Must-See Attractions in Bermuda

Bermuda is a beautiful place. It has many things to see. If you like history or nature, you will find something you love. From clear beaches to deep caves, there’s much to explore. Let’s look at the top places.

Horseshoe Bay Beach

Horseshoe Bay Beach is famous for its pink sand and blue water. It’s perfect for relaxing or having fun. Don’t miss this beautiful spot.

Crystal Caves

bermuda new york crystal caves

Visit Bermuda’s Crystal Caves for an underground adventure. The caves have amazing crystal shapes and cool water. Take a tour and see their natural wonder.

Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse

Go to Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse for great views. Climb to the top for a look at the island and ocean. It’s a special place to visit in Bermuda.

National Museum of Bermuda

Learn about Bermuda at the National Museum of Bermuda. It shows the island’s history and culture. You can see old things and learn in fun ways.

There’s so much to love in Bermuda. Its beaches, caves, lighthouses, and museums will make your trip very special.

Exquisite Dining in Bermuda

Bermuda is perfect for those who love food. It has many places to eat. You can enjoy fresh seafood or dishes from around the world. There’s something for everyone here, making sure no one leaves hungry.

Seafood Delights at Barracuda Grill

bermuda new york seafood

At Barracuda Grill, seafood fans will be thrilled. It’s a well-known place in Hamilton, Bermuda. You must have their fish chowder, which is their special dish. It’s full of taste, thanks to the fresh local ingredients they use.

Tapas and Specialty Dishes at Bolero

Interested in something different? Try Bolero. It’s famous for its amazing tapas and special dishes. They mix local and global tastes to create meals you won’t forget.

Healthy and Delicious Eats at Devil’s Isle

Devil’s Isle is loved by many for its healthy foods. They focus on meals that are good for you and taste great. They serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So, there’s always something yummy to try here.

International Flavors at Flanagan’s

Flanagan’s is great for trying foods from around the world. It’s a cozy Irish pub in Bermuda. You can sip on your favorite drinks and try different dishes. They have everything from Irish meals to global flavors.

Bermuda’s food scene is very diverse. You’ll find seafood, world meals, and more. Every meal here is an experience, making your visit special.

Shopping and Entertainment in Bermuda

Traveling to Bermuda means finding special things to buy. You can explore lovely boutiques and handmade items. There’s a lot to shop for and enjoy.

Boutique Shops

If you love unique finds, Bermuda’s shops are amazing. Stop by The Urban Cottage for local jewelry and more. You’ll discover lovely items to remember your time in Bermuda.

Local Artisans and Craft Market

Visit The Royal Naval Dockyard Craft Market for local crafts. This market is full of artistic treasures. You can find beautiful jewelry and support locals.

Nightlife and Entertainment

At night, Bermuda turns into a fun place. You can listen to music, have drinks, or dance. Places like Bermuda Bistro at the Beach and Mad Hatters offer great times.

Bermuda offers the perfect mix of shopping and fun. It’s a great place to relax and have an adventure.

Best Times to Visit Bermuda

Bermuda is warm and inviting all year. It’s perfect for those who love the beach, want to avoid crowds, or are looking for a good deal.

High Season: May to mid-October

The high season in Bermuda, from May to mid-October, is perfect for beach activities and exploring the island.

  • Weather: The weather during the high season is warm and ideal for outdoor activities, with temperatures ranging from the mid-70s to the mid-80s (Fahrenheit).
  • Beach Activities: The warm weather makes it an excellent time for swimming, snorkeling, and enjoying water sports.
  • Tourist Crowds: Expect larger crowds during this period, as it coincides with school vacations and summer holidays.

Shoulder Seasons: March to April and late October to November

The shoulder seasons of March to April and late October to November offer comfortable temperatures and fewer crowds.

  • Weather: The shoulder seasons provide pleasant temperatures, with highs in the 60s and 70s (Fahrenheit).
  • Outdoor Activities: It’s an ideal time for hiking, exploring historic sites, and enjoying outdoor adventures.
  • Crowd Size: Expect fewer tourists, making for a calm and serene visit.

Low Season: December to February

The low season from December to February offers lower prices and a tranquil atmosphere for a peaceful getaway.

  • Weather: Temperatures during the low season range from the mid-60s to the mid-70s (Fahrenheit), providing mild and comfortable conditions.
  • Budget-friendly: Many hotels and activities offer discounted rates during the low season, making it a more affordable time to visit.
  • Serenity: With fewer tourists, you can enjoy the island’s attractions and beaches with more space and tranquility.

The ideal time to go to Bermuda is up to you. Whether you like the warm beach, avoid crowds, or want a good deal, Bermuda has something for you.

Getting to Bermuda

Getting to Bermuda is easy by air or sea. The L.F. Wade International Airport in St. George’s Parish is the main way in. It has flights from places like New York, which makes travel simple.

Some like coming to Bermuda by sea. They can pick a cruise that stops here. This way, they enjoy the journey and see great views.

When you’re in Bermuda, many ways help you move around. Taxis are good for seeing local spots. You’ll have drivers who know a lot.

For a cheaper option, there are Bermuda buses. They go to many places at good prices. You can see a lot this way.

Or, for something fun, you can rent a scooter. This gives you the chance to go off-road. But, you need to know the rules and be safe.

Transportation Options Pros Cons
Taxis – Convenient and reliable.
– Knowledgeable drivers.
– Suitable for short distances.
– Can be expensive for longer journeys.
– Limited availability in remote areas.
Bermuda Bus Service – Affordable and efficient.
– Wide coverage of major attractions and towns.
– Great for budget travelers.
– Fixed schedules may limit flexibility.
– Crowded during peak hours.
Scooters – Freedom to explore at your own pace.
– Access to remote areas and hidden gems.
– Thrilling and adventurous.
– Requires confident riding skills.
– Safety concerns for inexperienced riders.
– Adhering to local traffic rules is crucial.
Rental Cars – Convenience and flexibility.
– Ideal for families and larger groups.
– Explore the island independently.
– Limited parking spots in tourist areas.
– Additional costs for parking and gas.
– Familiarize with local driving regulations.

Whether by air or sea, and using taxis, buses, scooters, or cars, Bermuda lets you pick. These options help you enjoy the island’s beauty and culture.

Final Thoughts on Bermuda New York

Combine Bermuda’s beauty with New York’s closeness, this place is truly special. It offers a mix of luxury and unique travel. With Bermuda, you can enjoy the beach, culture, and tasty food. It has everything for every traveler. Choose from fine hotels to beach resorts for a perfect vacation spot.

Get into Bermuda’s fun like pink-sand beaches and caves. Or visit old lighthouses. You will see why it’s a favorite to make good memories. Shopping and nightlife also wait for you. There are many things to love in Bermuda.

So, pack and get ready for a memory-filled journey. Bermuda and New York mix luxury, fun, and calm perfectly. it’s great for family trips, love getaway, or being alone. Bermuda is just right for an unforgettable adventure. Plan with our guide and get ready for a great vacation!


What is Bermuda known for?

Bermuda is famous for its pink-sand beaches and pretty views. It also has a fancy feel.

How can I travel from Bermuda to New York?

To get from Bermuda to New York, fly or take a cruise.

What are some top-rated hotels in Bermuda?

The best hotels in Bermuda are the St. Regis Bermuda Resort, Cambridge Beaches Resort & Spa. Also, The Loren at Pink Beach, and Hamilton Princess.

What are some must-see attractions in Bermuda?

Don’t miss Horseshoe Bay Beach, Crystal Caves, or Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse. Also, see the National Museum of Bermuda.

Where can I find delicious dining options in Bermuda?

For tasty food, try Barracuda Grill, Bolero, Devil’s Isle, and Flanagan’s in Bermuda.

Where can I shop for souvenirs and experience nightlife in Bermuda?

Buy souvenirs at The Urban Cottage or the Royal Naval Dockyard Craft Market. For fun at night, visit Bermuda Bistro at the Beach and Mad Hatters.

What is the best time to visit Bermuda?

The perfect time to visit Bermuda is up to you. May to mid-October is busy. March to April and late October to November are less crowded. December to February is the quiet season.

How can I get to Bermuda?

Reach Bermuda by flying to L.F. Wade International Airport. Also, arrive by sea with different cruise choices.

What can I expect from a trip to Bermuda?

Bermuda offers a special and fancy trip. This includes lovely beaches, fun cultural spots, and great food. There are many places to stay for all kinds of travelers.

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