Best Places to Stop on the Way to Myrtle Beach

places to stop on the way to myrtle beach

Myrtle Beach is a top vacation spot with many visitors. Driving to Myrtle Beach is popular for different reasons. There are great places to stop on the way. They include coastal towns, historic lighthouses, and fun roadside attractions. Adding these to your trip will make it even better.

Imagine on the road, wind in your hair, and sun out. You and your family are headed to Myrtle Beach. The journey is an adventure, with new memories at every turn.

Don’t miss Calabash, the seafood capital, in North Carolina. It’s known for its tasty meals. It’s a great spot before you reach Myrtle Beach.

Littler River, South Carolina, is next. It has beautiful views and cute places to eat. Walk by the water and maybe spot a dolphin.

Don’t miss the lighthouses on Oak Island. You can climb up for amazing views. It’s a great place for photos and memories.

On your drive, you’ll find rest areas on I-95. They’re perfect for a break, snack, or leg stretch.

Take scenic roads like Highway 17 for more fun. Enjoy the views and stop to explore new places.

Key Takeaways:

  • Driving to Myrtle Beach allows you to make stops at various attractions along the way, enhancing your road trip experience.
  • Quaint coastal towns, historic lighthouses, and unique roadside attractions are some of the places worth visiting on your journey to Myrtle Beach.
  • Calabash, NC, offers delicious Calabash-style seafood, while Little River, SC, is known for its charming restaurants and waterfront views.
  • Rest areas along I-95 provide convenient stops for travelers to stretch their legs and refresh themselves before continuing their journey.
  • Taking scenic routes such as Highway 17 can enhance the overall road trip experience, allowing for spontaneous stops and exploration.

Attractions on the Way to Myrtle Beach From the North

If headed to Myrtle Beach from the North, fun stops await. These spots add joy to your trip, letting you see lovely towns and scenes.

First, visit Calabash, NC, the seafood hub. Taste the famous Calabash seafood. It’s so good, you’ll want more.

Next, stop at Little River, SC. It has beautiful views and great eats. Dine by the water, relax, and enjoy.

Want a side trip? Try the lighthouses at Oak Island, NC. They show the area’s sea history. Plus, they’re great for photos.

On I-95, find rest stops. Relax, refresh, before you keep going. They have what you need to take a break.

For a scenic trip, choose Highway 17. It shows stunning coastal scenes. This makes the drive to Myrtle Beach special.

Attractions on the Way to Myrtle Beach From the North:

Attraction Description
Calabash, NC The seafood capital of the world, offering delectable Calabash-style seafood dishes.
Little River, SC A waterfront town known for its charming restaurants and stunning views.
Oak Island, NC Historic lighthouses with breathtaking coastal views.
Rest areas along I-95 Convenient stops for travelers to rest and recharge.
Highway 17 A scenic route that enhances the road trip experience.

These spots and roads make your trip special. Enjoy the coast, eat well, and gather new memories. Then, soak up the sun in Myrtle Beach.

Attractions on the Way to Myrtle Beach From the South

Heading to Myrtle Beach from the South? Charleston, SC, is a must-see. It’s called “The Holy City” for its awesome history and beauty. Plus, there’s great food there. For kid-friendly stops to Myrtle Beach, consider the Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry. It’s a place where kids can have fun and learn.

Don’t miss the historic plantations like Boone Hall and Hopsewee. You can walk in beautiful gardens and see old mansions. It’s a cool way to learn about the past. These places are fun and good for all ages.

Need a shopping break? Look for the outlet malls near Myrtle Beach. Tanger Outlet and Coastal Grand Mall have big brands at good prices. It’s a fun way to take a break from driving.

“Charleston, SC, known as ‘The Holy City,’ is a must-visit destination with its rich history, stunning architecture, and renowned Southern cuisine.”

Explore Charleston, SC

Charleston, South Carolina, is full of charm and stories. Walk down its old streets and see pretty houses. Don’t forget to see Rainbow Row’s colorful homes.

Eat some Southern food like shrimp and grits or barbecue. You can find fancy or casual places to eat.

kid-friendly stops to Myrtle Beach

Discover Georgetown, SC

Georgetown, SC, is a nice stop near Myrtle Beach. It has a pretty downtown and harbor. Walk by the water and see the old buildings and cute shops. Check out the South Carolina Maritime Museum to learn about ships.

Experience Southwest Virginia Farmers Market

Visit the Southwest Virginia Farmers Market in Hillsville, VA. It’s a fun place for food and craft fans. You can buy fresh food and cool handmade items. It’s a way to help local farmers and artists.

Relax at Riverside Park in Mt. Airy, NC

Riverside Park in Mt. Airy, NC, is great for a break. It has nice trails, areas for picnics, and river views. It’s perfect for unwinding and enjoying nature with family.

Adding these kid-friendly stops to Myrtle Beach and outlet malls near Myrtle Beach to your trip makes it more fun. It’s not just about getting there but also making great memories with your family.

Attractions on the Way to Myrtle Beach From the West

If you are heading to Myrtle Beach from the West, there are many cool places to stop. You can visit unique attractions and make great memories. They add fun to your trip and let you see more of the area.

South of the Border

South of the Border in Dillon, SC, is one special stop. It’s famous for its bright signs that welcome you. This place has a reptile lagoon and a high deck for amazing views. It’s a great place to take a break, eat, and see unusual sights.


Sparky’s in Loris, SC, is great for gas, food, or souvenirs. It’s a friendly place with everything you need. You can fill up, eat something quick, and find a special souvenir here.

The Traveler’s Chapel

“A tranquil oasis amidst the journey.”

The Traveler’s Chapel near Conway, SC, is a peaceful stop. It’s a quiet place to relax and refresh before Myrtle Beach. Enjoy the calm and let stress go at this serene place.


“A one-stop-shop for all your road trip needs.”

Check out the modern Buc-ee’s in Florence, SC, for a great break. It has clean toilets, gas, and lots of special items. Spend some time shopping and get snacks for your trip ahead.

By visiting these places, your trip to Myrtle Beach will be even better. You’ll make lasting memories on the road.

Attractions Around Myrtle Beach From Any Direction

When you get to Myrtle Beach, you’ll see lots of fun things to do. There’s the beach and amusement parks. Plus, cool museums and water sports. Myrtle Beach has something for everyone.

Myrtle Beach is also great for eating out. You can find many restaurants close by. They serve yummy food like seafood, steaks, and dishes from around the world. Make sure to try some local Southern food too.

There’s more to do diving into local food. Have fun at amusement parks with family. Shop at big malls. Or enjoy the nightlife. Nature lovers can walk on the beach or check out the parks.

Staying in Myrtle Beach is easy with many places to choose from. Pick from fancy resorts to comfy beach houses. Some places also let you bring pets. So, everyone can enjoy the trip.


Are there any good places to stop on the way to Myrtle Beach?

Yes, there are many great places to stop on the way to Myrtle Beach.These places include cute towns, old lighthouses, and fun cities.

What are some attractions on the way to Myrtle Beach from the North?

You can visit the seafood capital, Calabash, and the town of Little River, SC.Don’t miss the historic Oak Island lighthouses when taking scenic Highway 17.

What are some attractions on the way to Myrtle Beach from the South?

You’ll love Charleston’s history and good southern food. There are also pretty plantations to see, like Boone Hall.

What are some attractions on the way to Myrtle Beach from the West?

South of the Border in Dillon, SC, is a fun stop. Be sure to visit Sparky’s in Loris for gas and snacks.

What attractions are there around Myrtle Beach from any direction?

Once in Myrtle Beach, you’ll find endless fun activities and great places to eat.Visit the Myrtle Beach Visitors Centers for the best tips.

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