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dolphin international virginia beach

Have you ever imagined swimming beside dolphins, seeing their joyful and elegant moves up close? Picture the excitement of watching these grand animals in the beautiful Virginia Beach waters. You may wonder, what’s the top way to encounter dolphins like this?

For a remarkable adventure and to connect with the sea life, visit Dolphin International in Virginia Beach. They offer dolphin tours and encounters led by experts. These adventures let you meet dolphins up close, creating lasting memories.

Sometimes you can see dolphins from the shore, but Dolphin International’s tours offer something more. Their tours are made to increase your chance of seeing dolphins in their home. This gives you a special and close-up experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Virginia Beach is a prime location for dolphin sightings, especially during sunrise and sunset.
  • Dolphin International offers dolphin tours and encounters that allow you to get up close and personal with these amazing marine animals.
  • Joining a guided dolphin tour increases your chances of encountering dolphins in their natural habitat, providing an unforgettable experience.
  • Swimming alongside dolphins and observing their behavior can create a deeper connection with marine life.
  • Dolphin International’s expertly guided dolphin tours ensure a safe and responsible experience for both humans and dolphins.

Dolphin Watching Tours in Virginia Beach

When in Virginia Beach, a top activity is booking dolphin tours with Dolphin International. These tours let you see amazing dolphins in their natural home. You’re almost guaranteed to spot many dolphins.

Dolphin International aims for you to have the best dolphin watch in Virginia Beach. Their guides are great at finding dolphins. You’ll get to see dolphins up close and personal. This tour promises an unforgettable experience.

Why Choose Dolphin International?

  • Dolphin International has led dolphin tours for over 30 years, showing their expertise.
  • They promise you’ll see dolphins due to their frequent sightings off Virginia Beach.
  • Their boats are comfortable, designed for an easy and pleasant trip.
  • Experienced guides offer interesting facts about dolphins, making your trip more educational and fun.
  • They practice responsible dolphin tourism, caring for these creatures and their environment.

“Dolphin International’s tours offer the perfect opportunity to witness the beauty and grace of dolphins in their natural habitat. It’s an experience that will leave you in awe of these incredible creatures.” – satisfied customer

Don’t miss the chance to see dolphins in Virginia Beach. Book a tour with Dolphin International now, and you’ll have an adventure you’ll always remember!

Tour Information Price Duration
Morning Dolphin Tour $65 per person 2 hours
Sunset Dolphin Tour $75 per person 2.5 hours
Private Dolphin Tour $300 (up to 6 people) 2 hours

Boat Tours for Dolphin Watching in Virginia Beach

Want to see dolphins up close in Virginia Beach? Dolphin International has boat tours for an amazing adventure. These tours start from the beautiful Rudee Inlet. You’ll get to see dolphins up close, racing by the boat’s side.

Professional guides from Dolphin International are on board to keep you safe. They will teach you a lot about dolphins and their world. This makes the trip more fun and educational.

The best part? They promise you’ll see dolphins. As the boat moves along Virginia Beach’s pretty coast, you’ll see dolphins doing their flips and jumps. It’s truly magical.

Dolphin International has different kinds of boat tours. They can fit your group, whether it’s family or friends. Whatever you choose, it’s guaranteed to be unforgettable.

Ready for an exciting adventure? Dolphin International’s boat tours in Virginia Beach are a must. You’ll make memories and learn about these amazing sea animals. Don’t miss out!

Kayak and Paddleboard Dolphin Tours in Virginia Beach

Want an amazing experience with dolphins? Chesapean Outdoors in Virginia Beach is your top pick. They offer kayak and paddleboard tours. These get you really close to dolphins.

Picture the scene. You’re on the water, surrounded by beautiful scenery. Dolphins swim gracefully beside your kayak. Your paddling blends with nature’s sounds, making a peaceful setting. Look out for dolphins playing and showing off their jumps.

Chesapean Outdoors has tours at the Virginia Beach Oceanfront and the Chesapeake Bay. Both spots let you see dolphins in their element. And the views are stunning.

At Virginia Beach Oceanfront, join a tour led by experts. They keep you safe and share cool info about the local wildlife. You might see dolphins, seabirds, and more.

For a change, try the Chesapeake Bay. It’s calmer and offers beautiful sights. You’ll see dolphins up close in their natural home.

They cater to everyone, from newbies to seasoned paddlers. Their guides are informative and make sure you have a great time.

“Kayak and paddleboard tours offer a unique and intimate way to connect with dolphins in their natural habitat. Our experienced guides will lead you on an adventure that combines the thrill of paddling with the joy of observing these magnificent creatures up close. Join us for an unforgettable journey and create memories that will last a lifetime!”

Don’t miss the chance to explore Virginia Beach’s waters and see dolphins. Book a tour with Chesapean Outdoors. It’s a memorable adventure that lets you experience nature’s beauty and dolphin life.

Parasailing and Dolphin Spotting in Virginia Beach

Feeling adventurous? Try parasailing with dolphin spotting in Virginia Beach. Companies like Adventure Parasail and Pirate Parasail do parasailing trips from Rudee Inlet. While seeing dolphins can’t be promised, it’s common on these flights. You get a bird’s eye view of the dolphins below.

Parasailing Tours from Rudee Inlet

A parasailing trip from Rudee Inlet can be the thrill of a lifetime. Adventure Parasail and others offer safe and thrilling trips. They promise amazing views as you fly high above the sea.

Dolphins often play under you, making your trip even more special.

“Parasailing in Virginia Beach was an unforgettable experience. The feeling of flying combined with the sight of dolphins gracefully swimming below was absolutely surreal.” – Sarah, a satisfied customer of Adventure Parasail.

These trips are for everyone, young or old. You don’t need any experience. Guides will make sure you’re safe and have a great time. So, get ready for an adventure. Enjoy the wind in your face and watch for the beautiful dolphins.

dolphin watching boat tours

Parasailing and Dolphin Spotting Tips

  • Pick a clear, sunny day for the best view.
  • Bring a camera to capture the dolphins under you.
  • Wear comfy clothes and good shoes for parasailing.
  • Listen to the guides for a fun, safe flight.
  • Keep your eyes open for amazing dolphins.

Parasailing in Virginia Beach is a unique way to see dolphins. It’s exciting, and you get to marvel at dolphins in the ocean. Book your trip for a day you’ll never forget in Virginia Beach.

Dolphin Dining Experiences in Virginia Beach

Enjoying dolphin sightings over a meal? Head to dockside restaurants near the Lynnhaven Inlet and Marina. The Back Deck is a top pick, with views of Wolfsnare Creek. Dolphins often visit, making your dining experience extra special. Try their famous fish tacos on Tuesdays for a treat.

Fancy a meal with a view of dolphins? The Back Deck is your place. This spot overlooks the peaceful Wolfsnare Creek. It’s perfect for relaxing and enjoying great food while watching the marine life.

The Back Deck’s setting by the water makes dining magical. Feast your eyes on the marina views and indulge in their diverse dishes. With everything from seafood to steaks, there’s something for all tastes. And if dolphins show up, it makes your meal even more memorable.

Looking for the perfect spot to relax in Virginia Beach? The Back Deck is it. The ambiance and famous fish tacos are just right for a family or romantic visit. Their Tuesday specials make it even more inviting. So, dine, unwind, and watch for dolphins.

Want to catch dolphins while dining? Make a reservation at The Back Deck in Virginia Beach. It’s where you can enjoy great food and dolphin views. It promises a dining experience beyond the ordinary, with nature’s amazing shows right at your table.

About Dolphin International Virginia Beach

Sinc 1988, Dolphin International in Virginia Beach has been a top choice for dolphin tours. They’re passionate about marine life and dedicated to its conservation. They offer life-changing experiences that bring people closer to nature. Their goal is to inspire love and respect for the ocean and its creatures.

Dolphin International Virginia Beach puts animal well-being first. They’re committed to marine resource preservation. They team up with marine experts to support science and educate. By spreading the word about dolphins and their worlds, they prompt positive actions in marine conservation.

If you love wildlife or are just curious, Dolphin International has the perfect tour for you. They offer boat trips, as well as kayak and paddleboard adventures. Every trip is a chance to see dolphins in their element.

Join Dolphin International Virginia Beach for a wonderful dolphin experience. Make the trip, and you’ll keep memories for a lifetime.

dolphin international virginia beach

Image: Dolphin International Virginia Beach – Dolphin Tours & Encounters

Join the Dolphin International Ocean Action Team

Do you love the ocean and its animals? Join the Dolphin International Ocean Action Team. We work hard to protect the sea and the amazing creatures in it. As a member, you’ll know the newest on ocean conservation and help save marine life.

Dolphin International believes we can change things for the better. We aim to share ocean issues, support careful ocean use, and push for better care of our sea friends. With your help, we can safeguard our Earth’s special places for tomorrow.

Keen to be part of our team? Visit our website and sign up. You’ll connect with people worldwide who want the same thing: to keep our oceans and their life safe. Let’s join forces and really change the world for the good.


Can I see dolphins along the coastline of Virginia Beach?

Yes, dolphins are often seen near Virginia Beach, especially at sunrise and sunset.

How can I experience dolphin tours in Virginia Beach?

Joining one of Dolphin International’s tours is the top way to see dolphins in Virginia Beach.

What kind of dolphin tours are offered by Dolphin International?

Dolphin International offers boat and kayak/paddleboard tours for dolphin watching.

Where do the boat tours for dolphin watching in Virginia Beach take place?

The boat tours leave from Rudee Inlet for dolphin watching off Virginia Beach.

Are dolphin sightings guaranteed during the boat tours in Virginia Beach?

Because of their knowledge and the dolphins’ abundance, you’ll likely see dolphins on these tours.

Where do the kayak and paddleboard dolphin tours in Virginia Beach operate?

Chesapean Outdoors offers kayak and paddleboard tours at both the Oceanfront and Chesapeake Bay.

Can I see dolphins while parasailing in Virginia Beach?

Seeing dolphins is common on parasailing tours, giving you a special bird’s-eye view.

Where can I dine while observing dolphins in Virginia Beach?

The Back Deck at Lynnhaven Inlet offers beautiful views of Wolfsnare Creek where dolphins pass by.

How long has Dolphin International been providing dolphin tours in Virginia Beach?

Since 1988, Dolphin International has been offering dolphin tours and experiences.

Can I join the Dolphin International Ocean Action Team?

Yes, by going to their website, you can join the Ocean Action Team and help with animal advocacy.

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