Escape to Bermuda from New York – Dream Getaway!

bermuda from new york

Picture waking up to waves gently crashing and the sun shining through your window. You also feel a tropical breeze in the air. This is how your dream vacation in Bermuda starts, just a quick trip from New York. It’s a paradise full of adventures.

Bermuda is known for its pink sand beaches and clear waters. It’s a tropical paradise not far from New York City. Here, you can relax, seek adventure, or do both. Bermuda offers something for every type of traveler.

Traveling to Bermuda on the Norwegian Getaway cruise is a top choice. This luxury ship leaves from New York City. You can enjoy the journey with onboard fun and stunning views. Plus, you’ll get to explore Bermuda’s beauty after days at sea.

Or, you might like a traditional vacation more. There are many vacation packages with flights, places to stay, and activities. You can plan to see Bermuda’s top spots, experience its lively culture, and taste its amazing food.

However you get to Bermuda, this vacation is sure to be memorable. It promises relaxation, fun adventures, and memories that last a lifetime. So, get your bags ready, forget about the stress, and head to the paradise near New York.

Key Takeaways:

  • Escape to Bermuda from New York for a tropical paradise getaway.
  • Consider taking a cruise on the Norwegian Getaway for a convenient and exciting journey.
  • Explore the stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and unique attractions of Bermuda.
  • Choose from a range of vacation packages that include flights, accommodations, and activities.
  • Create lasting memories in Bermuda’s pink sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and historic sites.

Norwegian Getaway Cruise Reviews

The Norwegian Getaway is perfect for a memorable Bermuda vacation. It sets sail from New York, making it very accessible. This top-rated ship has impressed many, making it a great choice for your trip.

This cruise ship is packed with amazing things to do and see. You’ll enjoy luxury rooms, great food, fun activities, and spa treatments. Every part of your journey is designed for fun and relaxation.

In Bermuda, you can see breathtaking beaches and sights. Dive into the local culture and nature. Enjoy the clear waters, pink sand beaches, or visit charming towns and historic spots.

For detailed advice, a Bermuda travel guide is a must. It will show you the best spots, give tips, and help you move around easily. It’s perfect for anyone looking for adventures or cultural experiences.

“The Norwegian Getaway was the perfect choice for our Bermuda vacation. The ship was incredible, with so many amenities and activities to enjoy. The staff was friendly and attentive, ensuring we had a fantastic experience. Bermuda itself is a tropical paradise, and we loved exploring the stunning beaches and vibrant culture. We can’t wait to go back!” – Jenny, New York

Benefits of the Norwegian Getaway Cruise:

  • Convenient departure from New York
  • Positive reviews from satisfied passengers
  • Wide range of amenities and activities onboard
  • Exploration of the beautiful beaches and attractions of Bermuda
  • Insider tips and guidance from a comprehensive travel guide
Departure Location Ship Name Duration Highlights
New York Norwegian Getaway 5 nights Stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and historic sites in Bermuda

Bermuda Vacation Packages

Looking for the perfect vacation package to Bermuda? Look no further! We offer a wide selection of great packages. These include flights, where to stay, and what to do. Whether you’re on a romantic trip or a family vacation, there’s something for everyone.

Get ready to see Bermuda’s pink sand beaches and clear waters. Our packages let you explore the beautiful coastline. You can go snorkeling, walk on the beach, or just enjoy the sun. Plus, you’ll stay in comfy places with lots of extras.

Want to learn about Bermuda’s history and culture? You can visit places like the Royal Naval Dockyard. It’s full of shops, places to eat, and history. You’ll also find colorful towns and friendly people to meet.

Love adventure? Bermuda has thrilling water sports like jet skiing. You can also try parasailing or take a boat tour. Our packages let you pick the fun things you want to do.

Our Bermuda vacation packages are easy and a good deal. We take care of everything, so you just relax. Whether it’s a quick trip or a long stay, we have options for every budget. Kick off your Bermuda adventure planning today!

“Bermuda vacation packages let you enjoy this beautiful island. From amazing beaches to history and fun activities, there’s so much to love. Don’t miss out on an easy and fun way to see Bermuda!”

– Travel Enthusiast

Why Choose Our Bermuda Vacation Packages?

  • Convenient and hassle-free planning
  • Savings on flights, accommodations, and activities
  • Flexible itineraries to suit your preferences
  • Expertly curated experiences for all types of travelers
  • Peace of mind with 24/7 customer support
Package Price Duration Accommodations Activities
Beach Paradise $1,999 5 days Resort Beach access, snorkeling, spa
Adventure Seeker $2,499 7 days Beachfront villa Jet skiing, parasailing, boat tour
Cultural Discovery $1,799 6 days Boutique hotel Island tour, visit historic landmarks

Flights to Bermuda from New York

Want to escape to a tropical paradise? Take a direct flight from New York to Bermuda. Fly over the city’s hustle to a stunning island hideaway. Many airlines have flights between these places, giving you options to match your plans.

If you’re dreaming of a weekend off or a long break, book your flights early. This saves money and makes your journey smooth. Look for flights to Bermuda from New York online or on airlines’ sites.

Pick from economy, business, or premium classes to fly comfortably. Enjoy perks like free services and a hassle-free journey to Bermuda’s beauty.

Arriving, feel the warm island air and see amazing sights like pink sand beaches. Dive into fun activities like snorkeling or unwind in the island’s history. Bermuda welcomes all who seek a break from the daily grind.

Don’t put off your Bermuda adventure. Book flights from NYC now and start looking forward to your island escape.

Picture yourself arriving in paradise with non-stop flights from New York to Bermuda. A dream vacation awaits just a short flight away. Start planning your trip and discover Bermuda’s wonders!

Exploring Bermuda: Top Attractions and Activities

Exploring Bermuda will captivate you with its beauty and history. This tropical haven has activities for every traveler. You can relax on pink sand beaches or dive into an underwater world.

The Royal Naval Dockyard is a key visit. It takes you into Bermuda’s sea history. The town’s cobblestone streets and lively shops give real charm. And at the National Museum of Bermuda, watch historic events come to life.

A snorkeling trip in Bermuda’s clear waters is thrilling. There, you’ll meet colorful fish and coral. Or stay dry with paddleboarding, enjoying the coast’s beauty.

bermuda travel guide

Bermuda’s food is a must-try. Sample fish chowder, fish sandwich, and rum cake. Wash it down with a cool rum swizzle, the island’s famous drink.

The island is also great for shopping. Find unique items in the towns, showcasing Bermuda’s creativity. Pop into boutiques, art galleries, and craft markets.

“Bermuda has something for everyone, from the stunning beaches and historic landmarks to the adventurous water activities and delicious cuisine. It’s a destination that will leave you with unforgettable memories.” – Travel Enthusiast

Consider a vacation package for your trip. These deals make exploring Bermuda easy. Whether you’re after romance, fun with family, or a solo journey, you’ll find the right package.

So, pack for Bermuda’s unforgettable landscapes and warm welcomes. This captivating island is ready to charm you.

Norwegian Getaway Cruise Itinerary

Looking for the perfect way to travel from New York to Bermuda? The Norwegian Getaway has a fantastic 5-night cruise. It lets you enjoy luxury at sea and plenty of fun activities.

After some days on the ship, you’ll reach Bermuda’s Royal Naval Dockyard. This beautiful island is known as the jewel of the Atlantic.

You’ll have two full days to enjoy Bermuda’s beaches, shopping, and culture. Relax on the pink sandy beaches or try snorkeling in the clear water. You can also explore Bermuda’s history by visiting its landmarks and museums.

As your time in Bermuda ends, the Norwegian Getaway heads back to New York. It’s a perfect mix of relaxation and adventure. This cruise is great for a smooth and enjoyable getaway.

Book your trip on the Norwegian Getaway today. Start an unforgettable journey to one of the world’s most beautiful places.

Onboard Experience on the Norwegian Getaway

The Norwegian Getaway takes your cruise to Bermuda from New York to the next level. It’s filled with fun and relaxation. You’ll find all you need for a great journey on this ship.

Love good food? You’re in for a treat at the Norwegian Getaway’s specialty dining spots. Try different dishes from all over at places like Cagney’s Steakhouse and La Cucina.

Are you an adventure-seeker? This ship has lots for you. Race on the go-kart track, zoom down water slides in the Aqua Park, or climb the rock wall. There’s always something exciting to do.

Looking to unwind? The pool area is perfect for that, with cool drinks from nearby bars. And the spa has treatments that’ll make you feel like new. It’s all about relaxing and enjoying the calm of the sea.

bermuda cruises from new york

How to Book Your Bermuda Getaway

Booking your dream trip to Bermuda is now simple. You can choose between vacation packages or a cruise. This allows you to pick what fits both your taste and budget.

Bermuda vacation packages are a smooth way to travel. They usually cover flights, places to stay, and might add some tours. By booking one package, you have all set for your adventure in paradise. This frees you up to just look forward to your trip.

Would you rather take a special journey to Bermuda? Consider a trip on the Norwegian Getaway cruise ship. It leaves from New York and sails to Bermuda. The ship offers great things like fun activities, shows, and delicious food. This way, your journey is an amazing part of your vacation.

Don’t forget to look for the best deals and compare prices for your Bermuda trip. You can get help from experts without extra fees to find the best option. This means you can start dreaming about the beautiful beaches and rich culture in Bermuda. Get ready for an unforgettable experience.


How can I travel to Bermuda from New York?

You can get to Bermuda from New York by flying or sailing on a cruise. Either way, it’s a wonderful journey.

Are there any vacation packages available for Bermuda?

Certainly. You’ll find many vacation packages for Bermuda. They cover flights, where to stay, and what to do.

Can I take a cruise from New York to Bermuda?

Yes. The Norwegian Getaway lets you cruise to Bermuda from New York. It’s a fun and easy way to get there.

What are the top attractions and activities to enjoy in Bermuda?

The pink sand beaches are a must-see in Bermuda. Don’t miss out on snorkeling in the coral reefs. You can also discover historic sites like the Royal Naval Dockyard. And, of course, try the local food.

How long is the cruise itinerary from New York to Bermuda?

The Norwegian Getaway’s cruise from New York to Bermuda is 5 nights. You get two days to see the beautiful island.

What amenities and entertainment options are available on the Norwegian Getaway?

There’s so much to do on the Norwegian Getaway. Enjoy special places to eat, go-kart racing, pools, and amazing shows. There’s even a spa for relaxation.

How can I book my Bermuda getaway?

You can reserve your trip to Bermuda by selecting a vacation package. Or, choose a Norwegian Getaway cruise. Look at different options and pick what fits your needs and wallet.

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