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Picture yourself in Bermuda on a warm, sunny day. You’re surrounded by stunning turquoise waters. The views are breathtaking, and you are excited for a new adventure. But where should you start? Island Tour Center is the answer.

Island Tour Center has over 20 years of experience in Bermuda. They work with the best tour operators on the island. Whether you want to see attractions, go on guided tours, or enjoy the island’s beauty, they’ve got the perfect tours for you.

I’ll tell you about Sarah’s experience with Island Tour Center. Sarah always dreamt of visiting Bermuda. When she finally got the chance, she was amazed by the island’s beauty and culture. Wanting to see all she could, she looked to Island Tour Center for help.

Island Tour Center suggested a full day tour for Sarah. It took her to the island’s hidden gems and famous spots. From Horseshoe Bay’s pink sand beaches to St. George’s historic town, Sarah got to see a lot of Bermuda.

On the tour, Sarah was with guides who knew a lot about Bermuda. She saw amazing views from Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse. And she explored the island’s clear waters and shipwrecks when snorkeling.

Thanks to Island Tour Center, Sarah’s Bermuda experience was unforgettable. She made memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you love adventure, want to explore history, or just relax on the island, Island Tour Center has the perfect tour for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Island Tour Center has over 20 years of local experience and offers a wide variety of tours and activities in Bermuda.
  • From guided tours to sightseeing adventures, Island Tour Center provides options for everyone.
  • Enjoy knowledgeable guides, stunning views, and unforgettable experiences with Island Tour Center.
  • Make the most of your time in Bermuda and create memories that will last a lifetime.
  • Choose Island Tour Center for a hassle-free and exciting way to explore the island.

Discover Bermuda’s Top Tours

Island Tour Center in Bermuda has many guided tours and sightseeing adventures waiting for you. You can pick from scenic bus tours or exciting jet ski rides. It’s a perfect way to enjoy your time off.

You should try a PADI Discover SCUBA lesson with them. Dive into Bermuda’s clear waters to see amazing marine life. It’s a chance to experience the sea like never before.

“Exploring Bermuda’s attractions has never been easier than with Island Tour Center. Their guided tours offer something for everyone, whether you’re an adrenaline junkie seeking excitement or a nature lover looking to admire the island’s beauty.”

There are tours to see all of Bermuda’s great places. Visit St. George’s, a historic town with a lot to see. Its history and unique buildings will amaze you.

Island Tour Center makes everything easy for you. Their friendly team helps with bookings, making your trip hassle-free. They’re there to guide you every step of the way.

Don’t miss the chance to visit Bermuda’s amazing spots. Let Island Tour Center guide you to the best of the island. You’re sure to have a memorable time.

Top Tours in Bermuda

Tour Type Operator
Mini Bus Tours Island Tour Center
Jet Ski Adventures K.S. WaterSports
PADI Discover SCUBA Diving Island Tour Center
Historic St. George’s Tour Island Tour Center

Experience the best of Bermuda’s attractions with Island Tour Center’s guided tours and sightseeing adventures. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore the beauty and history of this stunning island paradise.

Experience Unique Adventures

Looking for the best of Bermuda? Island Tour Center has exciting adventures for a memorable trip. From thrilling activities to beautiful sights, you’ll find plenty to enjoy.

Explore Bermuda’s Landmarks

Want to see Bermuda’s top spots? With Island Tour Center, you can see its historic and natural beauty. Visit Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse for stunning views. Check out the South Shore and City of Hamilton from the top.

Love history? Explore St. George’s Town, a UNESCO site, to learn about its colonial past. Walk the old streets and see the historic buildings up close.

visit bermuda landmarks

Exciting Water Adventures

Love water adventures? Island Tour Center has just what you need. Rent a pontoon boat and explore Bermuda. Enjoy the breeze on the turquoise water and see hidden spots.

Even if you’ve never sailed, you’ll love this trip. Customize your adventure and see Bermuda’s hidden beauty.

Want something more special? Book a private yacht with a crew. Enjoy luxury, great views, and top-notch service onboard. It’s perfect for a special day or just to pamper yourself.

Gift Certificates for Adventure

Need a gift for someone who loves adventure? Island Tour Center’s gift certificates are ideal. They can pick from a range of fun activities, from exploring caves to kayak tours.

  1. Buy gift certificates easily online or at Island Tour Center.
  2. It’s simple for the recipient to choose their adventure. It’s a personal and easy gift.
  3. Share the joy of Bermuda’s best activities with a loved one.

Island Tour Center ensures you have a blast in Bermuda. Whether you see landmarks or enjoy water fun, it’s all about lasting memories. Or surprise someone with a fun gift. Either way, you’ll have an amazing time.

Convenient Locations and Amenities

Island Tour Center has two spots in Bermuda for easy tour access. The first is by the Hamilton Ferry Dock in the City of Hamilton. This makes it easy for tourists. It’s great for those staying in Hamilton or coming by ferry.

The second spot is near the cruise ship dock in the Royal Naval Dockyard. Since many cruises dock here, it’s perfect. You can easily start your Bermuda tours without a long walk.

At both locations, you can get help booking your tours. This saves you time and stress. Thanks to this, you can lock in your spot on the best tours in Bermuda.

Choosing Island Tour Center means you tap into local insight. Their team can suggest the best spots and help plan your visit. This ensures you have a wonderful time exploring the island.

island tour center bermuda

Experience Bermuda’s best tours with ease and convenience

Island Tour Center makes exploring Bermuda simple with two great sites. Whether you land in Hamilton or by the Dockyard, you’re close. You can quickly start your journey to discover the island’s wonders.

Explore Bermuda’s Rich History

Island Tour Center offers a chance to dive into Bermuda’s history. Start with Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse, a key landmark. Climb up for stunning views across the South Shore and Hamilton. Capture beautiful vacation photos from the top.

Next, head to St. George’s Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Walk its historic streets and uncover stories that shaped Bermuda. From old colonial buildings to forts, every place has a story to tell. Don’t miss this chance to step back in time.

If you love history or just want to enjoy Bermuda, Island Tour Center is for you. Their guides share deep insights, making your tour enjoyable and memorable. It’s a great way to explore Bermuda’s captivating history and sights.


What types of tours and activities does Island Tour Center offer?

Island Tour Center has lots of tours and activities. They offer mini bus tours, jet ski adventures, and PADI Discover SCUBA diving lessons.

Can I explore Bermuda’s attractions with a guided tour?

Yes, Island Tour Center offers guided tours. They let you see Bermuda’s best places, helping you enjoy your vacation more.

What unique adventures are available with Island Tour Center?

They have some cool adventures. You can rent a pontoon boat to check out the coast. Or, go for a fancy ride on a private yacht with a full crew. You can also get gift certificates for exciting adventures.

Where are Island Tour Center’s locations?

They’re in two handy spots. One is by the Hamilton Ferry Dock in the City of Hamilton. The other is near the cruise ship dock in the Royal Naval Dockyard.

What amenities does Island Tour Center offer?

Island Tour Center helps you book tours with local tips. They make reservation easy, using their expertise.

Can I explore Bermuda’s rich history with Island Tour Center?

Yes, Island Tour Center lets you see historical spots. Visit Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse and the UNESCO World Heritage site in St. George’s Town. Here, you’ll find Bermuda’s rich history.

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