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Are you ready to have a great time in Myrtle Beach? You can find many tours in Myrtle Beach. They are perfect for history lovers, nature fans, and those who love excitement. Every tour offers something special that will stay with you forever.

Can you imagine being on a guided tour in Myrtle Beach? You would see amazing views and learn about nature. Guides will tell interesting stories about the past. This makes the trip more fun and educational.

Love Myrtle Beach’s history? Take a sightseeing tour to know more about its past. Visit old sites and hear stories about the first settlers. These tours show why people love Myrtle Beach today.

Looking for fun and adventure? Try Myrtle Beach adventure tours. They will make you jump with joy. You can try ziplining or play in the water. Myrtle Beach has endless fun for you.

Love nature and animals? Join a wildlife tour. You’ll see many plants and animals of Myrtle Beach. Birdwatching and meeting dolphins are some things you can do. The beauty of Myrtle Beach will amaze you.

The best part of Myrtle Beach tours is the guides. They are very enthusiastic and know a lot. They make your tour fun and full of stories. They are always ready to answer your questions.

So, don’t miss the chance to see Myrtle Beach in a new light. Book a top-rated Myrtle Beach tour and start making great memories. Myrtle Beach is waiting for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Myrtle Beach has many tours for all kinds of visitors.
  • From tours about history to those full of adventure, there’s something for everyone.
  • See Myrtle Beach’s past, beautiful views, and nature with these knowledgeable guides.
  • The best Myrtle Beach tours make your trip special and fun.
  • Book a tour now and see the magic of Myrtle Beach!

Guided Tours of Brookgreen Gardens

Explore Brookgreen Gardens’ beauty and history with their guided tours. It’s in coastal South Carolina and a top spot for both nature fans and history buffs. These tours let you enjoy the garden, knowing its deep history.

Brookgreen Gardens guided tours

Brookgreen Gardens has many different tours. There’s something for everyone, whether you like nature, culture, or wildlife. Let’s see some of the special tours they offer:

Creek Excursion

The Creek Excursion is a fun tour near area creeks. You’ll see old rice plantations and learn about the people who lived there. It shows how important rice culture was in the area.

Trekker Excursion

The Trekker Excursion is for those who love history. Join a guided ride around the gardens to see historic sites. You’ll visit places like the Alston family cemetery and the old slave village.

Oaks Excursion

The Oaks Excursion mixes natural beauty with history. Visit the Oaks Plantation and see beautiful live oak trees. You’ll also see the Alston family cemetery and learn about the plantation’s history.

These tours make your visit to Brookgreen Gardens special. You’ll see its creeks, historical sites, and big oak trees in a new way. Each tour is an experience you’ll always remember.

Type of Tour Description
Creek Excursion Explore area creeks past former rice plantations and learn about the region’s history.
Trekker Excursion Ride along to historic sites within the gardens and discover architectural gems.
Oaks Excursion Visit the site of the Oaks Plantation and stroll through the Alston family cemetery.

Book a tour at Brookgreen Gardens for a journey through history and nature. Discover its beautiful gardens and rich history. You’ll leave with a greater love for this special place.

Murrells Inlet Boat Cruises

Go on a special eco-adventure in Murrells Inlet with Murrells Inlet Boat Cruises. Travel through the calm marsh on the Explorer with a naturalist. See many birds, sea creatures, and even touch some in a tank. Get off the boat to walk at a beautiful beach and look for seashells and more. This shelling cruise is great for nature fans and those wanting a cool coastal trip.

Discover the Unspoiled Beauty of Murrells Inlet

Murrells Inlet is a lovely place just south of Myrtle Beach. It’s known for its natural beauty and different wildlife. With Murrells Inlet Boat Cruises, step into this stunning coastal world.

Ride in the Explorer, a top boat ready for fun and comfort. It has big decks and a smart crew, perfect for exploring Murrells Inlet’s marshes.

Murrells Inlet Boat Cruises

Guided Eco-Adventure with a Passionate Naturalist

You’ll meet a naturalist who loves the environment on this eco-adventure. They’ll teach you about the marsh’s important role, the need for saving it, and the cool animals. Hear how Murrells Inlet is a special place for many creatures.

“Murrells Inlet is a true coastal haven, teeming with life and natural wonders. Our guided eco-adventure allows visitors to fully appreciate the beauty and significance of this unique ecosystem.” – Captain James, Naturalist Guide

An Up-Close Encounter with Marine Life

Watch and even touch marine life, like dolphins and sea turtles. It’s a great way to see the wonders of the ocean close up.

Touch starfish and hermit crabs in the touch tank. This makes learning about sea life fun and hands-on.

Seashells and Coastal Treasures

Enjoy finding seashells and other treasures on a beautiful beach. It’s a chance to celebrate the coast’s natural beauty.

Walk slowly, feel the sand, and enjoy the calm beach. This memorable shelling time has a beautiful view.

Key Features of Murrells Inlet Boat Cruises
Tranquil saltwater marsh cruise
Passionate naturalist guide
Opportunity to spot a variety of birds
Up-close encounters with marine life
Interactive touch tank experience
Seashell hunting on a beautiful beach

If you love nature, animals, or unique coastal trips, Murrells Inlet Boat Cruises is perfect. It will make your visit to Murrells Inlet unforgettable.

Explore the History and Ecology of Hobcaw Barony

Join a two-hour adventure to learn about Hobcaw Barony’s rich past and ecosystems. This 16,000-acre area gives a peek into the Lowcountry’s varied lands.

You can visit Hobcaw House, once home to Bernard Baruch. This grand mansion shows the Baruch family’s life and the area’s elegance.

Our tour includes Bellefield Plantation. It was Bernard Baruch’s daughter’s home. This charming farm takes you to the past.

Don’t miss the preserved slave village on your visit. It’s a touching lesson in the area’s history and the struggles of the slaves.

Learn about Coastal Ecosystems and Fascinating Wildlife

Guides at Hobcaw Barony will teach you about its many coastal areas. You’ll see marshes, forests, and learn why it’s vital to save them.

You might see wildlife like herons, egrets, and alligators. Be ready with your camera for these special moments.

Join an Educational Tour

This tour is not only for seeing sights. It’s also a chance to learn about saving wildlife, study efforts, and how the reserve helps.

“Hobcaw Barony offers a unique blend of history and ecology. The tour provides guests with a deeper understanding of the rich cultural heritage and natural diversity that make this property so special.” – Tour Guide

Highlights of the Hobcaw Barony Tour

Highlights Description
Hobcaw House Visit the opulent mansion that was home to Bernard Baruch.
Bellefield Plantation Explore the charming plantation and discover the history of the Baruch family.
Slave Village Reflect on the past as you learn about the lives of enslaved individuals.
Coastal Ecosystems Gain insights into the diverse habitats and ecosystems of the Lowcountry.
Wildlife Spotting Keep an eye out for fascinating wildlife, including birds and alligators.
Educational Experience Learn about endangered species, conservation efforts, and ongoing research.

Go on a journey at Hobcaw Barony to explore its nature and history. Book your adventure today to discover its fascinating stories and life.

Next Section: Day Trips to Charleston

Day Trips to Charleston

Looking to expand your adventures beyond Myrtle Beach? Take a day trip to Charleston with Charleston Adventures. Explore the historic and vibrant city. Hop on a comfortable bus and embark on a journey filled with discovery and excitement.

Explore Charleston’s Famous Sights

Once you arrive in Charleston, the possibilities are endless. Visit the iconic Cooper River Bridge. Admire its architectural beauty and stunning views of the city’s skyline. Stroll through cobblestone streets lined with picturesque houses. They exude charm and character. Marvel at the intricate designs of ornate churches. They stand as a testament to the city’s rich history.

One of the highlights of your day trip is visiting the historic City Market. Here, you can browse and shop for unique souvenirs, artwork, and local crafts. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere of this bustling marketplace.

Choose from a Variety of Excursions

Charleston Adventures offers various guided tours for different interests. Hop on the Palmetto Carriage Works Tour. Take a leisurely ride through downtown Charleston. Learn about the city’s fascinating history. Marvel at the beautiful architecture along the way.

Prefer a maritime adventure? Board the Harbor Boat tour. Cruise along Charleston’s scenic waterfront. Admire the stunning views of the harbor. Get up close to iconic landmarks such as Fort Sumter and the Battery.

For a glimpse into the area’s plantation past, take the Boone Hall Plantation Tour. Explore the historic plantation’s beautifully preserved grounds and gardens. Learn about the lives and stories of the people who lived and worked there.

A Day of Sightseeing and Shopping

Charleston has something to offer everyone. Enjoy a leisurely day of sightseeing, exploring, and shopping. Then return to Myrtle Beach with unforgettable memories of your Charleston adventure.

Experience the charm and history of Charleston on a day trip from Myrtle Beach. Book your Charleston Adventures day trip today and embark on an unforgettable journey.

Discover Myrtle Beach with Segway Tours

Explore Myrtle Beach in a new way with Myrtle Beach Segway Tours. These tours let you see exciting spots without tiring.

Visit beautiful Huntington Beach State Park. You can see many animals and plants. The park is filled with birds, turtles, and more. And you can see it all up close on a Segway.

Discover Market Common, a special place for shopping and eating. This area has a history linked to the Air Force Base. You’ll get to try local food and see unique shops. Let the Segway guide show you around.

For more fun, go to North Myrtle Beach Park & Sports Complex. Ride through trails and wooded spots. Feel the excitement as you ride on a Segway.

No matter if you’re from Myrtle Beach or just visiting, Segway Tours are a great way to see the sights. Let the guides show you around. You’re sure to have a memorable time.


What types of tours are available in Myrtle Beach?

Myrtle Beach has many guided tours. You can learn about local history. Or see wildlife up close. There are also tours of beautiful gardens and plantations.

What specialized tours does Brookgreen Gardens offer?

Brookgreen Gardens has special tours. The Creek Excursion shows area creeks and old rice plantations. The Trekker Excursion visits historic sites. The Oaks Excursion goes to a plantation site and a slave village.

What can I expect on a Murrells Inlet Boat Cruise?

The Murrells Inlet Boat Cruise is a peaceful trip. You’ll ride the Explorer with a nature expert. You’ll see many birds and sea life. You can also find seashells on a beach stop.

What will I see and learn on a tour of Hobcaw Barony?

At Hobcaw Barony, you’ll learn about its history and nature. You’ll visit the grand Hobcaw House and Bellefield Plantation. A stop at a slave village shows the area’s past. This tour teaches about the coast, wildlife, and endangered species.

What can I do on a day trip to Charleston?

Charleston Adventures offer trips to the city. Choose from Carriage Works, Harbor Boat, or Plantation tours. See beautiful houses, churches, and the City Market. It’s great for sightseeing and shopping.

Where can I explore Myrtle Beach on a Segway tour?

Visit Myrtle Beach with Segway Tours. See Huntington Beach State Park’s wildlife and plants. Explore Market Common’s shops and food. For more, try North Myrtle Beach Park & Sports Complex for adventures.

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