Exploring Day Trips from Myrtle Beach: Top Picks

day trip from myrtle beach

Myrtle Beach is a famous coastal city in South Carolina. It’s loved for its gorgeous beaches and busy vibe. But did you know amazing day trip spots are just a short ride away? A day trip from Myrtle Beach lets you see more of South Carolina’s coast. Let’s look at some top day trip picks that will make your vacation more fun and varied.

Picture this: you start your day with a chill drive through pretty river towns. Or maybe you explore a nearby city’s historical charm. Feel the warm sand under your feet as you walk the peaceful beaches of a nearby island. Or check out local food and cool shops in a little coastal town. Each trip has its own special charm. It’s easy to pick an adventure that fits what you like.

Looking for outdoor fun, culture, or just a change of pace? There’s a perfect day trip spot near Myrtle Beach for you. So, get your bags ready, gas up the car, and get set for unforgettable trips. These trips will make memories that last.

Are you excited to start exploring? Let’s find the best day trips from Myrtle Beach:

Key Takeaways:

  • Myrtle Beach offers stunning beaches and a vibrant atmosphere.
  • Taking a day trip from Myrtle Beach allows you to experience more of South Carolina’s coastline.
  • There are diverse day trip ideas, from exploring charming river towns to visiting historic cities.
  • Secluded beaches, quaint towns, and unique shopping opportunities are waiting to be discovered.
  • Each day trip offers its own allure, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

Conway: A River Town with Charm

Conway is only a quick 20-minute drive from Myrtle Beach. It’s a quaint town beside a river, making it a great spot for a day adventure. This hidden gem has a lively waterfront and downtown, making it perfect for everyone to enjoy.

Let’s look at what you can find in Conway:

  • Performing Arts Theater: It’s home to the longest-running theater in the Grand Strand. Here, you can see plays, musicals, or comedy shows. There’s something for everyone, keeping you entertained.
  • Seasonal Festivals: Dive into the local culture at one of Conway’s festivals. These events focus on music, arts, food, and crafts. They show off the town’s welcoming spirit and charm.
  • College Football Games: For sports fans, catch an exciting college football game at Brooks Stadium. Join the buzzing crowd and root for the local team. It will be a memorable time.

Every foodie will love what Conway has to offer:

Rivertown Bistro serves up a modern take on Southern dishes. They use fresh local ingredients to craft their meals. The menu features everything from seafood to steak, meeting all your food desires.

Conway is also great for shopping:

Take a look at the downtown shops and boutiques in Conway. You’ll find a mix of unique gifts, home decor, and fashion. These items make perfect souvenirs or presents for those you love.

day trip to Conway

If you’re up for cultural fun, lively entertainment, or just some laid-back shopping, Conway has it all. Include this lovely town in your vacation plans for a memorable day trip from Myrtle Beach.

Pawleys Island: Secluded Beaches and Quaint Charm

Pawleys Island is just a 45-minute ride from Myrtle Beach. It’s a peaceful break from the busy tourist season. This town is loved for its quiet beaches and small-town feel, making it ideal for a calm day’s visit.

At Pawleys Island, you can enjoy lots of fun. The Hammock Shops are great for shopping. You’ll find local goods like hammocks, coastal decor, and crafts there. Spend a few hours browsing the unique stores for special finds.

Next, try the tasty food at Pawleys Island’s top spots. BisQit is known for its special burgers and milkshakes. If you’re looking for elegance, visit Frank’s. It has a fine menu with seafood, steaks, and a good wine list.

“Pawleys Island offers a serene escape from the bustling tourist season.”

A trip here wouldn’t be complete without the beach. The sand is clean, and the water clear. It’s perfect for lounging, swimming, or reading. Enjoy a walk, build sandcastles, or surf the waves for fund memories.

Feeling adventurous? Pawleys Island has outdoor fun too. Rent a kayak to see the beautiful marshes and creeks. Or try fishing – you can fish from the shore or join a boat tour for ocean fishing.

Pawleys Island has beaches, unique shops, good food, and outdoor fun. It’s a great place for relaxation or exploring. This hidden gem is a top choice for a day away from Myrtle Beach.

Georgetown: A Historic Gem by the Water

Only a bit over an hour from Myrtle Beach, Georgetown sits by the water. It’s known for its history and pretty waterfront area. It’s perfect for a day trip full of culture and history.

Love history? Don’t skip a chance to visit Hopsewee Plantation in Georgetown. It lets you travel back in time. You can see how life was and learn about the area’s history.

Make sure to visit the Kaminski House Museum for more of Georgetown’s story. This elegant home shows how wealthy families lived in the past. You’ll see old furniture and hear about their lives.

“Georgetown is a treasure trove of history, providing visitors with a unique perspective on the region’s rich heritage.” – Mark Johnson, History Enthusiast

While in Georgetown, tasting the local food is a must. Try The River Room for amazing seafood with a view. It’s perfect for a relaxing meal.

Looking for unique items? Georgetown’s shops have a lot to offer. There are boutique shops, art galleries, and places selling antiques. It’s a great place to find special things.

day trip to Georgetown

Charleston: Charm and History in the South

Charleston is a gem not far from Myrtle Beach. It’s known for its deep history, gorgeous buildings, and great food. You’ll see horse-drawn carriages and pretty, old houses along with new places to explore.

A visit to the historic district is a must. You can see beautiful buildings, walk the Battery, and hear stories of the past. Also, make sure to stop at Charleston City Market for local crafts.

For those who enjoy spirits, check out a local distillery. You’ll learn how spirits are made and taste some true South flavors.

After all the sightseeing, dive into the city’s food scene. Charleston has everything from fancy dining to cozy places that serve local food. Don’t forget to taste the fresh seafood and classic Southern dishes.

Charleston mixes old stories with new life perfectly. Whether you love old architecture, enjoy history, or just want to eat well, Charleston is a must-see place. This city will impress you in many ways.


What are some popular day trip destinations near Myrtle Beach?

Conway, Pawleys Island, Georgetown, and Charleston are top choices for day trips near Myrtle Beach.

What can I do in Conway during a day trip?

You can see shows at the local theater and join in on festivals. Watching college football and exploring shops and eateries are also fun.

What activities can I enjoy in Pawleys Island during a day trip?

Enjoy shopping at unique stores and eating great food. Don’t forget to relax on the quiet beaches. Kayaking and fishing are fun outdoor options.

What attractions can I visit in Georgetown during a day trip?

Take a tour of Hopsewee Plantation or visit Kaminski House Museum. Enjoy scenic dining at the River Room. Shopping and seafood spots are also highlights.

What can I do in Charleston during a day trip?

In Charleston, explore the city market and local distilleries. Eat at great restaurants and see the historic area. There are also beaches and places for families to enjoy.

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