Florida Sunshine Express: Your Ticket to Bliss

florida sunshine express

Imagine this: you arrive at Orlando International Airport, thrilled for your Florida trip. The sun shines, palm trees sway, and the smell of the sea is everywhere. Yet, you still need a way to reach your spot to start the fun.

Don’t worry; Florida Sunshine Express has your back. They’re the go-to for smooth shuttle rides and ground transport in Florida. So, whether you’re off to Miami, Aventura, Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton’s beaches, or West Palm Beach’s finest resorts, they’ll get you there.

Count on them to be on time. No more bus changes or stressing about getting lost. They handle it all, leaving you to take in the view and relax in their sleek transports.

And about the comfort? It’s top-notch. Their shuttles are spacious and comfy. Plus, they have Wi-Fi and USB power so you can work or scroll with ease.

Feeling peckish on the ride? You’re covered. They serve up gourmet meals to keep you happy on your way. It’s sure to make your trip more pleasant.

Why settle for less when it comes to Florida travel? Trust Florida Sunshine Express for a smooth, fuss-free trip. Enjoy Florida’s charm without the worry, with them as your guide.

Key Takeaways:

  • Florida Sunshine Express offers hassle-free and reliable transportation services in Florida.
  • They provide express shuttle services and ground transport to various destinations in Florida.
  • Reserved seating, USB power outlets, free Wi-Fi, and gourmet meals are some of the amenities offered by Florida Sunshine Express.
  • With their commitment to reliability, Florida Sunshine Express ensures you arrive at your destination on time.
  • Embark on a worry-free adventure with Florida Sunshine Express and experience the beauty and excitement of Florida.

Brightline Train: The Ultimate Travel Experience

Jump into top luxury and comfort with the Brightline train. It’s Florida’s best high-speed train, making travel comfy and efficient. It’s great for going between cities or taking a fun trip.

The Brightline has new, modern stations that feel like an airport. You’ll see touchless turnstiles and nice lounges as soon as you arrive. This starts your trip off right.

Inside the train, you can pick Smart or Premium class. Smart has Wi-Fi, big leather seats, and power outlets. It’s great for staying in touch or working on the go.

Premium class offers unlimited snacks, including alcohol, and more legroom. It’s all about luxury and relaxation here.

Brightline runs on time, with many trips between Orlando and Miami every day. It’s perfect for visiting Miami or checking out Orlando’s magic.

One-way ticket prices

Class Adults Kids
Smart Fare $79 $39
Premium Fare $129 $69

Brightline is both affordable and elegant. It’s great for work or fun trips, promising a top-notch travel experience.

Brightline’s Accessibility and Future Routes

Brightline wants everyone to enjoy their trains. All their trains and stations meet ADA rules. This means people with disabilities can easily board and travel without problems.

They not only focus on getting on the train easily. They also help you catch an Uber at the right time. This way, your travel is smooth from start to finish.

Brightline accessibility

Brightline is looking to grow and add more routes. Soon, you’ll be able to go from Tampa to Orlando Airport with ease. This makes it easier for people to move between these big Florida spots.

Brightline’s Future Routes

Route Distance Estimated Travel Time
Tampa to Orlando International Airport Approximately 84 miles Under development
Miami to Fort Lauderdale Approximately 30 miles 30 minutes
Miami to West Palm Beach Approximately 70 miles 1 hour

Brightline really cares about making travel easy. They work hard to be more accessible. And they keep adding new routes. This way, travel in Florida gets better for everyone.

The New Orlando to Miami Route

Brightline now takes you from Orlando to Miami faster and easier. It used to take 6 to 7.5 hours, but now it’s just a 3-hour trip. You get more time to enjoy Miami or Orlando with no long drives or flights.

There are 16 trips a day from Orlando to Miami, giving you lots of options. You can choose to leave early or late. The first train to Miami leaves Orlando at 05:00, and the last at 20:50. Check Brightline’s website for all the times to help plan your trip.

Going from Orlando to Miami is simple and quick with Brightline. Pick a time that works for you and enjoy the beautiful Florida views. Whether you’re headed for work or fun, this route is the best way to travel.

Eco-Friendly Travel with Brightline

Brightline cares about the planet. It’s all about traveling the earth-friendly way. This means using clean biodiesel in its trains. It’s a green choice that helps cut down on harmful gases.

When people pick Brightline, they help make the earth better. It’s like taking 3 million cars off the road each year. That’s good news for our air and the planet’s health.

Riding with Brightline does more than get you places easily. It also keeps Florida’s nature beautiful. This means kids and grandkids can enjoy its wonders like we do today.

“Brightline’s commitment to eco-friendly travel sets a new standard for sustainable transportation, offering passengers a guilt-free and enjoyable travel experience.” – Jane Anderson, Environmental Advocate

Choose Brightline for fun trips in Florida. You’ll travel smoothly and help the earth. It’s a win for everyone!

Benefits of Eco-Friendly Travel with Brightline Reduced Emissions Clean Biodiesel
Contributes to a cleaner and more sustainable environment Helps remove 3 million cars from the roads annually Reduces the carbon footprint
Preserves Florida’s natural beauty and diverse ecosystems Significantly lowers air pollution Promotes a greener transportation option

Brightline eco-friendly

Luggage Allowance and Additional Services

Traveling with Brightline means your luggage will be all set. They have a big luggage limit and extra helps for comfort.

Small bags can come with you onboard. There’s lots of room to keep them safe in the coaches.

“I loved how much Brightline lets you bring. I didn’t worry about my bags. It made my trip really great!” – Jessica, a lot of trips with Brightline

For big bags, use Brightline’s checked baggage. With some fares, checking big bags might need a fee. You check your bags at Guest Services before getting on, making travel easier without heavy bags.

Know there are rules for how big your bag can be. It can weigh up to 22kg, and be as big as 33″ x 22″ x 15″. This makes sure it fits well and is safe during your trip.

Brightline also helps families with young kids. You can bring strollers and car seats without worry. They have special seats so families can stay together and have a fun trip.

In short, Brightline is great for how they handle luggage and give extras for your travel needs. They make it easy to bring or check in your bags. Choosing Brightline means a smooth journey because they care about making it simple for you.

Plan Your Florida Adventure with Florida Sunshine Express

Join us at Florida Sunshine Express for amazing trips around the Sunshine State. We have lots of travel choices to see Florida’s beautiful places and exciting cities. Our transport makes getting to top spots easy and fun.

Want a calm beach trip, an exciting theme park, or to explore city culture? Florida Sunshine Express has a perfect plan for you. Our bright transport in Florida makes your trip comfy. Just relax and enjoy the view.

No need to stress about planning how to get around. We make transportation easy, so you can focus on fun. Choose Florida Sunshine Express for a journey full of fun and great memories in Florida.


What destinations does Florida Sunshine Express serve?

Florida Sunshine Express goes to Miami, Aventura, and other key cities in Florida.

What amenities are provided on Florida Sunshine Express?

They have reserved seats, USB outlets, and free Wi-Fi. You can also enjoy tasty meals.

What classes are available on Brightline Train?

The train has Smart and Premium classes. Smart has Wi-Fi and comfy seats. Premium has snacks, drinks, and more space for your legs.

What is the price range for Brightline Train tickets?

Tickets start at for adults and for kids.

Is Brightline Train accessible for wheelchair users?

Yes, wheelchair users can easily get on board at all Brightline spots.

Does Brightline Train offer car ride services?

Yes, Brightline works with Uber for a seamless trip combo service.

What is the travel time between Orlando International Airport and Miami on Brightline Train?

It takes about 3 hours to travel this route by Brightline Train.

How many round trips does Brightline Train offer between Orlando and Miami?

They run 16 travel rounds every day between Orlando and Miami.

How does Brightline Train contribute to sustainable travel?

The trains help the Earth by using biodiesel and keeping 3 million cars off the roads yearly.

What is the luggage allowance on Brightline Train?

You can bring small bags on board. There’s also lots of space for storage. Big bags can be checked for a fee, depending on your ticket type.

Does Brightline Train offer additional services for families?

Families can bring strollers and car seats. They also can sit together in selected spots.

What travel options does Florida Sunshine Express provide?

They offer easy and safe ways to travel around Florida. You can visit all the great spots in the state.

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