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In Orlando, FL, a big group loved art. They all wanted to show who they were in special ways. Sarah was part of this. She had a big love for tattoos. Tattoos told stories and stayed on the skin forever.

One day, Sarah found Glass Town Tattoo. It was right in the city. She wanted to see why everyone talked about it. When she went in, the energy and smell of ink hit her.

The place was full of beautiful art. There were drawings on the walls and tattoos on people. Sarah felt so excited. Glass Town Tattoo was all about being creative.

Glass Town Tattoo was known for its special tattoo designs. Sarah met the artists and saw their skills. They could turn any idea into a beautiful tattoo. There were many styles to choose from.

What made Glass Town Tattoo special was how they cared for their customers. The artists really listened to what each person wanted. They worked closely with everyone. They made sure every design was as special as the person wearing it.

When Sarah left, she was looking forward to coming back. She had found a place to make her vision real. Her new tattoo would be the start of telling her story in a unique way.

Key Takeaways:

  • Glass Town Tattoo is a premier ink and art studio in Orlando, FL, offering top-notch body art and skilled tattooists.
  • They specialize in custom tattoo designs and provide a wide range of eclectic tattoo styles.
  • Their professional tattoo artists listen closely to each client’s story and collaborate to bring their vision to life.
  • Glass Town Tattoo is dedicated to ensuring a high-quality, customized experience for every client.
  • They are a premier destination for anyone seeking a truly unique tattoo experience.

Professional Tattoo Artists and Custom Tattoo Designs

At Glass Town Tattoo, our team loves creating custom tattoo designs. They are unique like each person. Our professional tattoo artists are skilled and licensed. They love making great body art.

“Our team helps turn your ideas into amazing tattoos. From small ones to big sleeves, we can do it. We pay close attention to make sure your tattoo shows who you are.”

Choosing Glass Town Tattoo means working together on your design. Our artists will hear your ideas and add their thoughts. They will help create a design you love. Everything from the where to the colors will be just right.

Unleashing Your Creativity

Our artists can do many styles, like traditional or watercolor. They will help you pick or suggest what might fit you best. This makes your tattoo really yours.

Tattoos tell your story. We want your tattoo to really show who you are. Our artists learn about you to make a piece of art you’ll love.

“Our team knows many styles, from traditional to watercolor. We make your dream tattoo beautifully real.”

We take the best care in making sure you’re safe. Our inks are vegan and safe. The studio is always clean and follows strict health rules.

If you’re ready to start, set up a talk with our artists. We’ll design something special for you. It will tell your story and be wonderful forever.

Luxury Tattoo Experiences and Quality Piercing Services

At Glass Town Tattoo, we think tattoos should be special. From when you book, you’re part of our family. We made our studio feel like a spa. It’s cozy and perfect for showing who you are.

Our artists are top-notch and love what they do. They are great at all kinds of tattoos. They can make the design you dream of, whether it’s simple or bold. Your tattoo will show your style and personality.

We care a lot about our work, even with piercings. Piercings are safe and clean here. We only use the best metals for your health and looks, like 14K gold.

Our priority is your safety and satisfaction. We adhere to strict health and safety guidelines to ensure that every tattoo and piercing we perform is done in the most professional and hygienic manner possible.

Deciding on a tattoo or piercing is big. We make it easy in our friendly shop. You’ll feel good choosing us. Our goal is to make you happy and excited about your new art.

Come see us at Glass Town Tattoo for a fancy tattoo or piercing. You won’t forget your time with us.

luxury tattoo experiences

Convenient Location and Hours of Operation

Glass Town Tattoo is at 11815 Glass House Lane #140, Orlando, FL, 32836. We are in the Dr. Phillips area, making it easy to find for all. If you love tattoos or are trying one for the first time, our spot is great.

We know you’re busy, so we’re open at times that work for you. Here’s when you can visit us:

  • Monday to Wednesday: 11am-8pm
  • Thursday to Saturday: 11am-10pm
  • Sunday: 11am-6pm

We stay open late from Thursday to Saturday for those late tattoo dreams. You can come after your job or on weekends. If you suddenly feel inspired, come by and we’ll fit you in when we can.

At Glass Town Tattoo, we want to make things easy for you. You can book or just walk in. Our amazing tattoo artists are here to make your tattoo idea real.

Aftercare and Tattooing for Minors

At Glass Town Tattoo, we care about your tattoo’s aftercare. It’s key for good healing and lasting beauty. Our team guides you with top tips to make your tattoo look amazing. You’ll enjoy a great experience with our experts.

Glass Town Tattoo makes it easy for you. We offer special aftercare packages with soap and lotion. These are safe for your skin and help your tattoo heal well. Your health is our top concern, and we aim to give you the best care possible.

Recovery Resources and Recommendations

We have simple steps for cleaning and caring for your tattoo. This info helps avoid problems and keep your tattoo bright. It also shows how to guard your tattoo from sun and sweat.

Every tattoo heals in its own way. If you’re worried, talk to your tattoo artist. They can give you advice just for your tattoo. We’re here to help, no matter what.

Tattooing for Minors

At Glass Town Tattoo, we follow Florida’s rules about tattoos for minors. If you’re 16 to 18, a parent or guardian must be with you. They sign a form and show their ID. Safety and rules for young clients matter a lot to us.

We know that deciding to get a tattoo is a big step for a minor. We work in a place that’s safe and professional. We want you to share any questions or worries about getting a tattoo with us.

tattoo aftercare

Fine Ink Dr. Phillips – O-Town West

Fine Ink Dr. Phillips – O-Town West is part of Glass Town Tattoo. It’s in the exciting Dr. Phillips area of O-Town West. This place is perfect for those who want a special tattoo experience.

We mix great art with top-notch service at Fine Ink Dr. Phillips – O-Town West. Our team uses their skills and love for tattoos to make unique designs for you.

Visiting our studio means diving into a world of art. Our place shows off both our artists’ work and pieces from top local artists in a gallery. Walking through, you’ll feel all kinds of creative vibes.

“Fine Ink Dr. Phillips – O-Town West is more than just a tattoo studio; it’s a celebration of art and self-expression. We strive to create an unforgettable experience for our clients, where they can feel at home and find their own unique style.”

– Jake Alvarez, Founder of Glass Town Tattoo

For the exciting moment when you see your new tattoo, we have a special spot – a viewing bar. Here, your loved ones can watch you as you see your tattoo for the first time. It’s a sweet and unforgettable event.

We also have cool stuff for sale at Fine Ink Dr. Phillips – O-Town West. Our collection includes clothes, accessories, and more. Don’t miss our aftercare products to help your new tattoo stay bright and healthy.

Looking for a great place for piercings? Our piercers are skilled and work in a clean, safe place. They use only the best stuff for healing and to make the piercing look its best.

Experience the Extraordinary

Want a great tattoo or top-notch piercing? Come to Fine Ink Dr. Phillips – O-Town West. Our awesome artists and friendly place will make you feel at home. Art and self-expression come together here in a truly special way.

Book Your Tattoo Today at Glass Town Tattoo

Want to make your tattoo dream come true? Check out Glass Town Tattoo in Orlando, FL. It’s the top spot for tattoos and art. Booking is simple with our online form. Just share your ideas and we’ll pair you with a great artist.

At Glass Town Tattoo, you’re in great hands. Our artists aim for the best and want you to be happy. From a tiny design to a big sleeve, your tattoo will be unique.

Sometimes, you might just want a tattoo on a whim. Glass Town Tattoo takes walk-ins, first-come, first-served. If you’re suddenly inspired and in the area, come by. We make sure every visit is fantastic. We want you to feel new and amazing with your tattoo.


What services does Glass Town Tattoo offer?

Glass Town Tattoo makes custom tattoo designs. They have many tattoo styles. You can also get piercings there.

What makes Glass Town Tattoo unique?

Glass Town Tattoo’s artists are professional. They make unique designs just for you. They also are affordable.

Where is Glass Town Tattoo located?

It’s at 11815 Glass House Lane #140, Orlando, FL, 32836.

What are the studio’s hours of operation?

It’s open Monday to Wednesday from 11am to 8pm. Thursday to Saturday, it’s 11am to 10pm. On Sunday, it’s 11am to 6pm.

How can I book a tattoo appointment?

Fill out the booking form online. Or, talk to the booking team to get started. You’ll need a deposit to hold your spot.

What is the aftercare process for tattoos?

They help you know how to take care of your tattoo at home. You can also buy special aftercare kits.

Can minors get tattoos at Glass Town Tattoo?

Kids 16 to 18 need a parent to come with them. They also need an ID.

What is Fine Ink Dr. Phillips – O-Town West?

This is another part of Glass Town Tattoo. They offer luxury tattoos and have a cool art gallery.

Do walk-ins for tattoos and piercings accepted?

Yes, you can just walk in. But, you might have to wait your turn.

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