NYC Bermuda Cruise: An Escape to Paradise

nyc bermuda cruise

Welcome to the world of NYC Bermuda cruises, where adventure, relaxation, and endless beauty await. Picture yourself basking in the warm sun, toes in pink sands. Clear turquoise waters of Bermuda are inviting you to dive in. Sail from Boston on the Norwegian Gem or from New York on the Norwegian Joy or Norwegian Prima. Get ready for an unforgettable trip to paradise.

As your ship crosses the Atlantic Ocean, the city’s skyline fades away. You’ll feel the excitement grow. The sea breeze gently plays with your hair as you think of the amazing experiences ahead. Will you relax on clear beaches, explore coral reefs when snorkeling, or enjoy golf at top courses? You choose how to live your adventure.

When you reach Bermuda, a world of wonders awaits. Explore Royal Naval Dockyard, a place where history shines. It’s filled with ancient fortresses and streets made of cobblestone. Taste the island’s delicious food, from seafood to dishes with an international flair. Dive into the lively culture and leave with memories to cherish.

Enjoy the luxury of your floating resort. Picture having a four-course meal by top chefs, a refreshing spa treatment, or dancing under the stars. With Norwegian Cruise Line, craft your ideal vacation. It’s designed just for you and fits your schedule perfectly.

Key Takeaways:

  • Embark on an NYC Bermuda cruise for idyllic beaches and luxury.
  • Sail from Boston or New York on the Norwegian Gem or Norwegian Joy for an amazing trip.
  • Discover Bermuda’s beautiful beaches, historic sites, and lively culture your way.
  • Enjoy fine dining, fun activities, and great entertainment onboard.
  • Make your dream vacation with Norwegian Cruise Line’s flexible options and great deals.

Cruises to Bermuda: So Close, Yet Worlds Away

Start your extraordinary journey sailing to Bermuda from either Boston or New York. You can pick the Norwegian Gem from Boston or ships like the Norwegian Joy from New York. These bring you to Bermuda’s Royal Naval Dockyard, where incredible experiences await.

Upon arrival, Bermuda’s charms will enthrall you. You’ll find beautiful pink sand beaches and crystal-clear waters. Feel the island’s rhythm in its local shops and restaurants. With Norwegian Cruise Line, you can make every moment memorable.

Enjoy family time at the beach or excitement at the casino. Perhaps, dance away the night at a club onboard. Whatever you choose, Norwegian lets you personalize your holiday. Whether it’s for relaxation or thrill, love or family fun, Bermuda makes for the ultimate vacation spot with Norwegian Cruise Line.

Explore at Your Own Pace

One highlight of cruising to Bermuda is the freedom to discover at your speed. Thanks to Norwegian, you can design your own days. Walk the beautiful beaches, play golf, or explore historical sites – it’s up to you.

Don’t miss out on Bermuda’s local food and shopping, or simply enjoy its peaceful atmosphere. The island has something for everyone, promising an unforgettable adventure on your cruise.

Feeling ready for the best escape? Book your Bermuda cruise now. Get ready for stunning views, pure relaxation, and endless fun ahead.

Departure Port Cruise Ship
Boston Norwegian Gem
New York Norwegian Joy
New York Norwegian Prima

Unbeatable Deals and Special Offers on NYC to Bermuda Cruises

Are you looking for great deals on cruises from NYC to Bermuda? Norwegian Cruise Line has got you covered. We have a special offer that is too good to pass up.

For certain Bermuda cruises lasting 7 days or more, you’ll get amazing savings. You can get 70% off the second guest’s fare, plus free drinks and free airfare for them. This deal is perfect for bringing a loved one or friend to create lasting memories with.

Getting these savings is simple. Just book a flight and your second guest flies for free. Select your nearest airport when booking your cruise. We manage the rest, including arranging roundtrip flights and transport to the cruise port.

These unbeatable deals and special offers won’t last forever. Book your NYC to Bermuda cruise now and set out on a journey to paradise.

Featured Deals:

Deal Duration Departure Port Price (per person)
1 7 days New York $899
2 8 days New York $999
3 9 days New York $1,199

Short Bermuda Cruises for a Quick Getaway

In search of a quick break? Norwegian Cruise Line has just what you need with short Bermuda trips. These journeys last from 4 to 7 days. So, you can see Bermuda’s beauty and not take too much from your busy life.

They even sail on weekends, saving your vacation days. These trips are great for all, from couples to families or solo travelers. It’s a chance to relax and recharge in Bermuda’s splendor.

On your cruise, you’ll see pink sand beaches, swim in clear waters, and enjoy famous Bermuda sunsets. Try snorkeling to see the sea life or play golf at the top-ranked Port Royal Golf Course.

Norwegian Cruise Line has won the “Best Bermuda Itineraries” award for ten years. They create unforgettable experiences, showcasing the best of Bermuda.

Why Choose a Short Bermuda Cruise?

Looking for a quick getaway? A short Bermuda cruise has many advantages:

  • These trips are easy to reach if you live on the East Coast, with sailing from New York and Boston.
  • You’ll soak up Bermuda’s beauty and culture in just a few days, saving you time.
  • Choose from weekend or mid-week trips to match your schedule.
  • They are priced well, offering good value for those watching their budget.

Don’t miss this chance for an unforgettable Bermuda adventure. Start planning with Norwegian Cruise Line today and discover the perfect quick escape.

A Variety of Bermuda Excursion Choices

When you cruise to Bermuda with Norwegian Cruise Line, many great excursions await. You can pick from history tours, adventurous options, or just chill out. There’s something for all tastes.

Want to see shipwrecks and coral reefs up close? A snorkeling trip lets you do just that. You’ll get to swim with amazing fish and see colorful corals. It’s perfect for both beginners and experienced divers.

Are you into the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle? Hop on a cruise to explore its waters. Learn about the strange stories and enjoy the beautiful ocean views.

Loves golf? Bermuda has top-notch courses with stunning views. Test your skills at Belmont Hills. It’s challenging, green, and offers amazing coastal views. A perfect way to enjoy both golf and Bermuda’s beauty.

bermuda excursion choices

The Rising Son Catamaran tour is perfect for a laid-back day. You’ll sail on turquoise waters, feel the sea breeze, and sunbathe. Plus, you can snorkel in the clear seas. It’s a great way to relax and see Bermuda’s beauty.

Norwegian Cruise Line offers excursions for all kinds of travelers. Whether you want adventure, relaxation, or to learn about Bermuda’s culture, you’ll find something. These trips will make your Bermuda vacation unforgettable.

Don’t Miss Out on These Top Bermuda Excursions:

Excursion Description Duration
Shipwreck and Coral Reef Snorkeling Explore an underwater paradise of marine life and vibrant coral reefs. 3 hours
Bermuda Triangle Cruise Embark on a mysterious journey through the legendary Bermuda Triangle. 4 hours
Belmont Hills Golf Course Tee off at one of Bermuda’s top golf courses with striking ocean views. 4 hours
Rising Son Catamaran Sail on a luxurious catamaran and enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing. 5 hours

Choose excursions that spark your interest to make your Bermuda cruise memorable. Dive into the island’s beauty with the right tours.

Accommodations and Dining Options on Your Bermuda Cruise

Booking a Bermuda cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line means getting many choices for where to stay. You can pick from cozy inside cabins to big suites with their own balconies. This means everyone can find a place to make their cruise special.

If you want the top-notch luxury, suites are the way to go. They have amazing views, beautiful decor, and perks only for those in suites. Imagine waking up to the ocean, then relaxing on your private balcony with a cup of coffee.

Norwegian Cruise Line prides itself on its food variety. The main dining rooms change their offerings often, mixing international dishes with local taste. This way, there’s always something new to try.

For meals that are more laid-back, the buffet is a great spot. Here, you can taste many cuisines from around the globe. You’ll find everything from morning omelets to evening desserts, letting you eat what you like.

Feel like dining in a more special way? Try Norwegian Cruise Line’s specialty restaurants. They offer amazing steaks, seafood, and Italian food. It’s dining at its finest, with great service and flavors that stand out.

If you want a fast meal or a coffee pick-me-up, there are shops and cafes on the ship. They’re perfect for a quick pause in your day.

“The dining options onboard a Bermuda cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line are truly exceptional. From the diverse menus in the main dining rooms to the specialty restaurants offering gourmet cuisine, every meal is a culinary adventure.” – Sarah Thompson, Food Critic

Room service is available for those who want to dine in. Maybe a late-night treat or a breakfast in bed? Your cabin can turn into your own dining spot for a bit of luxury.

Thanks to Norwegian Cruise Line, every meal on your Bermuda cruise can be special. Enjoy great food and make memories you won’t forget.

Cruising to Bermuda Without a Passport

Taking a cruise to Bermuda from NYC is great because you don’t need a passport. U.S. citizens can just use a photo ID and either a birth certificate or enhanced driver’s license. This way, you can visit Bermuda hassle-free even without a passport.

Dreamed of seeing Bermuda’s beauty and culture but don’t have a passport? Don’t worry. You can take a cruise from NYC without any extra travel documents. Norwegian Cruise Line makes it easy to enjoy Bermuda without a passport.

So, if you choose this route, make sure you have the right ID. U.S. citizens need a photo ID and birth certificate or enhanced driver’s license to get in and out of Bermuda. With these, you’re all set to experience Bermuda’s wonders.

Without a passport, you can still relax on Bermuda’s beaches and enjoy its vibrant life. All it takes is the right ID to prove you’re a U.S. citizen. Then, you can fully dive into Bermuda’s charm.

Benefits of Cruising to Bermuda Without a Passport

Cruising to Bermuda without needing a passport has its perks. It’s perfect for those who have no passport or find getting one hard. They can have a great Bermuda vacation without the worry.

This no-passport option is also good for folks who want to stay near home. With cruise ships leaving from NYC, there’s no need to take an international flight to get to Bermuda.

Just bring the right IDs, and you’re all set for your Bermuda adventure. It’s a simple, stress-free way to visit this tropical gem.

Whether you’re out on your first cruise, a couple looking for romance, or a family wanting fun, Bermuda is yours to explore. A cruise without a passport makes it all possible.

cruise to bermuda without a passport

Advantages of Cruising to Bermuda Without a Passport
Convenient travel option for U.S. citizens without a passport
Eliminates the need for international flights
Provides flexibility for individuals who prefer to stay closer to home
Lessens the hassle of obtaining a passport

Preparing for Your Bermuda Cruise

Before you head to Bermuda from NYC by cruise, getting ready is key. Pick a cruise line and trip that you really like. Look into your options wisely. Think about the price, how long it takes, and what your boat will provide. This way, you’ll pick a cruise that fits just right for you.

As you gather your things for the trip, think of comfort and being practical. Bring comfy clothes, swim gear, and sunblock. You’ll want these on the fantastic beaches in Bermuda. Also, pack all needed items and travel papers for a smooth trip.

Think ahead about how you’ll get to the NYC cruise port. If you’re driving or someone’s taking you, plan it early. This prevents any rush at the last moment. Starting your cruise stress-free is the goal.

Plan well and you’ll have a great Bermuda cruise. This way, you can enjoy making memories in the stunning Bermuda.


What are the options for cruises to Bermuda from NYC?

You can start a Bermuda cruise from Boston on Norwegian Gem. Or from New York on ships like Norwegian Joy and Norwegian Prima.

What can I expect to see and do in Bermuda?

In Bermuda, find beautiful beaches, golf, and great food. Visit historic sites. Have fun with family at the beach. Try snorkeling, enjoy spa days, or dance at nightclubs.

Are there any special offers or deals on NYC to Bermuda cruises?

Yes, Norwegian Cruise Line has a great deal now. You get 70% off for a second guest, a free open bar, and more.

Are there shorter cruises available for a quick getaway to Bermuda?

Yes, you can take a short 4-7 day cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line. They even have weekend trips. It’s a quick and fun way to visit Bermuda.

What kind of excursions are available in Bermuda?

There’s a lot to do in Bermuda. You can see shipwrecks, go golfing, or snorkel with catamarans. There are also tours in the Bermuda Triangle.

What types of accommodations and dining options are available on a Bermuda cruise?

Norwegian Cruise Line has many room choices, from basic cabins to luxury suites. Eating is fun with many restaurants to pick from, including casuals and fine dining. They even offer room service.

Can I go on a cruise to Bermuda from NYC without a passport?

Yes, for U.S. citizens, you just need a photo ID and your birth certificate. Or use an enhanced driver’s license. You can do this both ways for your Bermuda cruise.

How should I prepare for my Bermuda cruise?

First, find the right cruise for you. Then, pack wisely with things like clothes and medicines. Don’t forget your travel documents and how you’ll get to the NYC port.

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