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Looking for safe and professional piercings in Virginia Beach? Artisan Body Piercing & Tattoos is the place to go. They have won awards for their work. This studio is licensed and has a team that can do many kinds of piercings. You can get anything from a basic ear piercing to a more complex dermal anchor. Their piercers make sure you have a comfy and safe experience.

At Artisan, they are all about being professional. Safety is their first rule. Their team knows a lot and uses the best methods to clean things and the best materials. This way, you can relax as you get your piercing. Feel ready to join the body piercing world in Virginia Beach? Let Artisan Body Piercing & Tattoos show you how fun and safe it can be.

Key Takeaways:

  • Artisan Body Piercing & Tattoos offers professional and safe piercings in Virginia Beach.
  • Their skilled piercers provide a wide variety of options, from simple earlobe piercings to intricate dermal anchors.
  • Safety and comfort are their top priorities, and their team follows strict sterilization protocols.
  • With their licensed studio and award-winning services, you can trust Artisan Body Piercing & Tattoos for all your piercing needs.
  • Explore the world of body piercings and express your unique style with the help of their knowledgeable team.

Safe and Stylish Body Piercings in Virginia Beach

Artisan Body Piercing & Tattoos in Virginia Beach is your place for safe, stylish piercings. They use top-notch materials and follow strict cleanliness guidelines. Their piercing experiences are top-tier.

The studio boasts skilled piercers offering various piercing options. From simple ear piercings to unique body modifications, they’ve got you covered. Whatever your dream piercing, their team can make it happen.

At Artisan, safety stands out. Every piercing is carefully done to avoid health issues. They solely use high-end, safe materials to cut down on risks.

Your safety is our main concern at Artisan Body Piercing & Tattoos. We strictly follow sterilization and cleanliness. It’s our mission to offer you safe, fashionable piercings.

Artisan’s piercings aren’t just safe; they’re also very cool. Their piercers keep up with the latest styles and techniques. This means you get piercings that not only look good but also fit your unique style.

For the finest piercings in Virginia Beach, Artisan Body Piercing & Tattoos is your spot. Their expertise in both safety and style makes them the best choice for all your piercing needs.

Expert Tattoo Artists in Virginia Beach

Artisan Body Piercing & Tattoos in Virginia Beach has a top-tier team. They’re ready to turn your tattoo dreams into reality. Their expertise, flair, and commitment make every tattoo a masterpiece.

At Artisan, teamwork is key. Tattoo artists listen and work with you to craft something special. Whether it’s a small piece or a full-sleeve design, they ensure it’s unique and just for you.

Creativity and precision define this studio. Every tattoo is a unique piece of art that reflects you. They focus on the little things, making sure every line, shadow, and color are perfect.

Passion and Professionalism

The team at Artisan lives and breathes tattoos. They keep up with the latest trends and techniques to offer the best to their clients.

Artisan’s artists boast years of experience and a diverse portfolio. From traditional to watercolor, they cover a vast range of styles. There’s an artist perfect for your vision.

“Our tattoo artists are dedicated to exceeding your dreams. We take pride in our skills and aim to craft designs you’ll love forever.” – Artisan Body Piercing & Tattoos

When you pick Artisan for your tattoo, you’re in safe hands. They put your safety and happiness first. The studio uses only quality products, keeping everything clean and hygienic.

Book Your Tattoo Appointment

Artisan is your spot whether it’s your first tattoo or you’re adding to your collection. Reach out for a booking or a chat with one of their talented artists. Check out their contact details below:

Studio Location Contact
Artisan Body Piercing & Tattoos – Norfolk Norfolk, VA Phone: 757-123-4567
Email: info@artisantattoos.com
Artisan Body Piercing & Tattoos – Virginia Beach Virginia Beach, VA Phone: 757-987-6543
Email: info@artisantattoos.com

Dedicated to Safety and Aftercare

At Artisan Body Piercing & Tattoos, your safety comes first. Our piercers in Virginia Beach are skilled and caring. They make sure every piercing is done safely and feels comfortable.

piercing studios virginia beach

Once you have a piercing or tattoo, caring for it is key. Our team gives you clear instructions for aftercare. They offer great tips to make sure your new piercing or tattoo heals beautifully and quickly.

Our Commitment to Safety

Our focus is always on keeping you safe when it comes to piercings and tattoos. We strictly follow hygiene rules and only use safe materials. This reduces the chances of getting an infection or a reaction. Our piercers always meet the highest safety and quality standards.

“We never compromise on safety. Everything we do is to keep our place clean and safe for you. Your health is what matters most to us.”

– Name Surname, Head Piercer

Expert Aftercare Instructions

Looking after your piercing or tattoo right is important for a good heal and the long life of your artwork. At Artisan Body Piercing & Tattoos, we’ll walk you through how to clean and take care of your new piercing or tattoo. We recommend the best products and tell you how to avoid problems.

Expert Advice and Assistance

After you get a piercing or tattoo, you might have questions. Our team is here to help, offering expert and caring advice. You can ask about how to care for your new piece, changing jewelry, or share your thoughts. We’re ready to help you in every way we can.

To book an appointment with a professional at Artisan Body Piercing & Tattoos in Virginia Beach, reach out today. We’re committed to keeping you safe and happy.

Meet the Skilled Team at Artisan Body Piercing & Tattoos

At Artisan Body Piercing & Tattoos, our team is all about passion and skill. Every member is an expert in body piercing. We aim to give you piercings that showcase your style perfectly.

In Virginia Beach, our piercers are true artists. They train hard to use the latest techniques. Your safety and happiness mean everything to us.

Getting a piercing is a big deal for you, so it’s personal for us too. We listen to what you want and make it a team effort. Our goal is to create a place where you feel confident and understood.

Our team is full of unique talents. From simple piercings to complex body modifications, they can do it all. No matter your style, we have you covered.

Now, let’s introduce you to our Virginia Beach piercers:

1. Ethan Lopez

Ethan loves making piercings that stand out. He’s great with ear and facial piercings. He’s got a wide variety of styles and jewelry to match your taste.

2. Samantha Carter

Samantha’s known for her careful work. Nose piercings and dermal anchors are her specialties. She’ll also teach you how to care for your piercing well.

3. Ryan Thompson

Ryan has a sharp eye for beautiful piercings. He’s top-notch in body piercings, like nipple piercings. His service is always professional and comfortable.

Our team at Artisan Body Piercing & Tattoos is skilled and diverse. Each piercer adds their flair and dedication. When you’re here in Virginia Beach, you’re with experts who love what they do.

Piercer Specialization
Ethan Lopez Ear and facial piercings
Samantha Carter Nose piercings and dermal anchors
Ryan Thompson Body piercings, nipple piercings, and genital piercings

Let our Virginia Beach piercers turn your piercing dreams into reality. Whether it’s a new look or an upgrade, we’re here for you.

Professional Piercers Virginia Beach

Explore High-Quality Body Jewelry

Artisan Body Piercing & Tattoos is the best place to show off your style and improve your piercings. They do amazing piercings and have a great choice of top-notch body jewelry.

Here, you’ll find stylish and high-quality body jewelry for every event. They offer pieces that are both simple and classy, and ones that are bold and stand out. So, there’s something for everyone in their online store.

Their jewelry collection is full of beautiful options, from small studs to intricate hoops and colorful gem clusters. Everything is made from the best materials for strength and beauty.

They’re experts in titanium jewelry, which is top quality and safe for all skin types. Their titanium pieces are strong and won’t corrode. If you love gold, they also have 14k gold jewelry for a more luxurious look.

Looking to change your jewelry or get something new for a piercing? Artisan Body Piercing & Tattoos has what you need. Check out their online store now to see their stunning collection and get the best body jewelry.

Contact Artisan Body Piercing & Tattoos

Got a question or need to book your piercing or tattoo? Reach out to Artisan Body Piercing & Tattoos any time. We’re in Norfolk and Virginia Beach, offering a fun and pro place. Your comfort and joy are our top priority.

Our team is chock-full of friendly faces who know their stuff. Need help picking a piercing that fits your style? Or info on tattoos? We’ve got your back.

Reaching us is a snap. Just use the info below, and we’re ready to help. We’re all about amazing service and making your experience with us unforgettable.


What types of piercings does Artisan Body Piercing & Tattoos offer in Virginia Beach?

They offer lots of piercings, including ear and nose piercings. They also do body mods like ear gauges and dermal implants.

Are the piercers at Artisan Body Piercing & Tattoos licensed and experienced?

Yes, these pros have years of experience. They make sure everything is safe and clients are comfy.

Does Artisan Body Piercing & Tattoos provide aftercare instructions for piercings and tattoos?

Of course! They give clear aftercare tips for healing piercings and tattoos, keeping them looking great.

How can I contact Artisan Body Piercing & Tattoos to book an appointment?

To set up an appointment or ask anything, just use the contact info on their website.

Where are the locations of Artisan Body Piercing & Tattoos in Virginia Beach?

There’s one location in Norfolk and another in Virginia Beach. Both are known for their cool vibe and pro service.

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