St Beach Florida: Discover Paradise on Florida’s Coast

st beach florida

Welcome to St Beach Florida, a hidden gem on the Gulf Coast. Are you ready to find out what makes this place special? Yes, it has stunning beaches but also a lively culture. Plus, it’s close to St Petersburg Beach and Clearwater Beach. Excited to explore St Beach Florida with me?

Key Takeaways:

  • St Beach Florida is a hidden gem on the Gulf Coast.
  • The destination offers more than just beautiful beaches.
  • St Petersburg Beach and Clearwater Beach are nearby.
  • Discover the vibrant culture of St Beach Florida.
  • Prepare to be amazed at the wonders this coastal haven has to offer.

Explore Naples, Marco Island, and Everglades City

St Beach Florida is beautiful, but Naples, Marco Island, and Everglades City have their own charms. Each place offers something special, from beautiful beaches to unique experiences. These areas show off the stunning diversity of the region.

Naples: Palm-lined Streets and Breathtaking Beaches

Naples shines with its classy feel, with palm trees, fancy shops, and a vibrant art scene. You can visit many art galleries to see different artistic styles. Naples Beach is famous for its clear waters and soft sand. A walk on Naples Pier offers amazing views of the coast.

Marco Island: Nature’s Paradise

Marco Island is perfect for those who love nature and peace. This island has various natural spots, like mangroves, beaches, and forests. You can do fun activities like kayaking and fishing. Tigertail Beach has lots of beautiful seashells. Also, don’t miss the chance to visit the Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge to see lots of wildlife.

Everglades City: A Haven for Nature Enthusiasts

Everglades City is a must-visit for nature lovers. This town is right by the Everglades, home to unique ecosystems. Go to the Everglades National Park to see the marshes and wildlife on an airboat. Also, learn about the area’s culture and history. And be sure to taste the fresh stone crab claws, a local culinary favorite.

These three spots – Naples, Marco Island, and Everglades City – are full of wonders to enjoy the Gulf Coast’s nature, art, and culture.

Naples, Marco Island, and Everglades City

Keep exploring the beauty of St Beach Florida and its nearby areas in the next parts…

Discover Immokalee and Ave Maria

Want to see something different? Check out Immokalee and Ave Maria. Immokalee is in Collier County and is a big farming hub. It shows Florida’s farming history. Visit downtown for tasty Mexican food that represents the local mix of flavors.

Immokalee and Ave Maria

For those who love fishing, Lake Trafford in Immokalee is perfect. The lake is calm and has lots of fish. It’s great for all skill levels, from beginners to pros.

In contrast, Ave Maria is planned for a new kind of small town living. It’s also home to Ave Maria University. This community is full of life, education, and events. Festivals and markets fill the calendar, offering a chance to experience local culture and meet new people.

Experience Upham Beach in St Pete Beach

Upham Beach in St Pete Beach is a top pick for many. It’s got calm waters and soft white sand. Plus, it’s perfect for relaxing, swimming, and watching beautiful sunsets. There’s a jetty nearby that makes small water play areas for kids. And, some parts of the beach have big rocks to help against erosion.

“Upham Beach offers a laid-back atmosphere perfect for lounging, swimming, and enjoying epic sunsets.”

Relax and Unwind

Upham Beach is a peaceful spot in St Pete Beach. The waters are calm, great for swimming or just wading. It’s a wonderful place for everyone to enjoy the sea.

Amenities and Activities

At Upham Beach, there’s everything you need for a great day out. You can pick a spot to picnic or relax in the shade. There are picnic tables, restrooms, and outdoor showers for your convenience.

It’s also a fun place for sports like beach volleyball. You can easily rent kayaks, paddleboards, or try parasailing nearby.

Upham Beach’s Natural Beauty

The jetty at Upham Beach creates little pools along the shore. These shallow spots are perfect for kids or anyone who wants a calm swim. And, the jetty sets a beautiful scene for evening strolls.

“Upham Beach offers a range of amenities to enhance your beach experience.”

Preserving the Beach Ecosystem

Upham Beach works hard to protect its beauty. It uses rocks to protect the beach and its plants and animals. This effort helps keep Upham Beach beautiful and healthy for all to enjoy.

Plan Your Visit to Upham Beach

Thinking of a beach day? Upham Beach in St Pete Beach is a great choice. Don’t forget your beach gear and sunscreen. Get ready for a fantastic time at this lovely spot.

On and Near Upham Beach

Upham Beach in St. Pete Beach is full of amenities that make your beach visit better. You can find everything from tasty food to places to relax. It’s a one-stop spot for your beach outing.

The star of Upham Beach is the Paradise Grill. This beachside eatery offers delicious food and cool drinks. It’s the perfect place to sit, enjoy the view, and have a great meal with a side of the ocean breeze.

For those who love a picnic, Upham Beach has picnic tables. You can bring your own food or grab something from Paradise Grill. It’s an ideal place to have a meal or chill out under the palms.

Restrooms at Upham Beach are clean and well-kept. This ensures a comfy visit. There are also showers to clean off the sea and sand before you continue to have fun.

Keep in mind, there are no lifeguards at Upham Beach. But, safety flags help you know the water’s conditions. Always be careful when you go into the water and know your swimming abilities well.

Upham Beach is working to welcome all, including those with mobility issues. They have ADA parking to make beach access easier. Plus, one beach wheelchair is available for those who need it.

Lastly, parking can be tough to find, especially on the weekends and holidays. Consider arriving early. Or maybe use other ways to get there to avoid any parking hassles.

Upham Beach Facilities Overview

Facilities Availability
Paradise Grill Available
Picnic Tables Available
Restrooms Available
Showers Available
Lifeguards Not available
ADA Parking Available
Beach Wheelchair Available (first-come, first-served)
Parking Fills up quickly on weekends and holidays

Plan Your St Beach Florida Escape

Looking for the ultimate beach vacation spot? St. Beach Florida is a great choice. It has a beautiful coast, sunny days, and a lively vibe, perfect for a memorable trip.

When planning your St. Beach Florida trip, start with where you’ll stay. You’ll find many options in St. Petersburg Beach. There are top-notch resorts and cozy hotels with direct beach access. You can pick from luxurious beachfront places to smaller, elegant spots, fitting any budget.

St. Beach Florida is also a good start for exploring nearby Clearwater Beach and St. Petersburg’s best spots. These places offer clean, white sands, clear water, and a lot of water activities. It’s great for sun lovers, surfers, and those who enjoy nature.

So, whether you want to relax on the beach or have an adventure on the Gulf Coast, St. Beach Florida is perfect. It has many places to stay, close to other beautiful beaches. Plus, it offers a welcoming vibe. This makes it an ideal choice for your next beach trip in Florida.


What makes St Beach Florida a great vacation destination?

St Beach Florida is loved for its beautiful sandy shores. It has a lively culture. And it’s close to places like St Petersburg Beach and Clearwater Beach.

What are some nearby attractions to explore around St Beach Florida?

You can visit Naples, Marco Island, and Everglades City. They have cool stuff like art galleries, beautiful beaches, and unique wildlife areas. Plus, you must try their tasty stone crab claws.

What are some interesting inland communities near St Beach Florida?

Immokalee has a big agriculture scene and tasty Mexican food. It’s also a good spot for fishing at Lake Trafford. Ave Maria is a planned town with lots of events and home to a university.

What are the highlights of Upham Beach in St Pete Beach?

Upham Beach in St Pete Beach has calm waters and soft, white sand. It’s got great facilities and amazing sunsets. The jetty makes fun lagoons for kids, and there are areas with rocks to help the beach stay strong.

What amenities are available at Upham Beach?

At Upham Beach, you can enjoy the Paradise Grill for food and drinks. There are also picnic tables, restrooms, and showers. If you need special parking or a beach wheelchair, they have that too. Just know there are no lifeguards.

Where can I find accommodation options near St Beach Florida?

St Petersburg Beach has many great resorts and hotels. You can also look around Clearwater Beach and find the top spots near St Petersburg for more choices.

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