Top Christmas Destinations in Florida: A 2023 Guide

places to go for christmas in florida

When you think of a traditional Christmas, Florida might not immediately pop into your mind. However, it has some amazing holiday celebrations. The state is known for its stunning light displays and unique events. It offers a special Christmas experience with plenty of sunshine and swaying palm trees. Let’s discover the top Christmas places in Florida!

Key Takeaways:

  • Florida has several top Christmas destinations that offer festive lights and unique celebrations.
  • St. Augustine’s “Nights of Lights” display transforms the city into a magical wonderland.
  • Clearwater hosts an annual “Holiday Lighted Boat Parade” that offers a nautical twist to holiday celebrations.
  • Christmas, Florida, may be a small town, but it offers a quirky and festive experience.
  • Mount Dora provides a picturesque and charming Christmas experience with its captivating light displays.
  • Orlando’s theme parks, including Disney World, offer extravagant holiday celebrations and exclusive attractions.
  • Miami embraces the Christmas spirit with Santa’s Enchanted Forest, the world’s largest holiday theme park.

St. Augustine lights up the town

St. Augustine shines bright during Christmas celebrations in Florida. Its “Nights of Lights” show turns the town into a stunning wonderland. People from all over the state come to see it.

The town sparkles with over 3 million lights. This dazzling display will amaze you as you walk through the streets. It’s a perfect way to feel the holiday cheer.

The event offers many fun things to do. You can take a carriage ride, a boat tour, or a walking tour. These activities show you around and share the city’s history.

St. Augustine’s Spanish history makes its Christmas unique. It combines old Spanish-style buildings with festive decorations. This blend makes for a special and magical experience.

If you’re looking for Christmas magic, come to St. Augustine. The “Nights of Lights” will light up your spirit and create unforgettable memories.

Clearwater has an electric light boat parade

Looking for a unique Christmas escape in sunny Florida? Visit Clearwater’s “Holiday Lighted Boat Parade.” It’s a stunning event where boats light up the night, making the sea sparkle.

This parade adds a special touch to the season. Imagine boats covered in lights sailing by while you stand on the shore. It’s a magical scene that’s hard to forget.

The Clearwater parade is known for its lively mood and beautiful decorations. Everything from the lights to the music fills the air with joy. It’s an experience that will stay in your heart.

Clearwater provides more than just a boat parade. You can walk on the beach or visit the town full of holiday cheer. There’s so much to enjoy and celebrate.

So, come to Clearwater for a warm and joyous holiday break. It’s a refreshing way to celebrate Christmas in Florida, far from the winter cold.

Christmas, Florida. There you go.

Looking for a unique Christmas experience? Consider visiting Christmas, Florida. This small town sits between Orlando and Titusville. It’s known for the largest alligator-shaped building and offers special Christmas postmarks. You can see a giant decorated tree and enjoy the festive vibe.

Are you tired of the same old holiday spots? Christmas, Florida might be what you need. It’s a charming town in the Sunshine State. Here, you can have a Christmas like no other.

The town’s alligator building is a must-see. It looks just like a real gator, with scales, teeth, and a tail. See it up close and take photos. It’s a fun way to start your holiday cheer.

Christmas, Florida has a unique post office too. It gives out special Christmas postmarks. Send your cards from here to share some Florida cheer with loved ones.

Be sure to visit the massive tree in the town center. It’s filled with lights and ornaments. This tree symbolizes the holiday spirit in Christmas, Florida. Enjoy the warm weather as you celebrate.

Christmas, Florida is perfect for both locals and visitors. It’s a place full of quirky holiday delights. Explore the town and make memories that last.

Mount Dora, lit up and picture-perfect

Step into a magical Christmas world in Mount Dora, Florida. It’s recognized as one of Florida’s finest Christmas spots. This small town is lively during the holidays, all thanks to its “Light Up Mount Dora” event.

At the event, more than two million lights shine, turning the town into a fairy tale. You can enjoy the view of a 40-foot Christmas tree and many other beautifully decorated scenes. It truly feels like winter wonderland down south.

But, there’s more to it than just lights and decorations. Holiday shows and concerts add to the cheer. They promise to get you in a jolly mood, with something for every taste.

Strolling through the town reveals unique shops and galleries. They hold the perfect gifts for your dear ones. Don’t forget to enjoy the view of Lake Dora, adding an extra sprinkle of magic.

For anyone dreaming of a Hallmark movie scene, Mount Dora is a must-visit. Its charm, vibrant feel, and welcoming spirit help make joyful holiday memories.

best christmas destinations in Florida

Plan your visit to Mount Dora:

Things to Do in Mount Dora: Where to Stay: Where to Eat:
1. Explore the charming shops and art galleries 1. Lakeside Inn 1. The Goblin Kitchen
2. Attend a holiday performance or concert 2. Mount Dora Historic Inn 2. Piglet’s Pantry
3. Take a scenic boat tour on Lake Dora 3. Inn On The Green 3. The Windsor Rose Tea Room
4. Enjoy outdoor activities at Mount Dora’s parks 4. Mount Dora Cottages 4. Magical Meat Boutique

Don’t miss Mount Dora’s holiday magic. Start planning your visit now. This Florida gem awaits, promising cherished Christmas memories.

Orlando: This Mouse is stirring

Orlando shines during the holidays, especially with Disney World’s magic. It’s a top pick for Christmas in Florida. At Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party, you’ll enjoy special attractions, shows, and magical moments in the heart of the Magic Kingdom. Every corner is filled with joy, from dazzling decorations to fun parades.

“Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is the perfect place to create lasting memories with your loved ones during the holiday season. The combination of thrilling attractions and festive entertainment is truly enchanting.” – Mary Thompson, Travel Expert

Disney World isn’t the only place celebrating. Other parks like Universal Studios and SeaWorld also join the fun. Universal’s “Holiday Spectacular” includes amazing shows and a magical parade. SeaWorld’s “Christmas Celebration” turns into a winter wonderland, where you can ice skate, watch shows, and meet Rudolph and Santa.

Experience the Festive Atmosphere of Orlando

Orlando gets truly special during Christmas. The whole city lights up with joy – from stunning lights to fun markets and events. Walking through Celebration’s streets or enjoying a holiday concert brings the season’s magic to you. You can even dine at themed restaurants outdoors because of Orlando’s warm winter weather.

Orlando is famous for its parks, but it also has a lively nightlife and great shopping. Don’t forget to see the Orlando Eye or do some holiday shopping at the outlets. With so much to offer, it’s a perfect place for a Florida Christmas trip.

Orlando Highlights Reasons to Visit
Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party An exclusive holiday experience at Disney World
Universal Studios Holiday Spectacular Dazzling shows, parades, and lights
SeaWorld’s Christmas Celebration Meet Rudolph, Santa Claus, and enjoy festive shows
Explore the charming streets of Celebration Experience the enchantment of a picture-perfect holiday town
Enjoy holiday concerts and events Immerse yourself in the festive spirit
Go shopping at the outlets Find the perfect gifts for your loved ones

If you want to spend Christmas with Disney magic or in a festive setting, Orlando is ideal. Plan a trip and create memories you’ll cherish forever.

Miami went full Christmas theme park

Miami may be warm, but it shines with Santa’s Enchanted Forest, the biggest holiday theme park. It has over 100 attractions and light displays. This park is a must-see for the season. From exciting rides to classics like the merry-go-round, it has something for all. Don’t miss the Ferris wheel, offering a fantastic view of the park’s decorations.

There’s more than Santa’s Enchanted Forest in Miami for the holidays. If you love live shows, check out the many concerts around the city. Miami has everything from jazz to symphony orchestras. It’s a great way to enjoy the Christmas vibe.

“Miami embraces the Christmas spirit with its vibrant celebrations. The city comes alive with colorful lights, beautifully decorated palm trees, and the aroma of holiday treats filling the air. It’s a magical time to explore Miami and experience the unique holiday traditions that make it one of the top Christmas vacation spots in Florida.” – Local Miami Resident

Looking for outdoor fun? Go to Zoo Miami for Zoo Lights. This event turns the zoo into a magical wonderland. From lit-up animal sculptures to fun light displays, it’s a magical experience for all.

Explore the Vibrant Celebrations

Miami may not have snow, but it blooms with festive joy. Its celebrations reflect a mix of cultures, making it special. You can see unique Christmas events across the city.

So, enjoy the warmth and Christmas in Miami. Visit Santa’s Enchanted Forest, go to a concert, or walk around the lit-up city. Miami’s Christmas experience is truly unmatched.

top christmas vacation spots in florida

Activities Location Details
Santa’s Enchanted Forest Tropical Park Over 100 attractions, rides, games, and light displays
Festive Concerts Various locations Enjoy live music performances that capture the holiday spirit
Zoo Lights Zoo Miami Experience the magical display of lights at the zoo

Key West’s Christmas party lasts a month, because Key West

Key West is the ideal spot for a Florida-style Christmas. It hosts a month-long celebration— the Key West Holiday Fest. This event is packed with parades, bright light displays, and a special Walk of Lights. It gives visitors a chance to bask in the sun on the beach and check out the town’s year-round attractions.

The Key West Holiday Fest brings the whole town to life with its cheerful spirit. There are big parades and dazzling light shows for people of all ages. Don’t miss the Walk of Lights, where you can see incredible Christmas decorations.

Key West might not have snow, but its warm climate makes for a magical Christmas experience. Enjoy your time on the beach, eat tasty seafood, and relax in the island’s calm atmosphere. The town’s Christmas celebration lasts for a full month. That means more time to enjoy the festive vibes.


What are some top Christmas destinations in Florida?

Top Christmas spots include St. Augustine, Clearwater, and Christmas, Florida. You’ll also love Mount Dora, Orlando, Miami, and Key West.

What makes St. Augustine a must-visit Christmas attraction in Florida?

St. Augustine lights up with “Nights of Lights,” featuring 3 million twinkling lights. Its Spanish roots make Christmas extra special.

What unique Christmas event does Clearwater offer?

Clearwater’s standout is the “Holiday Lighted Boat Parade.” Imagine boats covered in lights on the water, it’s magical.

What can visitors expect in Christmas, Florida during the holiday season?

In Christmas, Florida, the main draws are its giant alligator building and themed post office. A big tree and charming town atmosphere complete the scene.

Why is Mount Dora a picture-perfect Christmas destination?

Mount Dora shines with two million lights and a huge Christmas tree. You’ll find antique shops, art, and beautiful lake views to complete your visit.

What special Christmas events can be found in Orlando?

Orlando’s Disney World has Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. It’s full of unique shows and fun attractions. Universal Studios and SeaWorld also join in with their special holiday events.

How does Miami celebrate Christmas despite the warm temperatures?

Miami celebrates with Santa’s Enchanted Forest, the world’s largest holiday park. It’s packed with fun and there’s also ice skating and Zoo Lights to see.

What makes Key West’s Christmas celebration unique?

Key West’s celebration lasts a month, with parades and a Walk of Lights. It’s a beachy, yet festive, experience unlike any other.

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