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travel solo female travel bloggers to follow

Among the leading female travel bloggers, the average number of countries visited is over 75. This shows their endless spirit and love for adventure. These women aren’t just finding themselves on their trips. They’re also inspiring many through their stories and travel tips.

These bloggers have explored almost every continent. They’ve written about their adventures everywhere, from busy streets in Central America to quiet spots in Tasmania. By sharing their itineraries and tips, they’ve become go-to guides for solo travelers.

These bloggers show that solo travel can be safe and life-changing. They recommend places like Rome and Thailand for their solo-friendly vibes and beautiful sights. Their advice helps women travel alone with confidence, knowing they have a supportive community.

Key Takeaways

  • The average number of countries visited by top solo female travel bloggers is over 75.
  • Popular destinations for solo female travelers include Rome, Edinburgh, Paris, Thailand, and Tulum.
  • These bloggers emphasize the empowering and life-changing nature of solo female travel.
  • They offer invaluable tips on wild camping, road trips, van life, and music festivals.
  • Safety tips for solo female travelers include sharing itineraries and staying cautious while traveling.

Prepare to be amazed by the stories and advice of these solo female travel bloggers. Their journeys and wisdom will encourage you to embark on your own adventures. Let’s explore the wisdom of these influential women.

Adventurous Kate

Adventurous Kate is a key name in female travel blogging, all thanks to Kate McCulley. She’s got over ten years of solo travel under her belt, exploring 80 countries by herself. This makes her a go-to for those wanting to pave their way through the world solo, and she’s always sharing her amazing stories.

Kate McCulley inspirational adventures

About Adventurous Kate

Since 2010, Kate McCulley’s blog has been a hub for showing women the ropes of solo travel. Her site is packed with guides, tips, and advice, all to make sure solo female travelers are safe and inspired. She has posts like “Top 10 Travel Safety Tips for Women,” showing her dedication to women’s safety when exploring the globe.

Social Media Following

Kate’s huge following shows how much the travel community values her. They love her for her trustworthy advice and real-life stories shared not only on the blog but also on Instagram and Twitter. You’ll often see her with her famous scarf that hides a pocket for her passport, a must-have for smart solo travelers.

What to Expect

At Adventurous Kate, there’s something for every traveler. McCulley dives into travel wisdom and her own experiences, which many readers find moving. She talks about her time in the Balkans, with visits to Croatia and Bosnia, and also about daring events like snorkeling in Iceland.

Moreover, Kate McCulley is big on being ready for your journey. She wants her readers all set before they take off, talking about safety, unique spots like the Phallological Museum, and the highs and lows of long-term solo travel. She always aims to inform and entertain with her captivating stories.

The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad mixes travel, fashion, and lifestyle. It’s run by Kiersten Rich, a beacon for solo female travel bloggers. Her blog is famous for its travel tips, saving money advice, and detailed packing guides. They encourage women to see the world by themselves. Her writing is full of fun stories and useful tips, bringing in a big group of readers.

Destination Safety Rating Highlights
Iceland Safest Natural Beauty, Friendly Locals
Southeast Asia Popular Budget-Friendly, Backpackers’ Paradise
New Zealand Easy Excellent Infrastructure, Scenic Landscapes
Tokyo, Japan Safe Efficient Public Transportation
Western & Central Europe Extremely Safe Cultural Heritage, Safe Environment
Canada Low Crime Diverse Cultural Experiences
South Africa Affordable Safe public transport in Cape Town
Peru Amazing Well-connected Public Transportation
Mozambique Popular Unique Scuba Diving Opportunities
Panama Suitable Scuba Diving, Surfing

Kiersten Rich does more than just share travel tips. She helps her readers with gear suggestions too. If you’re new, the Fujifilm X-T30 is great. Advanced users may like the Fujifilm X-T4. For adventures, try the GoPro HERO Black. To improve your photos, a compact tripod and the Lexar Professional 2000x 64GB SDXC UHS-II/U3 SD card are smart. Keeping all this safe is easy with the Runner Camera Backpack by Brevite, a favorite among solo female bloggers.

Young Adventuress

Liz Carlson is well-known for her blog, Young Adventuress. She’s a solo travel expert inspiring women worldwide. Liz started in Spain and has since explored the world, sharing her adventures online.

The Journey of Young Adventuress

It all began with Liz’s move to Spain, igniting her love for adventure. She shares humorous stories and awe-inspiring sights from her travels. Liz has truly shown the power of solo exploration for women.

solo travel bloggers

Social Media Following

The Young Adventuress blog has a strong following, with 45.5K on Facebook, 14.1K on Twitter, and 212.3K on Instagram. Liz Carlson stands out among other solo travel bloggers with her impressive domain authority of 60. This reflects her leadership in the female travel blogging world.

Content Focus

Young Adventuress offers a mix of travel tales, from funny stories to stunning views. Liz’s posts are filled with deep insights and relatable moments. Her blog has been going strong since 2010, publishing 7 posts each quarter.

This blog truly embodies the spirit of solo female travel. It’s an amazing resource, encouraging women to explore the world on their terms.

World of Wanderlust

Brooke Saward from Australia has made a name for herself with World of Wanderlust. It’s a blog for women traveling alone, full of stories, guides, and tips. Brooke’s honest tales and smart advice have won her lots of readers.

The article “Top Solo Female Travel Bloggers to Follow” features 25 solo women bloggers. They cover everything from facing fears to managing travel and personal life. Each shares a unique view of travel, from India to the UK.

Brooke stands out as a key voice for women travelers. Her blog connects readers to other solo female bloggers for insightful tips and stories. These bloggers cover trips across the globe, focusing on both famous and hidden spots.

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself.” — David Mitchell

The mentioned bloggers come from many places, such as the USA, Canada, and Spain. They’ve been sharing their adventures for years, offering rich content. For instance, one has 25 years of travel tales, and another has explored the world for 13 years.

They cover a wide area, from culture and luxury travel to food and responsible tourism. Their writing, along with beautiful photos, is solo traveller inspiration. They also give handy tips for safe and enjoyable travels.

Solo Female Traveler Specialization Years of Experience
Brooke Saward Travel Guides, Personal Narratives 10
Kiersten Rich Fashion, Budget-Friendly Travel 13
Liz Carlson Scenic Escapades, Local Culture 12
Other Bloggers Various Specializations Varies (up to 25 years)

Visiting blogs like Brooke Saward’s can offer great tips and inspiration. Each blogger brings a fresh perspective and valuable advice for safe, exciting solo trips.

Travel Solo Female Travel Bloggers to Follow

Claudia Tavani and Sarah Gillespie stand out in the world of solo female travel bloggers. Claudia, behind My Adventures Across The World, has visited nearly 50 countries over a decade. Her blog is full of itineraries and travel tips, making it a great place for real travel stories. She spent a lot of time in Australia and traveled across Central America, Asia, and Europe. Claudia doesn’t just travel the world; she also highlights her home, Sardinia, through her blog Strictly Sardinia.

Sarah Gillespie, from Scotland, started, focused on cruelty-free travel. From starting her blog in Thailand on Tumblr, her journey showcases eco-friendly stays and places to eat. Going from vegetarian to vegan, Sarah shows sustainable travel can be affordable. She inspires others to choose a cruelty-free life while exploring the world.

Claudia and Sarah make up a strong group in the female travel blogging world. They share insights from off-the-beaten-path spots to well-known places, guiding independent travelers. As leaders, they motivate more women to start their own travel adventures. They show that solos travel is both achievable and exciting.


Who are some must-follow solo female travel bloggers?

Looking for awesome solo travel inspo? Check Kate McCulley out at Adventurous Kate. Then, find Kiersten Rich at The Blonde Abroad, Liz Carlson at Young Adventuress, and Brooke Saward at World of Wanderlust. They’ll make you want to pack your bags with their amazing stories, tips, and journeys.

What is Adventurous Kate known for?

A: Adventurous Kate is all about real stories and bold adventures, thanks to Kate McCulley. She tells you about cool places, shares personal tales, and gives safety advice for going solo. Kate also has a big online fan base, showing how much she’s respected in the travel world.

How does The Blonde Abroad inspire solo female travelers?

A: The Blonde Abroad, run by Kiersten Rich, mixes travel with fashion and lifestyle. It’s won awards for great insights, easy-on-the-wallet tips, and what to pack. Kiersten’s lively stories and wise tips help make traveling alone exciting and easy for women around the globe.

What kind of content can you expect from Young Adventuress?

Liz Carlson’s blog, Young Adventuress, is full of funny, scenic, and touching travel tales. It all started with a move to Spain and now she’s exploring everywhere. Her blog is a great read, showing the beauty of traveling alone through fun stories and pictures.

What makes World of Wanderlust unique among solo female travel blogs?

A: World of Wanderlust by Brooke Saward melds awe with handy travel info for solo women. You’ll find cool stories, guides for going alone, and practical advice. Brooke’s simple, unique stories have won a big fan base and lots of respect in the travel blog scene.

Why should you follow solo female travel bloggers?

Thinking about traveling solo? Following bloggers like these is a gold mine for smart and safe trips. They encourage solo adventures, help with picking places, staying safe, and money matters. Together, they’ve built a welcoming community focused on empowering women to see the world alone.

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