Top Travel Apps for Female Travelers 2023

best travel apps for female travelers

Did you know that many women dream of traveling alone? 74% want to, but 80% worry about safety, costs, and being lonely. This shows the big need for tools that can help solo travel be safer and more doable. The best travel apps for women in 2023 are here to help.

More women are traveling solo, making apps for safety and ease more wanted. In 2023, we have several new travel apps just for women. These apps help with lots of travel needs, such as finding a supportive community or staying safe in places to stay and when getting around.

A well-loved app for tracking travel costs, Trail Wallet, is no longer around. This has led women to try new apps like TravelSpend on iOS and Android. They’re finding that apps like Splittr and Splitwise are great for sharing expenses when in groups.

Other must-have travel apps include XE Currency for changing money easily and Get Your Guide for booking fun tours. Hopper helps predict flight prices. TripIt organizes travel plans. Duolingo makes learning new languages fun.’s app makes finding stays easy. And for the airport, FLIO has important information, Lounge Buddy offers lounge access deals, and Google Maps helps navigate.

These 2023 apps are making travel better for female adventurers. They’re addressing big worries and helping women travel alone with confidence.

Key Takeaways

  • 74% of women dream of traveling alone, but 80% are hesitant due to safety concerns, costs, and loneliness.
  • 90% of women report increased independence and confidence after traveling solo.
  • 25 smartphone travel apps are recommended for female travelers in 2023, including expense trackers, currency converters, and navigation tools.
  • Apps like TripIt and Hopper make itinerary management and flight booking easier and more efficient.
  • Language barriers are minimized with the help of Duolingo, a popular language learning app.

NomadHer: Empowering Women Through Safe Travel

Many women wish to travel alone, but most feel scared because of safety and other concerns. NomadHer is changing that. It’s an app made for women who want to see the world by themselves but still be safe and happy.

female empowerment travel

Features and Benefits of NomadHer

NomadHer helps solo female travelers feel safe and connected. It features events in different languages, like Korean, English, and French. The community is growing to welcome more languages. This helps women travelers to meet others and share their adventures.

The app is all about keeping your information private and secure while you travel. It ensures that your details, like location and contacts, stay safe. So, you can enjoy your trips without worry.

User Experiences with NomadHer

Users really like NomadHer. It’s got a high rating of 4.5 stars from over 400 reviews. Many mentions how it made them feel more confident during their solo trips. They love the app’s events that bring travelers together, saying it feels like a family.

Yet, some have commented on problems they faced with the app’s verification process. They suggest the app work on better ways to prove its users are real. Despite this, many women find NomadHer very useful. It helps them share tips and stories, making travel seem less scary.

Statistic Data
Women dreaming of traveling alone 74%
Independence and confidence gained after traveling alone 90%
Hesitant due to safety, cost, and loneliness 80%
Languages supported (Korean, English, French) Yes
App rating 4.5 stars
Last update June 3, 2024 Essential Offline Navigation

In today’s world, we expect to always be online. For travelers, including those journeying alone, a lost internet connection can spell danger. This is why offline maps are so important. They ensure safety and reliability during travels, even without constant internet access.

reliable offline maps

Why Offline Maps Are Crucial is a well-loved app for offline maps by 140 million people. It’s especially cherished by those traveling alone. This app allows you to download up to 10 maps at once without any cost. That way, you can explore without the worry of losing your connection.

Additional Features of isn’t just about maps; it’s filled with fantastic features for everyone. It has travel guides for hundreds of places, providing the best routes. You can travel by car, foot, or bike. Plus, maps are constantly updated by a big community, ensuring they’re always current.

The latest version, 15.8.0, brought new additions like travel guides and traffic updates. There is also a Hub section for amazing travel deals. Remember, keeping the GPS on all the time can drain your battery fast, even though the app itself is free.

This app also lets you book hotels through With no ads to bother you, it offers smooth navigation. This makes it a top choice for women travelers.

However, it’s important to know the developer, MAPS.ME (CYPRUS) LIMITED, collects data like your location and purchases. Make sure to read their privacy policy before using the app.

  1. Free with No Ads: Available globally, making it an essential offline maps app.
  2. Travel Guides: Hundreds of user-contributed travel guides for numerous destinations.
  3. Compatibility: Navigation options for driving, walking, and cycling.
  4. Daily Map Updates: Maintained by millions of OpenStreetMap contributors.
  5. Latest Updates: Version 15.8.0 includes up-to-date traffic alerts and a new Hub section.
  6. Hotel Bookings: Access to for hotel reservations.
  7. Accessibility: Can download up to 10 maps at a time in the unpaid version.

Flush: Finding Nearest Restrooms on the Go

The Flush app is perfect for travelers who need easy ways to find restrooms. It’s a top choice for those who worry about where the closest one is. This is especially helpful for women traveling alone, focusing on places that are accessible and safe.

This app has info on over 190,000 places to go. That means finding a restroom is simple in any place, whether it’s a city or the countryside. It’s really handy on trips to new towns or when you’re driving. The way it’s set up is easy to understand, so finding a restroom is quick.

You can look for restrooms that meet your needs. For example, you can find ones with “disabled access” or if they’re free to use. This is a big hit with users, according to the Flush app reviews. It helps everyone find the best restroom fast, no matter what their needs are.

Users can also help keep the app’s info up to date. They can write reviews or let others know if something has changed. This means the app always has the latest info. The fact that users help update it makes it better than apps that rely on fixed lists. It’s like a team effort to keep the app useful.

For anyone who wants to quickly find a good restroom while traveling, Flush is a must. It’s proof that having the right information and being convenient can make travel less stressful. Especially for women, this can solve a big worry about being in unfamiliar places.

Best Travel Apps for Female Travelers

Travel apps are now a must for women on the go. They offer solutions to make every trip better. You can find everything from vegan food to safe places to stay. And, you can plan your journey with great ease.

HappyCow: Plant-Based Dining Options

The HappyCow app is perfect for finding vegan or vegetarian food. It’s easy to use and helps find great food worldwide. Even in the busiest or most remote places, HappyCow helps you discover the best spots to eat.

Trusted Housesitters: Free Accommodations for Pet Sitters

Trusted Housesitters is a good spot for getting free stays. It connects travelers with homeowners who need pet and house sitters. This way, you save money and get to live like a local in fun areas.

Rome2Rio: Comprehensive Travel Planning

The Rome2Rio app is a travel planning gem. It shows you all travel options from A to B. You can pick from flights, trains, buses, and more. This app is great for making your journey smooth, from the choices to the final trip.

App Function Main Benefit
HappyCow Travel Dining Find vegan/vegetarian eateries
Trusted Housesitters Accommodation Free lodging for pet sitters
Rome2Rio Travel Planning Comprehensive transportation options

AllTrails: Discover Best Hiking Trails

AllTrails is perfect for adventurous women who love the outdoors. The app has over 50 million users from 150 countries. It gives you info on more than 400,000 trails. You can find easy or tough hikes by searching based on your skill level and length preference. This app is one of the best for outdoor travel because it’s easy to use and covers a lot of trails.

For $35.99 a year, AllTrails+ offers cool features. It has maps you can use offline, which is great for areas without good cell service. The Lifeline tool lets you share your location with family in emergencies. You also get updates on weather and air quality. If you use the code “Uprooted30,” you can get 30% off after a 7-day free trial. Plus, AllTrails gives 1% of AllTrails+ sales to environmental non-profits.

AllTrails is more than just a trail app. It’s a key info hub for exploring trails abroad. People use videos and GPS for safety. For international trips, Oboz hiking boots are recommended. Know the local weather and wildlife too. The app lets you connect with other hikers. Along with services like Get Your Guide and finding hiking buddies in hostels, this app is great for safe and social adventure travel.


What are the best travel apps for female travelers in 2023?

For 2023, the top travel apps include NomadHer, ideal for connecting with fellow female explorers. is perfect for navigation without the internet. Flush is great for finding nearby restrooms quickly.HappyCow locates plant-based food spots. Trusted Housesitters offers pet sitting stays. Rome2Rio simplifies travel planning, and AllTrails helps find hiking paths.

How does NomadHer support solo female travelers?

NomadHer is key for solo female adventurers. It connects them with a worldwide female travel community. It offers a secure space to chat and share experiences, and arranges female-focused events, ensuring safety and support is paramount.

Why are offline maps like critical for solo female travelers?

Offline maps are vital for safe exploration.’s detailed maps and route planning work without internet. This feature means solo female travelers can find their way securely without constant online access.

How does Flush help travelers find restrooms on the go?

Flush is a fast way to locate the nearest restroom. It highlights accessible restrooms and offers valuable info on entry requirements. Users can provide feedback and correct wrong details, making bathroom breaks easy and worry-free.

What are some female-friendly travel apps for dietary needs?

HappyCow stands out for female explorers seeking vegan or vegetarian meals. It locates eateries friendly to dietary needs around the globe. This ensures they can stick to their preferred eating habits on the road.

How does Trusted Housesitters benefit female travelers?

Trusted Housesitters is great for female travelers. It connects them with homeowners needing pet and house sitters. This service provides affordable stay options, combining the comfort of home with caring for pets.

What makes Rome2Rio a comprehensive travel planning tool?

Rome2Rio excels at simplifying travel planning. It offers various travel methods in one place. This lets adventurers find the best ways to get from point A to B, saving time and effort.

How does AllTrails assist female adventurers?

AllTrails is a must for female hikers. It suggests trails fitting their likes and skills, with filter options. The app ensures they get accurate trail info, guaranteeing a safe and fun outdoor experience.

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