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Imagine this: you’re on the sandy coast of St. Pete Beach. The gentle waves kiss the shore in a turquoise dance. The sun shines, warming your skin. As you walk, the soft sand is like velvet beneath your feet.

Breathing in, you smell the sea and feel a peace settle over you. Welcome to St. Pete Beach, a true gem on Florida’s Gulf.

St. Pete Beach is on Florida’s West Coast, near the Tampa Bay area. It’s a spot that seems to be made for postcards. The clean beaches and clear waters attract visitors from all over.

Here, you can find your perfect vacation. Whether you want calm, adventure, or a lively vibe, St. Pete Beach caters to all.

This guide will lead you through St. Pete Beach’s top spots. We’ll look at the best things to do, places to stay, where to eat, and the beautiful beaches. Whether you’re planning a trip or just dreaming, you’re in for a wonderful journey. So, get your beach gear ready and join us for an adventure in St. Petersburg.

Key Takeaways:

  • St. Pete Beach is a picturesque destination on Florida’s Gulf Coast, known for its pristine beaches and turquoise waters.
  • Whether you’re seeking relaxation, water sports, or vibrant waterfront scenes, St. Pete Beach has something for everyone.
  • This ultimate guide will cover the top activities, attractions, hotels, dining options, and natural beaches in St. Pete Beach.
  • Whether you’re planning a Florida beach vacation or looking for a place to unwind, St. Pete Beach offers sun, sand, and adventure.

How to Get to St. Pete Beach

When planning a trip to St. Pete Beach, consider how to get there. The most convenient airports are Tampa International Airport (TPA) and St. Petersburg – Clearwater Airport (PIE). Tampa’s airport has direct U.S. and international flights, making travel easy. On the other hand, St. Petersburg – Clearwater Airport mainly has budget airline flights from the Midwest.

After landing, you can choose from various ways to reach St. Pete Beach. Renting a car from the airport gives you freedom to see area attractions on your own schedule. This option is great for exploring on your own.

If you don’t want to drive, Uber and Lyft offer their services at both airports. With a quick app request, a driver can take you straight to St. Pete Beach. This is a good choice for those who prefer not to drive.

Using public transport is another option. Both airports have bus services to many local spots. You can then take a local bus to get closer to St. Pete Beach. This is a more budget-friendly choice.

It’s easy to get to St. Pete Beach no matter how you choose to travel. Both Tampa International Airport and St. Petersburg – Clearwater Airport offer options that fit your travel style.

transportation to St. Pete Beach

Top Activities and Attractions in St. Pete Beach

St. Pete Beach is a lively place offering many things to see and do. You can find whatever you enjoy here, whether it’s relaxing, having adventures, or seeing new things. The beach is full of activities, from playing in the waves to watching dolphins, making it perfect for visitors of all kinds.

Relax on the Beach

Lounging on the beach in St. Pete Beach is a top activity. The sandy shores and clear waters make it perfect for relaxing. It’s an ideal spot to enjoy a calm and peaceful day.

Water Sports and Adventure

Looking for some fun? There are plenty of water sports here. You can kayak, windsurf, or snorkel to see the amazing marine life. The Gulf of Mexico’s warm waters are waiting for you to dive in.

Deck Boat Rentals and State Park Exploration

Try something special with a deck boat rental to visit state parks. You can go to Shell Key, Egmont Key, and Honeymoon Island. They have beautiful nature and a lot of wildlife to see.

“Renting a deck boat and exploring the state parks was one of the highlights of my trip to St. Pete Beach. The pristine beaches and untouched nature were truly magical.” – Emily, travel enthusiast

Dolphin Sightseeing

A dolphin tour is a must in St. Pete Beach. You’ll get close to these amazing animals in the waters. It’s an experience you will always remember with joy.

Breathtaking Sunsets

Watching the sun set over the Gulf of Mexico is stunning. Sit in a beach chair and see the sky fill with colors. It’s a scene of peace and beauty not to be missed.

St. Pete Beach is perfect for any kind of vacation. Whether you want to relax, have adventures, or connect with nature, there’s plenty to do. It’s a favorite with visitors from all over the world for good reason.

Best Beachfront Hotels in St. Pete Beach

St. Pete Beach has many beachfront hotels and resorts for every budget. One top choice is Postcard Inn on the Beach. It’s known for its fun vibe and vintage style. It’s a perfect place to feel the relaxed atmosphere of St. Pete Beach.

For an easy hotel search, try Roomkey. It’s simple to use and lets you book directly with the hotel you choose. Roomkey shows you real prices and recent reviews from TripAdvisor. This way, you’ll pick the best place to stay. Whether it’s the Postcard Inn or another cozy spot, you’re sure to have a great time in St. Pete Beach.

St. Pete Beach hotels<!–

Hotel Location Price Range Rating
Postcard Inn on the Beach St. Pete Beach $$ 4.5/5
The Don CeSar St. Pete Beach $$$ 4.8/5
The Hotel Zamora St. Pete Beach $$ 4.2/5
Beach House Suites by the Don CeSar St. Pete Beach $$$ 4.7/5


Planning your stay in St. Pete Beach? Here are some of the top beachfront hotels in the area:

  1. Postcard Inn on the Beach – Located right on the beach, this hotel offers comfortable rooms and a fun, vibrant atmosphere. $$
  2. The Don CeSar – Known as the “Pink Palace,” this iconic hotel offers luxury accommodations and stunning views of the Gulf of Mexico. $$$
  3. The Hotel Zamora – A boutique hotel with a rooftop pool and beautiful views of the beach. $$
  4. Beach House Suites by the Don CeSar – Spacious suites with separate living areas, perfect for families or larger groups. $$$


“Postcard Inn on the Beach provides a unique and unforgettable experience in the heart of St. Pete Beach. From its retro design to its laid-back atmosphere, this hotel captures the essence of beachfront living. With direct access to the beach and a variety of amenities, it’s the perfect choice for travelers seeking a fun and memorable stay in St. Pete Beach.” – Traveler Review


St. Pete Beach Hotel Comparison

Hotel Location Price Range Rating
Postcard Inn on the Beach St. Pete Beach $$ 4.5/5
The Don CeSar St. Pete Beach $$$ 4.8/5
The Hotel Zamora St. Pete Beach $$ 4.2/5
Beach House Suites by the Don CeSar St. Pete Beach $$$ 4.7/5


Benefits of Booking with Roomkey

  • Transparent pricing
  • Direct booking with the hotel
  • Latest reviews from TripAdvisor
  • Wide selection of hotels to choose from


Customer Reviews

“I had a fantastic stay at Postcard Inn on the Beach. The hotel has a fun and relaxed atmosphere, and the staff were friendly and helpful. The location is perfect, with the beach right at your doorstep. I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone visiting St. Pete Beach.” – Sarah W.


So whether you’re looking for a lively, quirky experience at Postcard Inn on the Beach or prefer to explore other accommodations in St. Pete Beach, Roomkey can help you find the perfect beachfront hotel for your stay in St. Pete Beach.


With its beautiful beaches and a wide range of hotels and resorts, St. Pete Beach offers the perfect beachfront getaway for travelers of all types. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing stay or a fun-filled adventure, you’ll find it all in St. Pete Beach.


Best Dining Options in St. Pete Beach

St. Pete Beach has a lot to offer for food lovers. If you love fresh seafood, check out The Wharf in Pass-a-Grille. It’s right by the water and you can enjoy oysters and catch-of-the-day seafood. There’s also live music to add to the atmosphere.

The Sea Turtle Restaurant is another great choice. It has a beachy take on British food, with items like yummy blueberry pancakes. Don’t miss their unique dishes, such as corned beef hash eggs Benedict. For steak fans, a trip to 1200 Chophouse is a must. They serve up juicy, delicious steaks in a relaxed setting.

If you’re up for a special meal, try the Maritana Grille at the historic Don Cesar Hotel. Known for its top-notch seafood offerings, it’s a real treat. St. Pete Beach has plenty of places to explore, making sure everyone finds something they love to eat.

Want to dine by the water in St. Petersburg? The Wharf is a choice spot, offering great seafood with a view. The Sea Turtle Restaurant brings a unique touch to beachside dining with its British-inspired dishes. For a fancy dinner, the Maritana Grille is the place to go. It’s acclaimed for its seafood.

Laid-Back and Natural Beaches in St. Pete Beach

Looking for a chill and natural beach vibe? St. Pete Beach is right up your alley. A must-see is Caladesi Island State Park. You can only get there by boat, ferry, or kayak. It’s an untouched paradise, great for solo adventurers or those wanting some peace.

Pass-a-Grille Beach is perfect for tranquility lovers too. With soft dunes and a peaceful atmosphere, it’s a time machine to old Florida. You won’t find tall buildings here, just a calm beachfront.

For a homey feel, try Redington Shores Beach. This spot is tiny but full of charm with its retro vibes. These beaches in St. Pete Beach are made for anyone looking to unwind and get away from it all.


What is St. Pete Beach known for?

St. Pete Beach is loved for its beautiful sandy shores, clear blue waters, and stunning sunsets. It’s a top spot for beach holidays in Florida.

How do I get to St. Pete Beach?

The best airports to fly into are Tampa International (TPA) and St. Pete – Clearwater (PIE). Then, you can rent a car or use Uber to get to St. Pete Beach.

What are the top activities and attractions in St. Pete Beach?

St. Pete Beach is full of fun things, like lounging on the beach and water sports. You can bike, check out local shops and restaurants, and see amazing sunsets over the Gulf of Mexico. Don’t miss the chance to visit state parks like Shell Key, Egmont Key, and Honeymoon Island.

What are the best beachfront hotels in St. Pete Beach?

Postcard Inn on the Beach is a favorite beachfront hotel for its lively vibe. You can also find more choices on Roomkey, a helpful site. It lets you look at hotel prices and see reviews from TripAdvisor.

Where can I find the best dining options in St. Pete Beach?

St. Pete Beach has a lot of great places to eat. Try The Wharf for seafood with an ocean view, Sea Turtle for a fun take on English food, or 1200 Chophouse for tasty steaks. Maritana Grille at Don Cesar Hotel is another top pick for great seafood.

Are there any laid-back and natural beaches in St. Pete Beach?

Yes, St. Pete Beach has calm and natural beach spots. Caladesi Island State Park is peaceful and can only be reached by boat, ferry, or kayak. Pass-a-Grille Beach and Redington Shores Beach both offer quiet, laid-back atmospheres.

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