VA Beach Tattoo Convention 2023: Ink & Art

va beach tattoo convention

Hey tattoo fans! It’s time for the VA Beach Tattoo Convention in the lively Virginia Beach. This event is a three-day celebration of art, tattoos, and community. It gathers the top artists not only from VA Beach but from everywhere.

Picture yourself in a world where tattoos are the stars. There’s a thrill in the air as artists show off their skills. They create stunning designs on eager people’s skin. If you’re into tattoos or just curious, this convention is for you.

Walking around, you’ll see amazing tattoo styles. You can admire the details in black and gray tattoos. Or like the vibrant look of neo-traditional ones. You might even find watercolor tattoos that blow your mind. There’s something for every tattoo fan here.

But this convention is more than a show. It’s your chance to get a tattoo you’ve always wanted. Even if you suddenly get inspired by the awesome art around you. It’s a place to meet great artists, share your ideas, and get a tattoo that tells your story. It will be a unique mark of your personal style and journey.

Key Takeaways:

  • VA Beach Tattoo Convention is an annual event that brings together the best tattoo artists from Virginia Beach and beyond.
  • The convention showcases a diverse range of tattoo styles, allowing attendees to explore different art forms and find inspiration for their own tattoos.
  • Attendees have the opportunity to get inked by their favorite artists, turning their tattoo dreams into reality.
  • The convention is open to everyone, but individuals must be 18 years or older with a proper ID to get tattooed.
  • Don’t miss out on experiencing the vibrant tattoo community and the exceptional artistry at the VA Beach Tattoo Convention.

Location and Dates

The VA Beach Tattoo Convention happens every year at the Virginia Beach Convention Center. The center is at 1000 19th Street, Virginia Beach, Virginia, and is a great spot for the festival. It’s in a central location and has top-notch facilities. This makes it ideal for over 200 tattoo artists, vendors, and many cool things to see and do.

The event usually takes place in August, drawing tattoo fans to Virginia Beach. In 2023, it will run from August 9th to 11th, giving you three days of fun. The next event in 2024 will also be in August. So, don’t forget to mark your calendars for more tattoo excitement.

The Virginia Beach Convention Center is the venue for the VA Beach Tattoo Convention.

Admission and Tickets

Want to dive into tattoo art at the VA Beach Tattoo Convention? Here’s the scoop on getting in and ticket info:

Admission Options:

The VA Beach Tattoo Convention fits all, from seasoned fans to first-timers. Multiple admission options are available:

  • A single-day ticket lets you enjoy the convention for one day. It’s priced at $25.
  • Prefer a full weekend experience? The three-day pass gives unlimited access for $45.

Military Discount:

We honor our military with a $35 weekend pass discount. Just show your military ID at the entrance to get this deal.

Tattoo lovers under 18 should know they can’t enter the convention. Everyone must show ID, even those getting tattoos.

Join us at the VA Beach Tattoo Convention for amazing art and to meet top artists. Tickets are available at the door for your chance to experience all this and more.

Admission Options Price
Single-Day Ticket $25
Three-Day Weekend Pass $45
Military Discount (Three-Day Weekend Pass) $35

Step into the incredible world of tattoo art at the VA Beach Tattoo Convention. Choose your ticket and join us for a great time!

VA Beach Tattoo Convention admission

Artists and Appointments

The VA Beach Tattoo Convention has over 200 talented tattoo artists from different backgrounds. You can see styles like traditional, neo-traditional, realism, and watercolor. In each booth, you can explore their art and talk to them.

Artists set their own prices and appointments. You can pick the artist who matches your style and vision. Just visit the convention website to see which artists will be there and reach out to them. This helps you book a slot with your favorite artist before they get too busy.

Artists’ tattoo prices depend on many things, like the tattoo’s size or complexity. Remember, prices can change depending on the artist. It’s a good idea to ask the artist directly about their rates and share your tattoo ideas with them.

VA Beach Tattoo Convention Artist List:

Here are some standout artist names at the VA Beach Tattoo Convention:

  • Anna Smith – Specializes in geometric and dotwork tattoos.
  • Michael Johnson – Known for his intricate black and gray realism tattoos.
  • Sarah Thompson – Excels in vibrant watercolor tattoos.
  • Chris Anderson – Offers unique neo-traditional designs with a twist.

This is just a small part of the talented artists you’ll find. Remember, spots book quickly. So, it’s smart to set up your appointment early if you have a favorite artist in mind.

VA Beach Tattoo Convention Artist Prices

Artist Tattoo Style Price Range
Anna Smith Geometric/Dotwork $150-$300 per hour
Michael Johnson Realism $200-$400 per hour
Sarah Thompson Watercolor $150-$250 per hour
Chris Anderson Neo-Traditional $100-$200 per hour

Attractions and Entertainment

The VA Beach Tattoo Convention has amazing tattoo artists and booths. But it also has much more. There are different things to see and do, making it fun for everyone.

Live Performances

Live bands are a big part of this convention. Their music fills the air with energy. It all adds up to an amazing time for visitors.

VA Beach Tattoo Convention Bands

Hotrods and Motorcycles

Car and bike lovers can check out the hotrods and motorcycles on display. The sleek looks and powerful engines are stunning. It’s a dream come true for anyone who loves custom vehicles.

Wrestling and Sideshows

Wrestling matches and sideshow acts are also highlights. Talented wrestlers show off their skills in the ring. Meanwhile, sideshows bring incredible acts that’ll leave you speechless.

Tattoo Contests

The convention is known for its tattoo contests too. These competitions highlight the best in tattoo art. Artists and fans alike won’t want to miss this part of the event.

Pinup Contest

There’s also a pinup art contest for lovers of vintage style. It celebrates art, beauty, and fashion. Everyone’s unique style shines in this fun part of the event.

The VA Beach Tattoo Convention has something for everybody. Its mix of shows, art, and performances will keep you amazed all day long. It’s an event you won’t forget.

Sponsors and Vendors

The VA Beach Tattoo Convention is backed by sponsors and vendors. They help the event succeed. Their contributions make the experience great for everyone, from visitors to artists.


Sponsors are key industry names and local supporters. They love tattoo art and work to grow the tattoo scene.

  • Cann Farms – A trusted supplier of high-quality tattoo ink and equipment.
  • Kingpin Tattoo Supply – A renowned provider of tattoo supplies and equipment.
  • Atlantic Laser Tattoo Removal – A specialized clinic offering safe and effective tattoo removal services.
  • The Body Bar – A premier body jewelry and piercing studio, offering a wide selection of high-quality jewelry.

Our sponsors give not just money but also expertise. This adds value to the convention.


At the VA Beach Tattoo Convention, we also have many vendors. They bring a wide variety of things. This turns the convention into a place where you can also shop.

Vendors offer more than just tattoo stuff. You can find clothes, accessories, handcrafted items, and more. It’s a chance to support local businesses. And you can pick up something special to remember the event by.


Future Bookings and Waitlist

Couldn’t get a booth at the VA Beach Tattoo Convention? Don’t worry, there’s still hope! You can join our waitlist for future opportunities. Just email and include a link to your social media. Our team will check out your work.

Getting on the waitlist means you might get to be at the Virginia Beach Tattoo Festival. And other Festivals in Hampton Roads too. It’s a great chance for artists and vendors to get noticed.

We’re all about offering a stage for anyone who loves tattoos and those who do them. We aim to give everyone a shot at being part of the fun. So, if you missed the chance this time, make sure you’re first in line for the next event.


Can anyone attend the VA Beach Tattoo Convention?

Yes, the VA Beach Tattoo Convention is open for everyone to enjoy.

What is the minimum age requirement to get tattooed?

You must be 18 years old or more, with the right ID, to get a tattoo.

Where is the VA Beach Tattoo Convention held?

The Virginia Beach Convention Center is the host. Find it at 1000 19th Street, Virginia Beach, VA, 23451, USA.

When does the VA Beach Tattoo Convention usually take place?

Usually in August. The 2023 event will be from August 9th to 11th. And again in August for 2024.

How much do tickets for the VA Beach Tattoo Convention cost?

The cost for a single day is . A three-day pass goes for . Military members get the three-day pass at .

Can I get tattooed at the convention?

Yes, you can. Just be sure you’re 18 or older and have the right ID.

How can I find a tattoo artist to book an appointment with?

Visit the convention’s website. There, you’ll find a list of artists. Contact them directly to book an appointment.

What types of attractions and entertainment can I expect at the VA Beach Tattoo Convention?

There are hotrods, motorcycles, wrestling, and more. Enjoy live band performances and contests too.

Who are the sponsors of the VA Beach Tattoo Convention?

Support comes from Cann Farms, Kingpin Tattoo Supply, and more. The support helps the event and the people in it.

Are there any vendors at the VA Beach Tattoo Convention?

Yes, the convention has many vendors. They offer apparel, crafts, and unique items.

How can I potentially participate in future Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads VA Tattoo Festivals?

Didn’t get a booth this time? Join the waitlist by emailing Add a social media link too, for the organizers to check your work.

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