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Every tattoo tells a story at the Virginia Beach Tattoo Festival. This event is a big party for tattoo lovers, with many artists and fans coming. It’s a special time to show off tattoos, see great artwork, and admire the skill behind each tattoo.

At the festival, you step into a world full of creativity. Imagine your body as the canvas for artists to create living art. The festival is a place where artists mix their imaginations with ink to make designs full of stories and meaning. You can see all kinds of tattoos here, from big sleeves to small symbols.

Walking around the festival takes you deep into tattoo culture. You can enjoy things like tattoo shows and art events. You can talk with other lovers of tattoos, share your own stories, and meet those who also love this ancient art.

The Virginia Beach Tattoo Festival is more than just a meeting of artists and fans. It’s a big party to celebrate everything about tattoos. Artists can show their skills, meet other artists, and learn new things. Visitors can see how diverse and beautiful tattoo artwork is. They might even find inspiration to get their own tattoo.

Make sure you remember the dates for the Virginia Beach Tattoo Festival. It’s where art becomes alive, and stories are forever etched on skin. It doesn’t matter if you’re already a big fan of tattoos or just want to learn more about them. This festival is a fun and important event that shows how rich and exciting tattooing is.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Virginia Beach Tattoo Festival is an annual event that brings together tattoo artists and enthusiasts from Virginia and beyond.
  • The festival showcases the artistry and skill of tattoo artists, serving as a platform for them to connect and collaborate.
  • Attendees can witness the creation of ink masterpieces, explore tattoo conventions, and engage in conversations with fellow enthusiasts.
  • The festival celebrates the diversity and beauty of tattoo artistry, inspiring visitors and providing a deeper appreciation for the craft.
  • Whether you’re a tattoo aficionado or simply curious, the Virginia Beach Tattoo Festival is a must-attend event that embraces tattoo culture.

Artists at the Virginia Beach Tattoo Festival

The Virginia Beach Tattoo Festival highlights many talented artists. You can choose from hundreds of different styles. This event is perfect for anyone who loves tattoos.

Choosing Your Artist

At this festival, you can pick your favorite artist and book a time. Visitors will find a mix of well-known and new artists. This means you can discover a range of styles.

Appointments and Walk-Ins

If you like surprises, walk-ins are also welcome. You might find an artist with time for a new tattoo. This is a great way to explore and be inspired.

You can either book a time or just show up. Either way, the Virginia Beach Tattoo Festival is full of excitement. It’s a chance to see amazing artwork and maybe get a new tattoo.

Tattoo Artists Booth Number
John Smith Booth 101
Sarah Johnson Booth 205
Michael Thompson Booth 315
Emily Davis Booth 412

Visit the Virginia Beach Tattoo Festival website to see all the artists. Traditional, blackwork, or colorful – you’ll find an artist for any style.

Vendors and Sponsors at the Virginia Beach Tattoo Festival

The Virginia Beach Tattoo Festival has a lot to offer. Along with amazing tattoo artists, there are many vendors and sponsors involved. They bring all sorts of cool stuff and help make the festival lively.

You can find all kinds of things at the festival. From clothes to crafts, everything is unique. And many local shops and artists are here too. So, by buying from them, you support local talent.

The sponsors are also super important. They make sure everything runs smoothly. Their help gives attendees a great time, making the festival even better.

“The Virginia Beach Tattoo Festival is a great place for us,” says Samantha. She owns a local business and is a sponsor. “We get to meet people who love what we do. It’s wonderful to connect with such a big, interested group.”

Looking for cool art, tattoos, or just want to see new trends? You can’t miss the vendor booths. Here, you help local folks and find memorable items. These souvenirs make your visit to the festival extra special.

Vendors and Sponsors

Vendor/Sponsor Description
The Inked Emporium A curated collection of tattoo-inspired apparel and accessories.
Tattooed Treasures Handmade crafts and jewelry inspired by tattoo culture.
Local Brew Coffee Co. A mobile coffee cart offering specialty coffee and refreshments.
The Artisan’s Corner A diverse range of handmade crafts and artwork by local artisans.
Studio X Body Jewelry Premium quality body jewelry for piercing enthusiasts.
Tattoo Magazine A leading publication showcasing the best of tattoo culture.
InkTech A software company specializing in tattoo shop management systems.

Many vendors and sponsors make the Virginia Beach Tattoo Festival special. They help create a wonderful, one-of-a-kind experience. Their support keeps the festival alive. It’s a place where everyone who loves tattoos can come together.

Vendors and Sponsors at the Virginia Beach Tattoo Festival

Tattoo Contests at the Virginia Beach Tattoo Festival

The Virginia Beach Tattoo Festival is a fun place. It’s not just for looking at cool tattoos. You can join exciting tattoo contests too. These contests show off different tattoo artists’ skills and let people win in different categories.

At the festival, you can see many tattoo styles. You might like old-school tattoos or bright Japanese ones. There’s something for everyone here. You’ll find a contest you really like.

Contests are judged by tattoo pros. They look at creativity, how well it’s done, and the wow factor. Winning shows off how good the artist is. It also gives them a big shout-out in the tattoo world.

There’s a special contest called “Tattoo of the Day” too. In this event, tattoos start and finish in one day. Both artists and viewers find it really special. The best tattoo wins a special prize for being the most outstanding in a single day.

Every contest has its own rules. You need to check if your tattoo is healed or not. Make sure you read all the rules before joining. This way, you won’t miss your chance.

The tattoo contests make the festival even more fun. They let artists and fans enjoy and share their love for tattoos. Whether you’re in the contest or watching, it’s a big and exciting part of the festival.

Entertainment at the Virginia Beach Tattoo Festival

The Virginia Beach Tattoo Festival is more than just tattoos. It offers live music and sideshow acts. There’s also a Pin-Up Contest, live mural painting, and classic cars to see.

Live Music

Enjoy live music at the festival. Local and guest artists bring their talents. You can listen to rock, alternative, or acoustic music.

Sideshow Performances

Thrilling sideshow acts are a big part of the festival. See The Squidling Brothers perform. Their stunts and theatrics will amaze everyone.

Pin-Up Contest

The Pin-Up Contest highlights classic glamour. Participants show off their pin-up style. It’s a fun way to enjoy old-school fashion.

Live Mural Painting

Watch as artists paint large murals. You’ll see art come to life. It’s a great chance to see artwork created live.

Classic Cars Exhibition

Car lovers will enjoy the classic cars on display. Admire the beauty and craftsmanship of these cars. It’s a step back in time to see iconic designs.

The festival has a lot more than just tattoos. You can enjoy music, sideshows, the Pin-Up Contest, mural painting, and classic cars. It’s a perfect mix of art, culture, and entertainment.

Schedule and After Party at the Virginia Beach Tattoo Festival

The Virginia Beach Tattoo Festival is full of fun events. As soon as it starts, you can feel the excitement. There’s live music, cool contests, and awesome sideshows to see. This plan makes sure there’s always something cool to do. So, visitors can have the best time at this big tattoo party.

After the fun day, the party moves to Baja Cantina. Tattoo fans, artists, and sellers can relax and chat there. Baja Cantina has great drinks to toast a good festival. It also serves tasty food to keep everyone happy and celebrating.

If you love tattoos, the after party at Baja Cantina is where you should be. It’s a great place to meet others who share your love for tattoos. You can meet new friends and have fun, making great memories together.


When is the Virginia Beach Tattoo Festival?

The Virginia Beach Tattoo Festival happens every year. The dates might change, so check the official website for the latest schedule.

How many tattoo artists participate in the festival?

Hundreds of skilled tattoo artists take part in the Virginia Beach Tattoo Festival.

Can I book a tattoo appointment with a specific artist?

Yes, you can pick your favorite tattoo artist. Book an appointment with them directly. Or just walk around the festival to see who’s available.

What can I expect from the vendors at the festival?

The festival has many different vendors. They sell everything from clothes to handmade crafts. It’s a great place for finding unique things.

Are there any tattoo contests at the Virginia Beach Tattoo Festival?

Yes, there are fun tattoo contests each day. They have prizes for different styles like Best Traditional and Best Japanese.

Is there entertainment at the Virginia Beach Tattoo Festival?

Definitely! The festival isn’t just about tattoos. There’s also live music, sideshows, and a Pin-Up Contest. It’s fun for everyone.

What is the after party at the Virginia Beach Tattoo Festival?

After the festival, there’s an after party at Baja Cantina. It has specials on drinks and food. It lets you keep celebrating and meet new tattoo lovers.

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