3 Day Cruise from NYC to Bermuda | Unforgettable Journey

3 day cruise from nyc to bermuda

Imagine it’s a Friday afternoon. You’re on a fancy cruise ship. The shining Atlantic Ocean is all around. The warm sun and a soft wind feel nice. Soon, you’ll leave New York City for the beautiful Bermuda.

Join a 3 day cruise from NYC to Bermuda for an amazing experience. These trips mix fun, relaxation, and luxury. They’re great for quick vacations or weekend trips. On your way to Bermuda, enjoy the cool sea air and your adventure ahead.

Bermuda is full of pretty beaches, great golf fields, tasty restaurants, fun shops, and history. A 3 day cruise is the best way to see it all. You can walk on Horseshoe Bay’s pink sand, play golf, or snorkel. Every minute in Bermuda is special.

Choose a cruise from trusted lines like Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Carnival Cruise Lines. They offer top-notch rooms, delicious food, and fun things to do. You’re in for a treat with these companies. They make your trip wonderful.

Key Takeaways:

  • Embark on a 3 day cruise from NYC to Bermuda for a quick vacation or weekend getaway.
  • Experience the beauty of Bermuda’s beaches, golf courses, restaurants, shops, and historic sites.
  • Choose from cruise packages offered by renowned cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Carnival Cruise Lines.
  • Enjoy luxury accommodations, mouthwatering cuisine, and exciting onboard activities during your cruise.
  • Create unforgettable memories on your journey to Bermuda.

Cruises to Bermuda: So Close, Yet Worlds Away.

Get ready for an amazing trip to Bermuda with a cruise. Setting off from Boston or New York, you’ll head to paradise. Join well-known cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Carnival Cruise Lines.

Get on the Norwegian Gem from Boston. It’ll take you to the Royal Naval Dockyard in Bermuda. There, you can see the island’s beauty and lively culture.

Prefer leaving from New York? Choose the Norwegian Joy or Norwegian Prima. You’ll visit the Royal Naval Dockyard too. Enjoy Bermuda’s great beaches, golf, food, shops, and history.

Don’t miss seeing Horseshoe Bay on your Bermuda cruise. It’s famous for pink sand and clear water. If you love golf, play on scenic courses. And there’s lots of tasty food to try, from seafood to dishes from around the world.

Escape to Bermuda on a cruise. It’s a paradise close by. Enjoy exploring at your own speed. These cruises mix leisure and fun perfectly.

Book your Bermuda cruise now. See the island’s natural beauty and enjoy its warm welcome. Experience its rich culture too.

Why Choose a Bermuda Cruise

Why pick a Bermuda cruise for your next getaway? There are lots of good reasons:

  • A cruise is an easy vacation, with everything you need on the ship.
  • You get to pick from different cruise lengths and where you leave from.
  • Explore Bermuda‚Äôs great beaches, beautiful views, and history during your visit.
  • Cruises often include where you stay, what you eat, and fun things to do, which saves money.
  • There’s so much to do, like snorkeling or seeing old forts, for unforgettable fun.

Comparing Cruise Lines

Cruise Line Highlights
Royal Caribbean World-class entertainment, innovative onboard activities, and stunning ships
Norwegian Cruise Line Flexible dining options, outstanding service, and exciting onboard entertainment
Carnival Cruise Lines Fun-filled atmosphere, diverse activities, and a wide range of dining options

Each cruise line has its own special things. You can pick the one that fits you best, whether you like adventure, relaxation, or both. There’s a Bermuda cruise for everyone.

Short Bermuda Cruises: A Quick Getaway to Paradise.

Want a quick escape to a tropical paradise? Short Bermuda cruises are ideal for this. They offer a way to get away from your everyday routine and enjoy Bermuda’s beauty.

Norwegian Cruise Line has 4-7 day cruises to Bermuda, some over weekends. You can spend your days on pink sand beaches and enjoy incredible sunsets. It makes for a perfect break.

Bermuda has beautiful landscapes and a lively culture. You can enjoy nature walks, snorkeling, and more. It’s a place for everyone, whether you love adventures or just want to relax.

The Royal Naval Dockyard is a top spot on these cruises. It has museums, shops, and beautiful harbor views. This visit is a highlight of your cruise.

Top-notch service and stunning views have made these cruises winners for ten years. A Bermuda vacation is a memory you’ll cherish forever.

Book your cruise to Bermuda now for a memorable vacation. It’s a great way to relax, have fun, and make new memories with loved ones.

Experience the Beauty of Bermuda

Exploring Bermuda’s natural beauty is key during your short cruise. Don’t miss these attractions:

  • Visit Horseshoe Bay Beach and marvel at its pink sand and crystal-clear waters.
  • Take a stroll through the Bermuda Botanical Gardens and admire the vibrant flora.
  • Discover the underwater world with a snorkeling adventure at Tobacco Bay.
  • Explore the historic town of St. George’s, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Indulge in Bermudian Cuisine

Bermuda is known for its tasty food. Try these local dishes and drinks:

  1. Sample traditional Bermudian fish chowder, a flavorful and hearty soup.
  2. Treat yourself to a mouthwatering fish sandwich, topped with tartar sauce and served on homemade bread.
  3. Savor a refreshing rum swizzle, a local cocktail made with Gosling’s Black Seal Rum.
  4. Indulge in a sweet ending with a slice of the iconic Bermuda rum cake.

Excursions to Enhance Your Bermuda Vacation

Don’t miss these fun activities in Bermuda. They make your trip even better:

“Embark on a thrilling catamaran excursion and sail along the coastline, enjoying the sea breeze and stunning views.”

“Tee off on a world-class golf course and experience Bermuda’s lush landscapes while perfecting your swing.”

“Discover the fascinating history of Bermuda on a guided tour, visiting historic landmarks and learning about the island’s rich culture.”

These excursions will add extra fun and memorable moments to your Bermuda vacation.

Explore the Beauty of Bermuda: Excursions and Activities.

Bermuda is full of fun things to do. If you love adventure or just want to chill, this island has it all. You can snorkel in clear water or play golf at top courses.

Snorkeling Adventures

  • Shipwreck & Coral Reef Snorkel Combo: Dive into Bermuda’s vibrant sea life. Discover shipwrecks and reefs full of fish.

Golfing Getaways

  • Belmont Hills Golf Course: Enjoy golf with great views at this beautiful course. Practice your swing in amazing settings.

Catamaran Excursions

  • Rising Son Catamaran Swim & Snorkel: Join a great catamaran adventure. Swim with fish, snorkel, and enjoy the sun on deck.

“Bermuda’s excursions offer endless opportunities for fun and exploration. Take a dip in the crystal-clear waters, play a round of golf with breathtaking views, or embark on a catamaran adventure. There’s no shortage of activities to make your Bermuda vacation unforgettable!”

Snorkeling, golfing, or catamaran rides, Bermuda has it for you. Enjoy your time in this beautiful place with these cool activities.

Excursion Description
Shipwreck & Coral Reef Snorkel Combo Explore Bermuda’s underwater wonders with a snorkeling adventure that takes you to shipwrecks and vibrant coral reefs.
Belmont Hills Golf Course Tee off at this world-class golf course boasting panoramic views of Bermuda’s natural beauty.
Rising Son Catamaran Swim & Snorkel Climb aboard a luxurious catamaran and set sail for a day of swimming, snorkeling, and relaxation in the turquoise waters of Bermuda.

Plan Your Dream Cruise Vacation to Bermuda.

Planning a cruise to Bermuda is simple and worry-free. It doesn’t matter if you’ve cruised a lot or not at all. Booking your cruise and planning your trip is really fun. Just follow these steps to have a great time.

Choose the Perfect Cruise Line

First, pick the cruise line that meets your wishes and budget. Companies like Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and Carnival have lots of trips to Bermuda. Think about what you’d like on the ship, like fun things to do, places to eat, shows, and the type of room. Look at what others say in their reviews, too.

Book Your Vacation

After picking your favorite cruise line, it’s time to make the booking. Look on their website or ask a travel agent about trips, when they leave, and where you’ll stay. Also, ask about any deals. Saving money is always good on a trip like this.

Plan Your Itinerary

Look at the places you can go and things you can do in Bermuda. Find things that make you happy. You might like seeing old places, chilling on the beach, or doing water sports. Bermuda has all that and more, for any age. Plan what you want to do every day, so you see and do a lot.

Prepare for Your Cruise

Get your bags ready for the trip to Bermuda. Check the weather and pack right. Think about things like swim clothes, walking shoes, and fancy clothes for special times. You need stuff like sunscreen, medicine, and maybe plugs for your tech. Learn the rules of the cruise to get on board easy.

Make Last-Minute Arrangements

Last checks before your trip: your way to the ship, your passport, and other papers. Get any insurance you need to feel safe. Now, you’re set to have a wonderful time. Enjoy the beauty, the culture, and all that Bermuda has waiting for you.

cruise vacation to Bermuda

Where to Stay: Hotels in New York City.

Thinking of leaving New York City? Stay at the New York Marriott Marquis in Times Square. This hotel is famous for its fancy rooms and many dining spots. It’s also right in the heart of the city. Whether you’re here for a day or longer, the Marriott Marquis is great for fun or work.

Headed for Boston instead? The Four Points by Sheraton Boston Logan Airport in Revere is your spot. It’s only 6 miles from Boston International Airport. Inside, you’ll find comfy rooms and a Japanese steakhouse. Perfect for relaxing after a flight or enjoying a nice meal. Its nearness makes it a smart pick for travelers.

Going on a cruise? Choose to stay at these top hotels in New York City or Boston. The New York Marriott Marquis and the Four Points by Sheraton Boston Logan Airport are both great choices. They offer top service, good locations, and lots of amenities. You’ll enjoy your stay as much as your cruise.


What are the cruise options to Bermuda?

Big cruise lines like Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, and Carnival offer trips to Bermuda.

Where do the cruises to Bermuda depart from?

They leave from places like New York and Boston. Ships like Norwegian Gem leave from Boston.Norwegian Joy and Norwegian Prima leave from New York.

What can I do in Bermuda during a short cruise?

In Bermuda, you can snorkel, play golf, or take a catamaran trip. There are also beautiful beaches and places to eat.You can check out old landmarks too.

How do I plan a cruise vacation to Bermuda?

First, pick a cruise line you like. Then, book your trip and look for good deals.Find out about the places you can visit and activities you can do.

Where can I stay in New York City before departing on a cruise to Bermuda?

In New York City, try the New York Marriott Marquis. It’s in Times Square and very special.

What hotels are recommended in Boston for a cruise to Bermuda?

For Boston, the Four Points by Sheraton is good. It’s near the airport and has nice rooms.

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