Best Travel Backpacks for Women: Top Picks

top travel backpacks for women

The Pakt Travel Backpack has stayed looking new for almost four years. Finding the best womens travel backpack means looking at durability, how well it works, and its value. The Pakt Travel Backpack stands out, loved for its smart build and strength. It’s a top choice for women who love to travel.

One great option is the Nordace Siena, which is both stylish and functional, at a good price of $109. If you move a lot, consider the REI Co-op Ruckpack 40L. It’s perfect for carry-on use, sturdy, and just the right size for short travels.

The Monos Metro Backpack and Duffel are perfect if you want style along with function. They come in many cool colors. And for those who worry about safety, the Pacsafe X Travel Safe protects your items with RFID and cut-resistant materials.

If you love the outdoors, the Deuter Aircontact 45+10 is a great choice. It’s comfy and tough, perfect for long adventures. For all women, whether you want your backpack to be tough or stylish, these top picks offer something for every travel style and need.

Key Takeaways

  • The Pakt Travel Backpack is renowned for nearly four years of durability and intelligent design.
  • Nordace Siena combines smart features with a stylish variety of colors, priced affordably at $109.
  • The REI Co-op Ruckpack 40L is the best choice for carry-on travel, offering durability and practicality.
  • Monos Metro Backpack and Duffel provide a chic, fashion-forward design without sacrificing functionality.
  • Pacsafe X Travel Safe is ideal for security with its RFID blocking technology and anti-slash materials.
  • Deuter Aircontact 45+10 is perfect for extended trips, designed for comfort and durability.

The Most Convenient Pockets: Pakt Travel Backpack

The Pakt Travel Backpack combines durability, function, and pocket convenience. It’s perfect for female travelers with its great organization and easy access to items. It aims to ease your journey, no matter how often you travel.

Why We Love It

This backpack’s key feature is its top zipper. It makes getting your laptop out fast during airport checks. Hidden pockets also help keep your valuables safe and organized.

Key Features

  • Easy-Access Pockets: Includes a top zipper for quick laptop access, making it a practical choice for frequent travelers.
  • Versatility: Specialized pockets such as a TSA pocket, water bottle pocket, and waterproof pocket for toiletries cater to diverse travel needs.
  • Comfort: Adjustable sternum strap, load lifters, and stowable hip belt ensure weight is distributed evenly, making it one of the most versatile backpacks for female travelers.
  • Material: Made from durable, water-resistant components, the Pakt Travel Backpack offers protection from unexpected weather conditions.
  • Extra Security: Features like lockable zippers and secure pockets minimize the risk of theft, essential for safe travel.

Who Should Get This

If you travel a lot and need a dependable bag, the Pakt Travel Backpack is for you. It’s built tough, keeps your things safe, and fits well for women. Its smart design and comfort make it great for long trips. For safe, stylish, and functional travel bags, this one is a top choice.

Feature Pakt Travel Backpack Others
Durability Highly durable, water-resistant Varies
Pocket Convenience Top zipper, hidden pockets, specialized compartments Limited
Comfort Adjustable sternum strap, stowable hip belt, padded straps Basic padding
Security Lockable zippers, secure pockets Basic zippers

The Pakt Travel Backpack is loved by many female travelers for its great features and dependability. It’s a top choice, no matter if your travel is for work or fun.

The Smartest Choice: Nordace Siena

Nordace Siena

The Nordace Siena is a top pick for women wanting a great travel backpack. It mixes tech and smart design well. This makes it both practical and stylish for those who love to explore.

Reasons to Choose Nordace Siena

This backpack offers a built-in USB for easy charging on the go. Its water-resistant material keeps your stuff dry in the rain. It’s rated 3.84 out of 5 stars by 37 users, showing its reliability.

The Nordace Siena comes as a set now for a great price. Usually, it’s sold for $463.99 USD, but you can get it for $219.99 USD. This includes the Smart Backpack, a Crossbody Bag, two packing cubes, a wash pouch, a travel adapter, and a rain cover. Buying the set saves you 49% over getting items separately.

Design and Style

The Siena stands out by looking and feeling great. It’s sleek and fits well, with padded straps for comfort. It comes in different colors to match your style. Its design works well in the city or the outdoors.

Durability and Comfort

This backpack is built to last and be comfortable. It has 16 pockets and a special spot for a big laptop. It can hold a 1500 ml water bottle and keeps your stuff dry in wet weather.

Feature Nordace Siena Smart Backpack Nordace Siena Pro 17 Backpack
Rating 3.84 out of 5 (37 reviews) 4.86 out of 5 (7 reviews)
Capacity 22L 26L
Weight 0.88 kg – 1.29 kg 1.19 kg
Laptop Compartment 15.6” / 16” MacBook 45 x 30 cm (17.7” x 11.8”)
Water-resistant Yes Yes
Charging Port Standard USB External USB (no power bank included)
Pass-Through Luggage Strap No Yes
Material Polyester Polyester and micro-fiber vegan leather

The Best for Carry-On Travel: REI Co-op Ruckpack 40L

The REI Co-op Ruckpack 40L is perfect for women who travel light. At $169.00, it’s a great buy. And it handles heavy loads well.

This pack can hold 40 liters (2,440 cubic inches). It’s made from strong, recycled nylon with a DWR finish to keep your stuff dry. It’s also Climate Neutral Certified and meets high eco-standards.

The pack’s straps fit well on different hip sizes for comfy use. It weighs 2 lbs. 12.5 oz. and is 25 x 14.5 x 9 inches in size. This makes it easy to carry around.

It features:

  • A laptop space for up to 15-inch laptops
  • Straps and load-lifters for comfy wear
  • Many pockets and spots for water bottles
  • A cover for the back panel to keep straps safe
  • A whistle on the chest strap for emergencies

The REI Co-op Ruckpack 40L has a back made for air to flow through. It also has pockets that are easy to reach. Plus, you can lock the zippers for extra safety.

Feature Detail
Price $169.00
Capacity 40 liters (2,440 cubic inches)
Weight 2 lbs. 12.5 oz.
Dimensions 25 x 14.5 x 9 inches
Material Recycled ripstop nylon with DWR finish
Laptop Compartment Holds up to 15-inch laptop
Special Features Ventilated mesh back panel, lockable zippers, survival whistle, multiple pockets

It’s great for travel and outdoor adventures. The REI Co-op Ruckpack 40L is comfy for long trips. Any first tightness goes away after a few days.

For practical and eco-conscious travelers, the REI Co-op Ruckpack 40L is a top choice. It’s designed well and built to last. It’s a leader among backpacks for women.

Top Travel Backpacks for Women

Looking for top travel backpacks for women? The best choices stand out with their mix of toughness, style, and useful traits. They meet various travel needs such as outdoor adventures or city tripping.

top travel backpacks for women

The Everlane ReNew Transit Backpack catches the eye, scoring top marks in design, capacity, and comfort. Equally popular is the Osprey Fairview 40 Women’s Travel Backpack. It combines practicality with a fair price.

Need something versatile? The Paravel Fold-up Backpack folds to a small size, perfect for minimalists. The Mifland Rolltop Rucksack can get bigger quick, handy for added stuff.

The MZ Wallace Black Metro Utility Backpack uses eco-friendly materials and has many pockets. Then there’s the Caraa Stratus Large bag, with lots of space for your laptop and other gear. It’s also waterproof.

For those concerned about safety, the Pacsafe Venturesafe EXP45 Anti-theft Carry-on Travel Backpack is an excellent choice. It’s tough to cut into and has anti-theft features for peace of mind in riskier places.

Here’s a detailed look at some of the top travel backpacks for women:

Backpack Price Unique Features
Pakt Travel Backpack Been in use for nearly four years Durable, easy-access pockets
Baggallini Backpack $130 Stylish design, ample storage
Deuter Aircontact Backpack $230 Comfortable for extended trips
Nordace Siena $109 Built-in USB charging, water-resistant
Exped Typhoon Varies by size (15-30 liters) Waterproof, various sizes
REI Co-op Ruckpack 40L Best for carry-on only travel Robust construction, suitable for hiking

Fashionable backpacks for women travelers come with many features for all kinds of trips. They promise comfort, safety, and style wherever you go.

The Most Stylish Options: Monos Metro Backpack and Duffel

The Monos Metro Backpack and Duffel add a chic touch to any traveler’s gear. They are perfect for style-conscious women who also want their bags to be useful. These bags blend fashion with practical design, a big win for trendy travels.

Style and Color Choices

Choose from nylon or all-vegan leather, they come in elegant colors. The design is simple but beautiful, with comfortable straight straps. The hardware is unbranded, adding to the sleek look.

Functionality and Use

This backpack is not just about looks; it’s highly functional too. It comes with a Metro Kit that’s easy to add or remove. The inside features sections for everything – from a laptop to your toothbrush. It even has a hidden pocket for your most important items, offering extra security.

Comparison With Other Stylish Backpacks

Features Monos Metro Backpack Other Stylish Backpacks
Material Options Nylon, Vegan Leather Varies
Color Choices Multiple Options Depends on Brand
Main Compartment Spacious with Organizational Features Standard
Laptop Compartment Up to 15-inch Up to 13-inch (Commonly)
Hidden Security Pocket Yes Some Models
Price $230 (U.S.) Varies
Water Bottle Pocket No Yes

The Monos Metro Backpack shines among stylish bags for women. It’s perfect for any journey, from busy city tours to frequent airport visits. With this backpack, you travel in style and comfort without compromise.

The Best Anti-Theft Features: Pacsafe X Travel Safe

The Pacsafe X Travel Safe blends security with travel ease, making it perfect for those seeking top anti-theft backpacks. It’s packed with safety features like RFID-blocking pockets, slash-proof materials, and hidden zipper hooks. This ensures your things are safe, even in busy cities.

Security Features

Pacsafe is well-known for its top-notch anti-theft tech. The Pacsafe® CX 8L backpack scores 4.9 out of 5 based on 36 reviews. It’s loved for its great security. The Pacsafe® GO crossbody bag gets a 4.9 from 62 reviews, a favorite for its secure design.

For those with big electronics, the Pacsafe® CX backpack for 16″ laptops has a 4.8 rating over 228 reviews. Customers really trust these products.

Material and Build

Pacsafe is all about quality in both material and make. Their bags use tough, slash-resistant fabrics to fight off theft and survive rough conditions. The Pacsafe® CX convertible backpack and the Pacsafe® EXP45 carry-on pack score high for quality and satisfaction.

Despite the $159.95 price tag, the Pacsafe® LS350 backpack, fitting a 13″ laptop in 15L space and ensuring top security, is a great choice. This shows Pacsafe’s commitment to excellent gear.

The Pacsafe X Travel Safe is the gold standard in safe, tough backpacks for trips. By merging advanced anti-theft details with high-grade materials, Pacsafe lets travelers enjoy their adventures without worry. Their bags and packs, from small crossbody to large travel bags, always get high praise from users around the globe.


What are the top travel backpacks for women?

The top travel backpacks for women are the Pakt Travel Backpack, Nordace Siena, and REI Co-op Ruckpack 40L. Additionally, the Monos Metro Backpack and Pacsafe X Travel Safe are popular. People love them for their tough build, features, and look.

Why is the Pakt Travel Backpack highly recommended?

The Pakt Travel Backpack shines because of its mix of strength and features. It has pockets that are easy to reach and secret spots. It fits well and is great for those always on the go.

What makes the Nordace Siena a smart choice for travelers?

The Nordace Siena stands out with a USB port, strong but light materials, and comfy straps. It marries technology and beauty, making it perfect for modern adventurers.

Is the REI Co-op Ruckpack 40L suitable for carry-on travel?

Yes, the REI Co-op Ruckpack 40L is great as a carry-on. It’s tough and good for both heavy items and short walks. It fits most airline size rules and is a wise pick for those who like to keep it simple.

Are there stylish travel backpacks for women that also offer functionality?

Definitely! Chic picks like the Monos Metro Backpack and Duffel blend style with use. They have big spaces, neat organization, and keep your things dry. They’re spot on for style-minded travelers.

What security features does the Pacsafe X Travel Safe offer?

The Pacsafe X Travel Safe is all about top-notch safety. It uses tech like RFID blocking and tough materials to protect against thieves. They’re a must-have for those heading to risky spots.

Which backpack is best for female hikers?

For the trails, the REI Co-op Ruckpack 40L and Deuter Aircontact 45+10 are top picks. They’re tough, comfy, and ready for long adventures.

What are some versatile backpacks for female travelers?

For all kinds of journeys, try the Pakt Travel Backpack, Nordace Siena, and Pacsafe X Travel Safe. They strike a balance between toughness, function, and style, fitting various travel types.

Are there any affordable yet high-quality travel backpacks for women?

The REI Co-op Ruckpack 40L is a budget gem that doesn’t skimp on quality. It’s the ideal choice for folks who want a solid backpack, minus any extra fluff.

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