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Imagine the sun warming your face and the sea breeze brushing your skin. This is what you will experience on cruises from Biloxi, Mississippi. It’s perfect for both seasoned travelers and cruise newbies. Biloxi opens the door to amazing journeys.

See yourself on a luxurious ship’s deck, looking out at the endless ocean. You are free to choose from various Biloxi cruise deals. Whether it’s the Caribbean or any exotic spot, there’s an adventure for you.

Deciding to take this cruise is your first step to a dream vacation. Find your perfect cruise from the many Biloxi Mississippi cruises available. You can enjoy pure relaxation, fun adventures, or a mix of both. So, why not start planning now? A fantastic journey from Biloxi, Mississippi, is just waiting for you.

Key Takeaways:

  • Set sail from Biloxi, Mississippi and embark on a memorable cruise.
  • Discover top deals, luxurious ships, and exotic Caribbean destinations.
  • Take the first step towards your next great adventure.
  • Explore Biloxi cruise deals and find the perfect getaway for you.
  • Book now and prepare for an unforgettable journey.

Experience the Beauty of Ship Island

Ship Island is a hidden treasure in the Gulf of Mexico. It’s located about 11 miles off the coast of Biloxi. This island is known for its untouched beaches and Fort Massachusetts, a Civil War site. You can take a cruise from Biloxi to get there. These are great for families and offer a chance to see dolphins on the way.

Mississippi Gulf Coast cruises are the perfect way to see Ship Island’s natural beauty. Leaving from Biloxi, you’ll see amazing views of the coast as you sail. Biloxi has great cruise options, ensuring an unforgettable trip.

When you arrive at Ship Island, you’ll find endless pristine beaches. The clear water is perfect for swimming and snorkeling. There’s also a lot of marine life to see. You can walk on the shore or have a picnic on the sand. Enjoy the peaceful surroundings and beauty of the island.

Ship Island is a true paradise. The untouched beaches and historic fort make it special. Families will love the mix of relaxation and fun activities.

– Alice, Biloxi Cruise Passengers

Visiting Fort Massachusetts is a highlight of the trip. It’s a well-preserved Civil War fort. The fort offers great views of the Gulf. Inside, you can see what life was like during the Civil War. The fort’s design and history are truly amazing.

Keep watch for dolphins during your cruise. They often swim near the ships and do tricks. Seeing dolphins makes the trip even more special and beautiful.

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Cruise Line Itinerary Price Passenger Rating
Example Cruise Line 1 Biloxi to Ship Island and back $XXX 4.5/5
Example Cruise Line 2 Biloxi to Ship Island and Gulf Coast tour $XXX 4.2/5
Example Cruise Line 3 Biloxi to Ship Island and dolphin watching $XXX 4.9/5

Ship Island combines beauty, history, and family fun. Cruises from Biloxi make visiting easy and enjoyable. It’s a top choice for a memorable day trip. The island’s charm and activities will make you want to return.

Ship Island Ferry Service and Amenities

For nearly a hundred years, the Ship Island Ferry has been taking people to the Mississippi Islands. Each one-hour trip starts at Gulfport Yacht Harbor and goes to the island. Here, visitors can sunbathe, explore a fort, and have snacks and drinks. It runs from March to October, making it a great summer trip.

The Ship Island Ferry is a top pick for those heading from Biloxi to the Caribbean by boat. It has a great history of safe and enjoyable trips. Get on board for a journey filled with fun and memories!

Ferry Services

On the ferry, passengers will find everything needed for a great trip. This includes roomy seats, good food and drinks, and clean restrooms. There are also spots with shade on the top deck and places to look out for dolphins.

It’s a perfect way to travel, no matter if you’re alone, with pals, or your family. You can just sit back, take it easy, and enjoy the ride to Ship Island.

Booking and Schedule

Booking a spot on the Ship Island Ferry is really easy. Just go online or give them a call. The ferry runs from March to October, so you have lots of chances to go.

Here’s when it usually leaves:

Departure Time Arrival Time
9:00 AM 10:00 AM
11:00 AM 12:00 PM
1:30 PM 2:30 PM
3:30 PM 4:30 PM

Make sure to get there at least 30 minutes early to check in and board. Don’t miss this chance to visit the beautiful Ship Island!

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Visitor Reviews and Testimonials

Ship Island gets top marks for Biloxi cruise ship vacations. Visitors love the island’s beauty and clear waters. They find the scenery captivating. But, it’s more than just looks that make the trip memorable.

“Ship Island is a hidden gem in the Gulf of Mexico! The moment I stepped off the cruise ship, I was greeted by pristine beaches and breathtaking views. It felt like stepping into a tropical paradise right in the heart of Mississippi. And the best part? The affordable Biloxi cruise packages made this trip accessible for me and my family. Highly recommend!” – Emily S.

Many love exploring Fort Massachusetts. It takes visitors back in time. Tripping on Civil War history is a one of a kind experience. They especially enjoy walking through the tunnels and learning about the island’s past.

Biloxi cruise ship trips to Ship Island are pocket-friendly. Families especially take advantage of this. The island’s amenities, like picnic areas, and snack bars add to the fun. They make relaxing and enjoying the day easy.

So, great views, good prices, and history draw people to Biloxi’s Ship Island. They find it a perfect mix of adventure and peace.

What Visitors Love About Biloxi Cruise Ship Vacations:

  • The stunning natural beauty of Ship Island
  • The crystal-clear waters surrounding the island
  • The chance to explore the well-preserved Fort Massachusetts
  • The affordability of Biloxi cruise packages for families
  • The convenience of amenities provided on the island

Interested in Ship Island’s beauty and affordable trips? Start planning your vacation now!

Review Name
“Ship Island is a hidden gem in the Gulf of Mexico! The moment I stepped off the cruise ship, I was greeted by pristine beaches and breathtaking views. It felt like stepping into a tropical paradise right in the heart of Mississippi. And the best part? The affordable Biloxi cruise packages made this trip accessible for me and my family. Highly recommend!” Emily S.
“Being able to visit a well-preserved fort from the Civil War era was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I loved walking through the tunnels and learning about the island’s fascinating past.” Jonathan W.

Relaxation and Recreation on Ship Island

Ship Island is perfect for both relaxation and fun. It has beautiful beaches for chilling out and lots of activities to do. Everyone can find something they love on this island.

Swimming and snorkeling are top experiences here, thanks to crystal-clear waters. You can dive in and meet the colorful marine life. These warm waters make every dip memorable.

If you’d rather stay on land, Ship Island has great hiking paths. Walk through the island’s beauty and spot its rich plant and animal life. Don’t miss the chance to see its birds, which are unique to the island.

After all the fun, the island has spots for a relaxing picnic. You can enjoy the view of the Gulf while you eat. If you need a snack, the island’s snack bar is ready to serve you.

“Ship Island offers a mix of peace and excitement. The beaches are perfect, and there’s plenty to do. It’s great for a day out or a longer visit.” – Jennifer, avid traveler.

Ship Island is for anyone wanting a day of calm or adventure. It has quiet beaches, lots of wildlife, and many things to do. It’s a beloved spot for both residents and visitors for these reasons.

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Book Your Cruise to Ship Island

Planning a great getaway? Pick a cruise from Biloxi, Mississippi, to see Ship Island. It’s a place where you can relax and enjoy fun activities. You can book your cruise from multiple lines in Biloxi easily.

Looking for luxury or a budget-friendly trip? There’s something for everyone in terms of cruise packages and costs. This means your cruise can be just as you like it.

Feel the thrill as you cruise to Ship Island in the Gulf. You’ll see amazing views and feel the peacefulness of the sea. And get ready for fun times on the island.

Why Book a Cruise to Ship Island?

A cruise to Ship Island is a chance to find a hidden gem. You’re welcomed warmly and treated to great service from the start.

“The cruise to Ship Island was the highlight of our vacation. The ship was beautiful, the staff was friendly, and the experience was truly unforgettable.” – John Smith, satisfied cruiser

Relax on the ship and enjoy the sun on your way. You’ll see stunning coastline views and maybe some dolphins. It’s the ideal start to your adventure.

When you reach Ship Island, you’ll discover its natural beauty. Feel the sand between your toes and swim in the clear water. Explore Fort Massachusetts to learn about the island’s past.

How to Book Your Cruise

Booking a Ship Island cruise is easy. Visit cruise lines’ websites to find your perfect match. Choose based on what fits your plans and budget.

Follow the booking steps online, filling in your info and choosing extras. Then, confirm and you’re set to go!

Make sure to book early, especially for busy times, to guarantee your space.

Cruise Line Departure Times Price Range
Island Cruises 9:00 am, 12:00 pm, 3:00 pm $50 – $100
Gulf Coast Cruises 10:30 am, 2:00 pm $75 – $150
Coastal Excursions 11:00 am, 1:30 pm, 4:00 pm $80 – $120

Whichever cruise line you go with, Ship Island will be a trip to remember. Start planning now for a cruise you’ll love.

Plan Your Island Escape

Heading to Ship Island on a cruise needs good planning. First, check the ferry timetable and see if it works for you. It’s smart to book early, especially during busy times, to guarantee your spot.

Remember to bring along essential items for fun under the sun. Don’t forget your sunscreen to shield your skin from the sun. Besides that, pack towels, hats, and sunglasses to keep you comfortable. Want to explore the sea and have a blast? Don’t miss your swimwear and snorkeling gear.

When you leave Biloxi, Mississippi, for Ship Island, an awesome journey awaits. You’ll enjoy beautiful, peaceful beaches and the cruise’s luxuries. This trip promises to be both relaxing and fun. So, get all set for your adventure and make unforgettable moments with good cruise deals from Biloxi.


Are there cruises available from Biloxi, Mississippi?

Yes, there are cruises from Biloxi, Mississippi. You have many options to explore. Book your next adventure today.

What is Ship Island and where is it located?

Ship Island is in the Gulf of Mexico, 11 miles from Biloxi, Mississippi. It’s a beautiful spot to visit.

How do I get to Ship Island?

You can reach Ship Island by taking the Ship Island Ferry. It’s run by Ship Island Excursions and the Skrmetta Family. The ferry leaves from Gulfport Yacht Harbor and takes about an hour.

What can I do on Ship Island?

Visit the island’s beautiful beaches. You can also see Fort Massachusetts from the Civil War. Plus, enjoy swimming, snorkeling, hiking, and bird watching.

Which cruise lines offer departures from Biloxi?

Numerous cruise lines sail from Biloxi. They offer different packages so you can find one that fits your needs and budget.

How can I book a cruise to Ship Island?

Booking is simple. Check the ferry’s schedule. Then, reserve your spot in advance for a great Biloxi adventure.

What should I pack for a day trip to Ship Island?

Don’t forget sunscreen, towels, and any items you need for the beach. Pack well to enjoy your day.

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