Canada Escorted Tours 2020: Unforgettable Trips

canada escorted tours 2020

Imagine yourself in Banff National Park. You’re surrounded by stunning landscapes. There are snow-capped peaks, glacial lakes, and wildlife. Now, picture walking in Toronto. It’s alive with skyscrapers, markets, and culture. These places in Canada are waiting to be explored on guided tours in 2020.

Canada’s escorted tours make traveling easy and fun. They’re perfect for nature lovers, adventure fans, and those who seek culture. With expert guides, you’ll see Canada’s best spots. And you’ll do it stress-free, knowing everything is taken care of.

Key Takeaways:

  • Canada is a diverse country with stunning landscapes and vibrant cities, making it an ideal destination for escorted tours in 2020.
  • Escorted tours offer a hassle-free and immersive travel experience, allowing travelers to discover the best of Canada with knowledgeable tour guides.
  • From the beauty of Banff National Park to the vibrant streets of Toronto, there are countless experiences to be had in Canada.
  • Choose a tour that aligns with your interests and preferences, whether you’re interested in nature, adventure, or culture.
  • By booking an escorted tour in advance, you can secure your spot and start looking forward to an unforgettable adventure in Canada.

Why Choose Canada for an Escorted Tour?

Canada is perfect for a memorable tour, with its stunning landscapes like the Rocky Mountains and Niagara Falls. A tour lets you see hidden gems and learn about its rich culture. It’s all made easy with a knowledgeable guide.

Guided tours in Canada make visiting top places simple. Guides share insights and make the trip more exciting. It’s like having a friend show you around.

Joining a tour also means you don’t have to worry about planning. Everything is arranged for you. This allows you to focus on the amazing views and new experiences.

Explore Canada’s Diverse Landscapes

From mountains to coastlines, Canada’s land is diverse and breathtaking. A tour takes you to the best spots, letting you enjoy its beauty fully.

See the Rocky Mountains in Banff National Park. The views are jaw-dropping, and you might spot some wildlife. Don’t miss taking photos at Lake Louise or Moraine Lake.

In the east, witness Niagara Falls’ might. Get up close on a boat to feel its power. It’s a natural wonder that will stay with you forever.

Immerse Yourself in Canadian Culture

A Canadian tour is a chance to dive into its culture. Visit cities like Toronto and Quebec City to see the mix of European and North American influence.

Explore historical sites, like Old Quebec. You can also learn about the First Nations’ rich heritage. Try local food too. Each region offers tasty dishes, like poutine in Quebec.

The Best Canadian Tours 2020

For 2020, there are tours for every interest. Whether it’s the stunning nature, culture, or wildlife, you’ll find a perfect match. Choose a tour that fits what you love.

“Embarking on an escorted tour in Canada allows you to discover the country’s hidden gems with the guidance of knowledgeable tour guides.”
– Travel Canada Magazine

Top Canadian Tours 2020

Tour Name Highlights Duration
Rocky Mountain Adventure Explore Banff and Jasper National Parks, experience the Icefields Parkway, visit Lake Louise and Moraine Lake 7 days
Eastern Canada Discovery Discover Montreal, Quebec City, and Ottawa, visit Niagara Falls, enjoy the charm of Prince Edward Island 10 days
Wildlife Expedition Encounter bears, whales, and other wildlife in their natural habitats, explore the coastal beauty of Vancouver Island 14 days

Joining a tour in Canada unfolds the country’s beauty in front of you. You’ll visit famous places, experience various cultures, and create lasting memories. Choose from the top tours in 2020 for an amazing trip through Canada.

Top Escorted Travel Experiences in Canada

Canada is filled with escorted travel experiences that will take your breath away. The country boasts stunning natural scenes and rich history. Here are some top travel experiences you shouldn’t miss:

1. Exploring the Canadian Rockies

The Canadian Rockies will leave you in awe with their beauty. Join a tour to see Banff, Jasper, and the Icefields Parkway. You’ll see majestic mountains, clear lakes, and maybe even some wildlife.

2. Witnessing the Stunning Beauty of Gros Morne National Park

Gros Morne offers natural beauty like no other. This park in Newfoundland has fjords, cliffs, and great hikes. Hiking up Gros Morne Mountain will give you amazing views.

3. Visiting the Historical Sites in St. John’s

St. John’s is full of history waiting to be explored. See Signal Hill and the colorful Jellybean Row. Walk the lively downtown and enjoy some local seafood.

4. Taking a Boat Tour in Witless Bay Ecological Reserve

Join a boat tour in Witless Bay and meet puffins and whales up close. The reserve in Newfoundland is known for its wildlife and coast. The guided tour brings the best views and insights into the area.

These Canadian travel experiences are a great way to see the country. With expert guides, you’ll learn a lot and have memories to last a lifetime.

top escorted travel experiences

Luxury Guided Tours in Canada

For those who want a fancy and top-notch trip, Canada has luxury guided tours. These tours include fancy stays, great food, and VIP access. They let you sleep in cool château hotels and eat nice meals. It’s all about enjoying luxury while you travel.

The Royal Canadian Experience tour is a favorite. It shows off big places like Banff National Park and Niagara Falls. You stay in luxury hotels and resorts with stunning views. Plus, the tour guides share deep info and make sure you have an amazing time.

The Pacific Coast Escape tour focuses on British Columbia’s beautiful coast. You get to see the Pacific Ocean in style, staying in pretty oceanfront resorts. The tour has great things like private yacht trips and fancy seafood dinners.

Exclusive Experiences

These tours offer special experiences you won’t forget. Like private helicopter rides over the Rockies. Or exclusive access to cultural shows. They make your trip truly unique with unforgettable moments.

“The luxury guided tours in Canada offer an exceptional level of service and attention to detail. From the moment you arrive, you are treated like royalty, with personalized service and access to exclusive experiences.” – Maria Thompson, Luxury Travel Enthusiast

Choosing a luxury guided tour means not worrying about the details. Everything from where you stay to what you eat is taken care of. It lets you focus on enjoying the trip without stress.

These tours let you explore Canada in an amazing way. You can visit the wild Canadian Rockies, relax in a luxury spa, or try top-notch food. They help you see Canada’s beauty and culture in a special and memorable way.

luxury guided tours in Canada

Group Tours in Canada 2020

Group tours in Canada are a thrilling way to see the country with other travelers. They are great for solo adventurers or groups of friends alike. You get to connect with others and make unforgettable memories together.

Discover the beauty of Canada in the company of other travel enthusiasts.

In these tours, you meet new friends from different backgrounds. You bond over a deep love for exploring and finding new places. The friendships you make can last long after the journey is over.

Group tours come with a prepared route, which means less planning stress for you. Tour guides take you to must-see spots and hidden wonders. So, you get a full and deep look at Canada, from its famous landmarks to its lesser-known treasures.

“Traveling in a group allows you to experience Canada in a whole new light. The shared laughter, stories, and discoveries create memories that will last a lifetime.”

On top of making new friends, these tours often have guided activities that help you understand local cultures better. You can learn about indigenous peoples, their traditional ceremonies, and eat their food. These activities allow you to feel Canada’s true spirit.

There’s a variety of tours to pick from, whether you like action-packed adventures or relaxed wine tastings. Each tour is carefully planned to show you the best parts of Canada. You won’t miss its famous sites, natural sights, and diverse cultures.

Group Tours Highlights

Tour Duration Destinations
Canadian Rockies Explorer 10 days Banff National Park, Jasper National Park, Lake Louise
Eastern Canada Discovery 14 days Toronto, Ottawa, Quebec City, Montreal
Coastal Adventure 7 days Vancouver Island, Tofino, Victoria
Maritimes and Newfoundland 12 days Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland

Whatever tour you select, you’ll surely have an amazing time. You’ll get to explore Canada in a unique and immersive way.

Plan Your Canada Escorted Tour 2020

When planning your Canada escorted tour for 2020, consider what you love, your choices, and how much you can spend. This will make it easier to find the best tour for you.

Looking at different tour companies and what they offer is key. Make sure the tour goes where you want and has activities you like. Don’t forget to check how long the tour is, where you’ll stay, and what’s included in the price.

Reading what other travelers thought in reviews is smart. It gives you a hint of what the tour might be like. This will help you pick a good tour company for an unforgettable trip.

If you find the ideal tour, book it early to be safe. Tours to Canada in 2020 are popular and spots can run out fast. When your tour is set, all you have to do is get excited for your trip to Canada.


Why should I choose Canada for an escorted tour?

Canada is perfect for guided tours in 2020 because it has a mix of nature and cities. You can see Banff National Park’s beauty or visit busy Toronto. With a guide, your trip is smooth and full of fun. They help you see Canada’s best, looking after you all the way.

What are the top escorted travel experiences in Canada?

Exploring the Canadian Rockies is a top experience. You can also visit Gros Morne National Park and St. John’s historical sites. Don’t miss the boat tour at Witless Bay to see puffins. These tours let you dive into Canada’s natural beauty and culture while being guided.

Are luxury guided tours available in Canada?

Yes, Canada has luxury tours that spoil you. They offer top places to stay, delicious food, and exclusive experiences. Imagine staying in elegant châteaus and enjoying fine dining. These tours make your trip extra special.

Are there group tours available in Canada?

Definitely, group tours are a fun way to see Canada with others. You get to meet new friends. Plus, you share the adventure with like-minded people. These tours often have expert guides and cultural events. This helps you learn more about Canada’s ways.

How should I plan my Canada escorted tour in 2020?

Start by thinking about what you like and how much you want to spend. Look at different tour companies to find one that fits your dream trip. Check the tour’s length, where you’ll stay, and what’s included. Reading reviews from others helps pick a good tour. Once you decide, book early. This makes your Canada dream trip real.

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