Does St Petersburg Have a Beach? Explore the Sunny Shores

does st petersburg have a beach

When you think of St. Petersburg, Florida, you might picture its lively arts scene or beautiful downtown. But, there are also amazing beaches here. And yes, St. Petersburg does have a beach. It’s a dream come true for anyone who loves beaches.

St. Pete Beach is on the West Coast of Florida in the Tampa Bay area. It has calm, turquoise waters and soft, white sand. This place is always on top beach lists in the U.S., pulling in visitors from everywhere.

You can get to St. Pete Beach easily from Tampa or St. Petersburg – Clearwater Airports. Once there, you can relax on the sand or swim in the Gulf of Mexico. If you’re feeling active, there’s also biking along Gulf Boulevard. And if you’re up for adventures, nearby state parks and islands are just a short trip away.

Key Takeaways:

  • St. Pete Beach in Florida offers stunning beaches with calm, turquoise waters and white, powdery sand.
  • The beach is consistently ranked among the top beaches in the United States.
  • The beach can be easily accessed from Tampa International Airport or the St. Petersburg – Clearwater Airport.
  • Visitors can enjoy a variety of beach activities such as lounging, swimming, biking, and exploring nearby state parks and islands.
  • St. Pete Beach is a beach lover’s paradise waiting to be discovered.

A Beach Lover’s Paradise at St. Pete Beach

St. Pete Beach on Florida’s West Coast is perfect for anyone who loves the beach. It has beautiful white sand and amazing views of the Gulf of Mexico. That’s why it’s one of the top spots in St. Petersburg.

St. Pete Beach offers a wide range of beach experiences. If you’re looking for the best places to catch some sun and relax, you’re in luck. Here are a few top beaches to check out:

  1. Upham Beach Park: It’s at the north end of St. Pete Beach, making it perfect for families. This spot is great for those who prefer a peaceful, less crowded beach.
  2. Pass-a-Grille Beach: Found at St. Pete’s southern tip, it offers a calm, friendly atmosphere. This beach stands out for its quaint community and beautiful Gulf Coast views.
  3. Beach at TradeWinds Island Grand Resort: This one is right at the TradeWinds Island Grand Resort. It has everything from nice restaurant options to fun water sports. There’s always something fun to do here.

If you dream of a day full of relaxation or just want to go swimming, St. Pete Beach is the place for you. It’s perfect for everyone, from sunbathers to those looking for luxury. Bring your sunscreen and let the beach fun begin!

Beach Name Description
Upham Beach Park A family-friendly beach with a laid-back atmosphere
Pass-a-Grille Beach A charming beachfront community with a relaxed vibe
Beach at TradeWinds Island Grand Resort A beachfront resort offering a range of amenities and activities

Explore the Beach Activities in St. Pete Beach

St. Pete Beach has something for everyone, from relaxing to adventurous activities. Whether you prefer soaking up the sun or diving into the water, this beach is the place for you. Here are some top things to do in St. Pete Beach:

Beach Access and Amenities

Finding beach access in St. Pete Beach is easy. You can rent chairs and umbrellas from hotels and local shops. This makes your beach day both comfy and enjoyable.

Water Fun

If you love water activities, St. Pete Beach is ideal. You can rent floats or boogie boards and ride the waves. It’s a thrilling way to spend time and make memories.

Exploring by Bike

Exploring St. Pete Beach by bike is a great experience. Along Gulf Boulevard, you’ll find beautiful views on your way to Pass-a-Grille. It’s a leisurely way to enjoy the beach and its surroundings.

Local Events

St. Pete Beach has many events that make the beach visit more fun. You can join the vintage Volkswagen Beach Bash or the Beach goes Pops concert series. These shows offer entertainment and a chance to meet locals.

Mini-Golf Adventure

For family-friendly fun, visit Smuggler’s Cove Adventure Golf in Madeira Beach. Enjoy a round of mini-golf at this tropical-themed course. It’s a fun and relaxing way to spend time with loved ones.

Discover Nearby Islands and Parks

Rent a deck boat and explore the islands and parks near St. Pete Beach. Places like Shell Key Preserve and Caladesi Island State Park are waiting to be explored. It’s a chance to connect with nature and find new spots along the coast.

beach access in st petersburg

St. Pete Beach combines relaxation and adventure perfectly. Whether you’re sunbathing or swimming, this beach is where memories are made.

Experience the Beachfront Charm of St. Pete Beach

St. Pete Beach is a dream for those who love the beach. It’s in Florida, in the Tampa Bay area. This spot has amazing beaches, clear blue water, and soft, white sand.

St. Pete Beach has great places to stay near the water. Two top picks are the Postcard Inn on the Beach and the Don CeSar. They come with pools, beach bars, live music, and more for a fun time.

There are also cool beachfront bars in St. Pete Beach. The Undertow and Postcard Inn are well-known. You can hear live music, have a cocktail, and enjoy the beach vibe.

The beach is set up with chairs, umbrellas, and cabanas. It’s perfect for relaxing or swimming in the Gulf. St. Pete Beach has everything you need for a great beach day.

Indulge in Delicious Beachfront Dining

St. Pete Beach offers dining choices with stunning beachfront views. You can enjoy fresh seafood or a beachside cocktail. There are many options to please your palate.

“The Wharf in Pass-a-Grille is the perfect spot to indulge in waterfront dining with panoramic views of the beach and delicious seafood dishes that capture the essence of St. Pete Beach.”

Try a beachy take on English pub food at the Sea Turtle for breakfast. You can enjoy dishes like blueberry pancakes and corned beef hash eggs Benedict. It all comes with a side of laid-back beach atmosphere.

For an upscale meal, visit 1200 Chophouse. Their steaks are famous for being perfectly cooked and delicious.

Maritana Grille at the Don CeSar Hotel offers a unique seafood dining experience. The elegant setting invites you to enjoy expertly prepared seafood dishes.

There are dining options for all at St. Pete Beach, from romantic dinners to casual meals with friends. The beachfront views will impress you.

Stay in Beachfront Accommodations in St. Pete Beach

St. Pete Beach has something for every type of traveler. From the luxury of beachfront resorts to quaint, vintage inns, options abound. All are just a short walk from the stunning beaches.

Luxurious Full-Service Resorts

High-end seekers should head to the Don CeSar or the TradeWinds Resorts. They both offer top-notch amenities like pools and beach bars. Enjoy ultimate relaxation with views over the Gulf of Mexico.

Charming “Old Florida” Accommodations

For a historic vibe, check out Bon-Aire Resort or Coconut Inn. These spots capture the essence of “Old Florida”. You can enjoy the chill atmosphere and learn about St. Pete Beach’s past.

Affordable Options with Beachside Fun

Dolphin Beach Resort is perfect for those on a budget. It features a large pool and a beach bar. You can have a blast without spending too much.

Stylish and Laid-Back Experiences

The Saint and Bellwether Beach Resort are ideal for a trendy, chill stay. These places offer a stylish yet relaxed vibe. Perfect for unwinding and enjoying the beach.

Wherever you stay in St. Pete Beach, a beachfront adventure awaits. Secure your spot and prepare to enjoy the beautiful sandy shores.

Explore the Surrounding Areas of St. Pete Beach

St. Pete Beach is famous for its gorgeous shoreline. But, there are more amazing spots nearby. Clearwater Beach, Honeymoon Island, and Shell Key are some places known for their beautiful beaches and clear waters.

Clearwater Beach is full of life and excitement. It’s a hotspot for water sports like parasailing, jet skiing, and paddleboarding. It’s perfect for those craving adventure or wanting to enjoy the Gulf of Mexico.

Honeymoon Island and Shell Key offer a quiet paradise for nature lovers. These spots have untouched beaches and natural landscapes. They are perfect for a peaceful escape surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Exploring around St. Pete Beach shows the Gulf Coast’s true charm. Whether you want to be thrilled or find peace, these places will make your visit special. They are bound to leave a lasting impression.

best beaches in st petersburg

Recommended Beaches in the Surrounding Area

Here are a few of the top beaches in the St. Petersburg area:

Beach Description
Clearwater Beach A lively beach with a vibrant atmosphere and a wide range of water sports activities.
Honeymoon Island A serene beach with undeveloped landscapes, perfect for nature lovers.
Shell Key A pristine beach offering untouched beauty and a tranquil escape from the crowds.

Plan Your Perfect Beach Day in St. Pete Beach

Start by picking the best beach for your St. Pete Beach day. Each spot has its own flair. Upham Beach Park is great for families. It has a friendly vibe and lots of room for kids to have fun. For a chill spot, head to Pass-a-Grille Beach. It’s known for its calm feel and pretty sights.

Want a beach that feels like a resort? Check out TradeWinds Island Grand Resort’s beach. You get the perks of a fancy resort near the water. Whether you’re with family, want a peaceful day, or seek a luxury beach experience, St. Pete Beach has it all.

Next, dive into what the beaches offer for fun. Rent chairs and umbrellas for a comfy beach day. Or, take a bike ride on Gulf Boulevard for awesome beach views. Love water sports? You can jet ski, paddleboard, and more.

Don’t miss the beach resorts and dining if you want a full beach day. Beach resorts have pools, bars, and easy beach access. Try the yummy beachfront food with views to match. St. Pete Beach is packed with options for a perfect day by the sea.


Does St Petersburg have a beach?

Yes, St. Petersburg has St. Pete Beach. It’s a stunning spot on Florida’s West Coast. It’s in the Tampa Bay area.

What are the best beaches in St. Petersburg?

Some top beaches here are Upham Beach Park, Pass-a-Grille Beach, and the one at TradeWinds Island Grand Resort.

What beach activities can I enjoy in St. Petersburg?

There’s a lot to do at St. Petersburg’s beaches. Enjoy lying in the sun, swim in the Gulf of Mexico, or bike along Gulf Boulevard.You can also rent a deck boat to see state parks and islands nearby.

Where can I find beachfront resorts in St. Petersburg?

St. Pete Beach has many beachfront resorts. Examples are Postcard Inn on the Beach and the famous Don CeSar. They offer great stays with pools, bars, and music right by the beach.

What dining options are available with beachfront views in St. Petersburg?

St. Pete Beach dining with a view is amazing. Try The Wharf in Pass-a-Grille, the Sea Turtle for breakfast, or 1200 Chophouse for steaks.For seafood, the Maritana Grille at Don CeSar Hotel is a must-visit.

What accommodations are available in St. Petersburg?

St. Pete Beach has something for every visitor. Choose from resorts like Don CeSar to ‘Old Florida’ spots like Bon-Aire Resort and Coconut Inn. It fits any budget.

What are some nearby destinations to explore from St. Petersburg?

For a break from St. Petersburg, head to Clearwater Beach, Honeymoon Island, or Shell Key. These places have beautiful beaches and clear waters.

How can I plan my beach day in St. Petersburg?

First, pick the beach you’d love to visit like Upham Beach Park or Pass-a-Grille Beach. Look into fun activities, nearby resorts, and good places to eat. This will make for a great day by the sea in St. Petersburg.

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