Destin vs Myrtle Beach: Which Beach Destination is Better?

destin vs myrtle beach

Choosing your next beach vacation can be tough. Destin and Myrtle Beach are both top choices with beautiful beaches and fun things to do. Let’s see how they stack up against each other.

Destin, Florida is known for adventures like fishing and watching dolphins. Myrtle Beach, on the other hand, has a ton of fun for kids. They have amusement parks, water parks, and live shows.

The two places have different vibes. Myrtle Beach is lively and packed with people. In comparison, Destin offers a calm and relaxing setting.

For the best sandy spots, it really depends on what you like. Both Destin and Myrtle Beach have won awards for their stunning shores.

Looking for fun outside the beach? You’ll love the amusement and water parks in both Destin and Myrtle Beach. Families will have lots to do.

Myrtle Beach: Endless Fun for Kids

Myrtle Beach sits right on the stunning coast of South Carolina, offering a haven for kids. It’s packed with fun activities that will make your children’s time here unforgettable.

Warm Sands and Gentle Waves

Of course, the beach is the star of Myrtle Beach. It features soft sands and gentle waves, perfect for fun like building sandcastles, searching for seashells, and swimming.

Thrilling Amusement parks and Cool Arcades

But the excitement goes beyond the beach. The Myrtle Beach Boardwalk is full of amusement parks and arcades. These places are heaven for kids looking for adventures.

Delicious Ice Cream Delights

No trip to the beach is finished without ice cream. Along the Boardwalk, you’ll find ice cream shops filled with tasty flavors. Whether it’s a classic or a new mix, there’s something sweet for everyone.

Did You Know? Myrtle Beach has the East Coast’s largest Ferris wheel. The Myrtle Beach SkyWheel offers stunning views of the sea and city.

Discover Marine Wonders at Ripley’s Aquarium

Ripley’s Aquarium is a must-visit. Here, kids can see fish, penguins, and jellyfish up close. It’s a chance to learn about and enjoy the ocean’s beauty.

Miniature Golf and Water Parks

For a fun family game, explore the many mini-golf spots in Myrtle Beach. There are also water parks perfect for sliding and splashing.

Plus, the city is alive with lively shows. They include music, laughter, and amazing acts, making thrill-packed nights for families.

Myrtle Beach offers a wide range of experiences for kids. Whether it’s beach fun, rides, marine life, or sweet treats, they’ll love every moment in this vibrant seaside spot.

Destin, Florida: Outdoor Adventures Galore

In Destin, Florida, there are many exciting outdoor adventures waiting. The beaches have stunning turquoise water and white sand. They are perfect for all kinds of fun.

Looking for a great fishing trip or a chance to see dolphins? Destin has you covered. You can get on a charter boat and head out to sea. Here, you can fish for red snapper and grouper.

Love the idea of diving deep into the ocean? Scuba diving in Destin is a must. You’ll get to see amazing marine life down there.

“Destin is more than its beaches. It offers amazing outdoor adventures like fishing and dolphin watching.”

Wish to see dolphins up close? Take a dolphin watching tour. As you sail, watch for dolphins swimming nearby. It’s an experience nature lovers will never forget.

Want to explore more? Rent a boat to visit Crab Island. It’s famous for its lively feel and water activities. This spot is perfect for fun in the water or on the beach.

Prefer staying on the mainland? Don’t miss Henderson Beach State Park. It’s a beautiful place with trails for walking and biking. Bring a picnic and enjoy the lovely views.

Destin: A Haven for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Destin is truly a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts. It offers memorable fishing, dolphin watching, and time with nature. Anyone looking for a special coastal vacation will love Destin.

Outdoor Activities Highlights
Fishing Charters Catch red snapper and grouper
Dolphin Watching Observe playful dolphins in their natural habitat
Scuba Diving Explore the mesmerizing underwater world
Boat Rentals to Crab Island Enjoy water activities and beach games
Henderson Beach State Park Escape to a serene natural oasis with hiking and picnicking

Crowd Comparison

Both Myrtle Beach and Destin are busiest in the summer. Myrtle Beach sees a lot of visitors in spring too. Destin, however, has nice weather in spring and fall, so it stays busy then as well.

Myrtle Beach is famous and it’s clear why – it’s a top spot for families. There are tons of fun things to do for all ages.

Destin, on the other hand, is all about peace and quiet. It’s not as lively as Myrtle Beach. This makes it great for a calm vacation by the ocean.

While both places have lots of visitors, they offer very different vibes. Myrtle Beach is full of energy, while Destin is more low-key. So, you can pick the type of vacation that sounds best for you.

If you’re interested to see how the crowds compare, check out this table:

Destinations Crowd Level
Myrtle Beach High
Destin Relaxed

crowd comparison

Best Beaches

Determining the best beach varies from person to person. Myrtle Beach in South Carolina is a top pick, often winning awards. Destin, known for its white sand and clear water, is a favorite family spot. Both places have beautiful beaches, each appealing to different tastes.

Myrtle Beach is full of life, with its long shorelines and bustling boardwalk. Here, you can build sandcastles, surf the waves, or take a leisurely walk. It’s perfect for all family members.

Meanwhile, Destin is ideal for those seeking peace and quiet. Its beaches and serene vibe offer a chance to unwind. Enjoy the stunning Gulf Coast while basking in the sunshine.

Both spots offer a range of water sports and adventure. You can jet ski, parasail, or simply relax by the water. There’s something for everyone.

Myrtle Beach:

Myrtle Beach is loved for its soft sand and lively vibes. It has attractions for all, like amusement parks and delicious food. A perfect spot for fun and relaxation.


Destin’s beauty lies in its clear waters and unspoiled nature. It’s great for outdoor lovers, offering fishing and boating. Explore and find your paradise here.

Finding the right beach is all about what you like. Whether you enjoy a lively beach town or a more secluded spot, Myrtle Beach and Destin both promise unforgettable times. Choose where you dream of making memories.

Amusement and Water Parks

Myrtle Beach and Destin have fun-filled amusement and water parks. They’re great for families. You can find thrilling rides, water slides, and more for exciting times.

Myrtle Beach:

Myrtle Beach has many amusement and water parks for everyone’s liking. Check out these popular spots:

  • Family Kingdom: Offers thrilling rides, roller coasters, and fun carnival games.
  • Myrtle Waves Water Park: It’s full of excitement with slides, lazy rivers, and wave pools.
  • Wild Water & Wheels: Enjoy slides, pools, and even go-kart racing with the family.
  • Broadway Grand Prix: Race in go-karts, play arcade games, and mini-golf.


Visitors in Destin won’t be disappointed with their parks either. Here’s what they offer:

  • Big Kahuna’s Water & Adventure Park: A favorite for families with slides, pools, and more.
  • The Track: Features go-karts, bumper cars, mini-golf, and an arcade.

Myrtle Beach has more parks than Destin. Yet, both places promise lots of fun. From racing down slides to thrilling rides, these parks will make lasting family memories.

Below is a table for a quick look at the parks in Myrtle Beach and Destin:

Myrtle Beach Destin
Family Kingdom Big Kahuna’s Water & Adventure Park
Myrtle Waves Water Park The Track
Wild Water & Wheels
Broadway Grand Prix

Both spots have unique fun parks perfect for families. In Myrtle Beach or Destin, you’ll enjoy endless entertainment. They make vacations memorable.

Amusement Park in Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach vs Destin Florida: Final Thoughts

After comparing Myrtle Beach and Destin, choose based on your likes and what you need for a vacation. Myrtle Beach is great if you love fun for kids, lots of activities, and a lively beach vibe. On the flip side, Destin is perfect for those who enjoy the outdoors, fishing, and a quiet beach feel.

Think about when you’ll go, who you’ll be with, and what you like to do. For families with young kids, Myrtle Beach shines with its family-friendly fun. The kids will stay busy with the parks and shows.

If you prefer outdoor adventures or fishing, Destin should top your list. There, you can take fishing trips or tours to see dolphins. It’s all about getting close to nature and having exciting times.

Both Myrtle Beach and Destin guarantee an amazing beach escape. The tips we’ve shared will help you choose wisely. Reading reviews from other travelers can provide helpful advice.

When you’re close to deciding, think about what kind of coastal place appeals to you. Myrtle Beach and Destin, each with its unique charm, assure a memorable holiday. It will be a time filled with happiness, fun, and lasting moments.

Myrtle Beach Destin
Endless fun for kids Outdoor adventures galore
Vibrant nightlife Abundant fishing opportunities
Bustling beach atmosphere Relaxed beach experience

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These tips and articles are here to help you plan a great trip to either Destin or Myrtle Beach. Happy exploring!


Is Destin or Myrtle Beach a better beach destination?

It depends on what you enjoy and need on your vacation. Myrtle Beach is perfect if you love fun for kids, a busy beach life, and many places to go at night. For a more relaxing time, Destin is great. It offers outdoor fun, lots of fishing, and a calm beach. Think about what you love to do on vacation and who’s coming with you.

What are the fun activities for kids in Myrtle Beach?

Myrtle Beach is full of fun things for kids. They can build sandcastles and swim in the ocean, visit amusement parks and arcades on the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, or check out Ripley’s Aquarium. They can also see great views from the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel, play mini-golf, or enjoy water parks. Plus, there are fun live shows to watch.

What outdoor adventures can I enjoy in Destin, Florida?

Destin is a dream for people who love the outdoors. You can swim, look for fish, and relax at the beach. Or, go on a fishing charter to catch fish or watch dolphins. Other fun things include scuba diving, seeing Cry Island by boat, and hiking at Henderson Beach State Park.

What is the crowd comparison between Myrtle Beach and Destin?

Myrtle Beach draws a lot of families, with millions visiting each year. It’s especially packed in the summer and during spring break. Destin is quieter and more laid back, which people looking for peace love. Its busy season is in the spring and fall when the weather is nice.

What are the best beaches in Myrtle Beach and Destin?

Both Myrtle Beach and Destin have stunning beaches. The best one for you depends on what you like. Myrtle Beach has been voted the top U.S. beach, while Destin’s beaches with white sand and clear water are also loved. They were picked as top family spots too.

What amusement and water parks are there in Myrtle Beach and Destin?

Myrtle Beach has lots of fun parks like Family Kingdom, Myrtle Waves Water Park, and more. Destin has Big Kahuna’s Water & Adventure Park and The Track. While Myrtle Beach has more options, both places have great spots for a fun day out.

Any final thoughts on Myrtle Beach vs Destin Florida for a beach vacation?

When choosing between Myrtle Beach and Destin, think about what you want from your trip. Both offer great memories and joy. Factor in the time of year, the people you’re with, and your interests. No wrong choice here; both have unforgettable beach vacations waiting for you.

Where can I find more resources and ideas for my Destin or Myrtle Beach vacation?

For extra tips, check out articles like “Things to do in Destin when it’s raining” and “Henderson Beach State Park Campground Review.” They’ll help you plan a great beach visit. “Things to do in Destin with Kids” and “Destin vs Panama City Beach” are also good reads for more ideas.

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