Long Stay Holidays: Enjoy Extended Vacations Worldwide

long stay holidays

Do you rush through vacations without really getting to know a place? Ever wish for a holiday that lets you soak in a new destination? It might be time for long stay trips.

Think about spending lots of time at the beach, fully exploring a city, or slowly seeing the countryside. Extended vacations give you the chance to do just that. More and more, you can easily find places to rent for long periods.

Now, hotels and rental places are making it cheaper to stay longer. They give special rates for monthly stays. You’ll get everything you need for over 30 days, making it feel like home. Choices range from cozy apartments to grand villas with pools.

Why hurry your vacation when you can take it easy? Take the time to truly experience new places by staying longer. You can enjoy top destinations for 30 nights or more.

Key Takeaways:

  • Long stay holidays provide the perfect opportunity to unwind and enjoy extended vacations at a leisurely pace.
  • More properties are offering vacation rentals for long term stays, making it easier to find accommodation that suits your needs.
  • Hotels and holiday rentals now offer reduced monthly rates on extended stays, allowing you to save more when you stay longer.
  • From cozy apartments to luxurious villas, there is a wide range of options to choose from for your long stay holiday.
  • Experience some of the most popular destinations for a long stay of 30 nights or more and immerse yourself in new cultures and experiences.

The Benefits of Long Stay Holidays

Long stay holidays are great for travelers. They let you relax without worrying about time. You can truly experience the local culture and way of life.

On top of that, being away for a long time helps you forget about your daily routine. You can spend more time with family, do things you love, or even work remotely. Long stays give you a chance to have a balanced and rewarding break.

Staying for a while also saves money. Many places give discounts for staying longer. This makes it cheaper for you to stay and enjoy your trip longer.

Traveling slowly has its own benefits too. Exploring deeply helps you understand the culture more. You can make real friends and find hidden spots and experiences that tourists often miss.

Basically, long stay holidays are a special way to see the world. They give you the time and freedom to really get to know a place. They help you make memories that last a lifetime.

Image: A couple enjoying an extended holiday, embracing the benefits of a long stay vacation.

Finding Long Stay Accommodation

Looking for somewhere to stay for a long time? There are many options to think about. Websites like Booking.com now list lots of places for monthly rentals. You can pick from hotels to homes, depending on what you like.

Many of these places give discounts for long stays, which is great for longer trips.

It’s crucial to check what other guests have said. This way, you can be sure the place matches your wishes. There are sites just for long-term rentals too. They offer many options worldwide. They let you speak directly with the owners, which can make booking easier.

Whether you choose a hotel or a vacation home, there are options for all budgets and tastes.finding long stay accommodation

Booking.com: Your Go-To Platform for Monthly Stays

Booking.com is a top pick for finding places to stay long term. It has a huge range of accommodations worldwide. With their filters, you can look for places that welcome monthly stays. This makes finding the right place easier.

By booking through Booking.com, you get the benefit of their safe payment choices. Plus, you know they are there to help with any issues. Reading reviews from previous guests helps you make a smart choice.

Specialized Websites for Long Term Rentals

There are also sites just for finding long-term rentals. They connect owners with guests, offering choices across the globe. This lets you find the ideal spot for your long stay.

Using these sites lets you talk directly to the owner. You can ask questions and set up the best deal for your stay. This hands-on approach can lead to a more tailored and hassle-free booking experience.

Consider Your Budget and Preferences

It’s key to think about what you want and how much you can spend. You might be after a quiet spot in a vacation rental. Or maybe you like the idea of staying in a hotel with more services. Either way, there’s something for you.

Take the time to compare places and read what others have said. This can help you find the perfect place that meets all your needs. With some careful searching, you can make your long trip something to remember.

Popular Destinations for Long Stay Holidays

Planning a long stay holiday? Look no further! We’ve curated a list of popular destinations that are perfect for extended vacations. From vibrant cities to serene beach getaways, these hotspots offer a range of experiences that cater to every traveler’s preferences.

New York

Experience the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple with its iconic landmarks, world-class museums, and vibrant atmosphere.


Indulge in the city of love and immerse yourself in its romantic ambiance, charming streets, and exquisite cuisine.

San Diego

Enjoy the sun-kissed beaches and laid-back vibes of this Southern California gem, perfect for a relaxing extended stay.


Discover the rich history, cultural diversity, and vibrant arts scene of the British capital.


Explore the Windy City’s architecture, deep-dish pizza, and thriving music and theater scene.

Santa Barbara

Unwind in the beautiful coastal city known for its picturesque beaches, wineries, and Mediterranean-style architecture.


Soak up the sun in Miami’s glamorous South Beach, with its trendy nightlife, art deco architecture, and vibrant street art.

Las Vegas

Experience the non-stop excitement of the Las Vegas Strip with its world-renowned entertainment, casinos, and luxury resorts.

The Bahamas

Escape to paradise in this tropical archipelago, with its crystal-clear turquoise waters, white sand beaches, and vibrant marine life.

Puerto Rico

Immerse yourself in the unique blend of Caribbean and Latin American culture, explore historic Old San Juan, and relax on stunning beaches.

No matter where you choose to go, these destinations offer a diverse range of experiences that will make your long stay holiday truly unforgettable.

Destination Highlights
New York Iconic landmarks, world-class museums, vibrant atmosphere
Paris Romantic ambiance, charming streets, exquisite cuisine
San Diego Sun-kissed beaches, laid-back vibes, relaxing atmosphere
London Rich history, cultural diversity, vibrant arts scene
Chicago Architectural wonders, deep-dish pizza, thriving music and theater scene
Santa Barbara Picturesque beaches, wineries, Mediterranean-style architecture
Miami Glamorous South Beach, trendy nightlife, art deco architecture
Las Vegas Non-stop entertainment, casinos, luxury resorts
The Bahamas Turquoise waters, white sand beaches, vibrant marine life
Puerto Rico Caribbean & Latin American culture, historic Old San Juan, stunning beaches

These destinations are just a glimpse of the top places for extended stays. Whatever your travel preferences, these popular destinations offer the perfect backdrop for your long stay holiday.

How to Save on Long Stay Holidays

Planning a long stay holiday offers chances to save money. Savvy travelers often find ways to enjoy discounts. They do this by spotting deals and using special offers. This way, you can make your budget go further and enjoy your long visit more. Here are tips to save on your long stay:

1. Explore Discounts and Deals

Hotels and vacation rentals often lower rates for longer stays. Research to find the best deals. Different places offer different discounts. Websites like Booking.com have offers for monthly stays. Always look for these exclusive deals for long-term guests.

2. Consider Loyalty Programs and Memberships

Many hotels and travel sites give discounts for loyalty members. If you’re staying long, consider joining these programs. This can bring you room upgrades, freebies, and lower prices.

3. Take Advantage of Seasonal Promotions and Off-Peak Periods

Look for deals during off-peak times. Many places lower their prices when they aren’t as busy. This means cheaper stays, travel, and activities. Plus, you’ll face fewer crowds.

4. Plan in Advance

Booking your long visit early can save you money. This applies to all travel. Early birds get better rates and more choices. Planning ahead lets you find the best deals.

5. Compare Prices Across Different Platforms

Always check multiple sites for best prices on places to stay. You might find the same room cheaper on another site. This is how you make sure you’re getting the best deal.

By using these tips, you can spend less on your long stay. This means you’ll have more money for fun, memorable experiences during your trip.

Saving on long stay holidays

Tips for a Memorable Long Stay Holiday

Planning on staying at a place for a while? Here are tips to make your trip memorable. You’ll be sure to create lasting memories.

  1. Create a Flexible Itinerary: First, list must-see activities. This plan should be flexible. It’s important to leave space for unexpected fun. This way, you can balance exploring with some relaxation time.
  2. Embrace the Slow Travel Mindset: A long stay allows you to dive into the local culture. Meet local people, taste new foods, and join events. These experiences can create deep memories and connections.
  3. Incorporate Self-Care Activities: Don’t forget to take care of yourself. Make time for things like exercise or meditation. This keeps you energized throughout your stay.

“A long stay holiday is not just about ticking off attractions, it’s about immersing yourself in the culture and creating meaningful memories.”

Follow these tips to enrich your long stay experience. You’ll make memories that will stay with you forever.

Embracing the Long Stay Lifestyle

Some travelers see long stay holidays as more than just a break. They are making it a lifestyle choice. This way, they enjoy the world slower, diving deep into each place’s culture. It helps them feel at home in many different spots.

This choice gives life a different meaning, bringing freedom and flexibility. People embracing this find it very rewarding. They build deep connections and make memories that last all over the globe.

Long stays offer a different way to travel. They let people really get to know a place. This shows the true value of staying longer somewhere, whether for a while or as a new lifestyle.


What are the benefits of long stay holidays?

A long stay holiday is more relaxed. It’s about deeper cultural experiences. You can get away from your daily life and feel refreshed. Plus, staying longer saves you money.

How can I find long stay accommodation?

You can look for places to stay on websites like Booking.com. They have lots of options for monthly stays. Also, check out websites that focus on renting for long periods.

What are some popular destinations for long stay holidays?

Places like New York, Paris, and Los Angeles are great for long stays. They offer both city and beach experiences. And, there are many places to stay.

How can I save on long stay holidays?

To spend less on your trip, look for discounts. Many places give deals for staying a long time. Also, try to book when prices are low. Using loyalty programs can help too.

What tips can you provide for a memorable long stay holiday?

For a great trip, plan to see the sights and relax. Slow down to enjoy the local life. Connect with people and try new things. Don’t forget to take care of yourself too.

Can long stay holidays become a lifestyle?

For some, long stays are more than a trip. They choose to live this way. It’s about seeing the world slowly. Making real connections and enjoying more freedom.

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