St Petersburg Public Beaches: Your Guide to Local Shores

st petersburg public beaches

When you think of Florida’s Gulf Coast, you might imagine beautiful beaches. St Petersburg is perfect for a beach day or relaxing by the water. It has many public beaches where you can enjoy the sun.

St Petersburg is known for its great public beaches. There are both hidden gems and popular beaches. You’ll find a beach that you’ll love in St Petersburg.

Are you ready to explore St Petersburg’s beaches? Whether you live here or are visiting, our guide is for you. It will show you where to go for fun, relaxation, and more on these sunny shores.

Key Takeaways:

  • St Petersburg boasts some of the finest public beaches on Florida’s Gulf Coast.
  • From hidden gems to iconic stretches of sand, there’s a beach in St Petersburg for every beach-goer.
  • Our comprehensive guide will provide you with all the information you need to make the most out of your beach days in St Petersburg.
  • Discover beach access points, recreational activities, wildlife encounters, and historic landmarks in St Petersburg.
  • Get ready to soak up the sun and have a fantastic time exploring St Petersburg’s beautiful shores.

Egmont Key

Egmont Key lies off the coast of St. Petersburg. This secluded spot is perfect for those who love nature and the beach. It’s only reachable by boat, and it’s a paradise waiting to be explored. Boat ramps in St. Petersburg make it easy to get to Egmont Key. Whether you bring your own boat or rent one, your journey to this unspoiled island will be smooth.

As you arrive, you’ll see stunning nature and various wildlife. It’s a 440-acre paradise for birds, dolphins, and sea turtles. Keep an eye out for these creatures in their natural habitats.

The key’s historical lighthouse is a big draw. It stands at 87 feet and lets you see amazing views. When you reach the top, you can enjoy a sight of the ocean like no other.

Explore miles of untouched beaches on Egmont Key. The soft sand and clear water make for a perfect retreat. It feels like you’re in a dreamy, peaceful place.

Discover the Remnants of Fort Dade

Fort Dade’s ruins give us a peek into the island’s past. It was built in the 1800s and mixes nature with history. As you walk among the remains, you can picture the lives of the soldiers once there.

Egmont Key offers a mix of peace, nature, and history. It’s a place to make lasting memories among its beauty.

Fort DeSoto Beach & Park

Fort DeSoto Beach is a hidden gem on Florida’s Gulf Coast. It’s at the southern tip of St. Petersburg. This county park covers 900 acres and shows off natural beauty.

fort desoto beach

There is a special network of nature trails here. They go through beautiful coastal areas. You can see rare birds and local animals while walking or hiking these paths. They are great for all skill levels.

For those who like water adventures, there’s a canoe trail. It goes through mangroves and open water. This lets you see the unique marine life up close.

Fort DeSoto Beach is a true paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a wide range of activities for everyone to enjoy.

There’s also a place to launch boats with floating docks. This makes it easy to get to the waters of Tierra Verde. It’s perfect for fishing trips or just cruising the sea.

Anglers will love the fishing piers that stretch out into the water. Many different fish can be caught here. It’s a favorite place for fishing.

If a family trip or a picnic is more your style, Fort DeSoto Beach is perfect. There are plenty of picnic spots with grills. You can eat while enjoying the beautiful views.

Don’t miss the historic fort on your visit. It’s very well kept and shows the area’s past. From there, you can see the Sunshine Skyway Bridge and Tampa Bay. It’s great for history lovers and those who like beautiful views.

Fort DeSoto Beach & Park Highlights:

  • 900-acre county park
  • Scenic nature trails
  • Canoe trails through mangrove tunnels and open water
  • Boat launch with floating docks
  • Fishing piers for saltwater fishing
  • Picnic pavilions with waterfront views
  • Historic fort with panoramic vistas

Fort DeSoto Beach & Park is perfect for lovers of the outdoors. You can enjoy the sandy beaches, the nature trails, or a boating trip. This beautiful place has something for everyone. Plan a visit and see the peace and beauty of this coastal area.

Maximo Beach & Park

Maximo Beach is a hidden gem in South St Petersburg that’s perfect for a fun day out. It’s a great spot for sunbathing, walking through nature, or enjoying the view. You’ll find everything you need for a memorable day.

The beach has three boat ramps, great for those who love to sail. If you’re new to boating or an expert, you can easily get your boat in the water. Then, you can explore Boca Ciega Bay or the Gulf of Mexico.

Prefer staying on shore? Maximo Beach has a charming nature boardwalk weaving through 47 acres of forest. This trail is perfect for birdwatching or a relaxing walk among the trees.

Maximo Beach also has playgrounds right on the sand, perfect for families. Kids can run around on safe, modern equipment. It’s a great place to have fun and create happy memories.

If you like cycling or walking, there are trails waiting to be explored. They wind through the park, making for a lovely ride or stroll. Nature lovers and active folks will both enjoy these paths.

Don’t miss the observation tower during your visit. It’s 10 feet tall and offers stunning views of the area. You can see the famous Sunshine Skyway Bridge and the beauty of the bay from up high.

Whether you love the water, nature, or playing outside, Maximo Beach has it all. With its boat ramps, boardwalk, playgrounds, and trails, it’s the perfect spot in South St Petersburg. Make sure to add it to your list of places to see.

Spa Beach & North Shore Beach

Spa Beach and North Shore Beach are in downtown St Petersburg by the Tampa Bay. They’re perfect for a relaxing day in the sun or fun activities.

Spa Beach is ideal for sunbathing or enjoying the peaceful waters. You can rent kayaks, paddleboards, or jet skis for a more active day. This beach is a quiet escape from the city, perfect for creating unforgettable experiences on the bay.

This beach also hosts special events like music festivals and art shows. Make sure to check the local calendar for these fun activities.

North Shore Beach, a short walk away, is great for families. It has amenities for picnics and the beach is perfect for leisurely walks. Kids can play at the beach’s playground while adults relax.

For those wanting to stay active, North Shore Beach has a pool and tennis courts. You can swim or play tennis with friends and family. It’s a beautiful place for some outdoor fun.

Don’t forget to visit the palm arboretum at North Shore Beach. It has many different types of palm trees. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy the coastal beauty.

Whether you go to Spa Beach or North Shore Beach, you’ll find a great escape. Enjoy the sun, the bay, and make memories at these beautiful spots.

St Pete Municipal Beach

On Treasure Island, you’ll find St Pete Municipal Beach, a top spot for beach fans. Its pure white sand and stunning sea views make it ideal for a great day out.

It’s not just a beach. There are volleyball courts where you can play with friends. This fun sport helps you stay active while enjoying the beach vibe.

And if you’re ready to unwind, there are showers to wash off the sand. This simple amenity ensures you’re fresh before you leave.

St Pete’s Beach is made for everyone to enjoy. They have special wheelchairs for the beach, so everyone can have fun by the sea.

Pause the sun for a snack at the on-site snack bar. Here, you can enjoy food and drinks with a fantastic beach view. It makes refueling and relaxing easy.

Facilities at St Pete Municipal Beach:

Facility Description
Beach Volleyball Courts Enjoy friendly games of beach volleyball with friends and family.
Shower Facilities Rinse off the sand and saltwater with convenient shower facilities.
Beach-Accessible Wheelchairs Experience the beach with ease using specially designed wheelchairs.
Snack Bar Grab a bite to eat or enjoy a refreshing beverage at the beach’s snack bar.

Clearwater Beach

Clearwater Beach is among the top 15 white-sand beaches globally, according to Travel + Leisure. It’s a stunning place with glistening sand beaches next to the Gulf of Mexico. This spot is perfect for both relaxing and enjoying family adventures.

Here, you can soak up the Florida sun with lots of beach fun. Swim, surf, or take a leisurely walk by the water. The clear water and soft waves are great for swimming and cooling off.

“Clearwater Beach is truly a tropical paradise with its soft, powdery sand and breathtaking sunsets. It’s a place where you can leave your worries behind and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.”

Pier 60 is a must-see at Clearwater Beach. It hosts the Pier 60 Sunset Celebration, drawing people to watch the sunset together. This daily event includes music, street acts, and local makers selling their goods.

Clearwater Beach also has several spots along Gulf Boulevard for beach access. These points make reaching the beach easy, with facilities like restrooms. No matter where you stay, there’s an easy path to the sand.

Clearwater Beach Access Points

Beach Access Point Location
Pier 60 1 Causeway Blvd
Clearwater Beach Access Park 518 Mandalay Ave
South Beach Access 2 Rockaway St
North Beach Access 25 Bay Esplanade

Clearwater Beach is the epitome of a tropical paradise. It has everything from pure white beaches to exciting beach activities and stunning sunsets. A visit here is essential to experience the best of Florida’s Gulf Coast.

Clearwater Beach

Madeira Beach

Madeira Beach is often called “Mad Beach.” It boasts a old-school Florida charm. This town sits beside the Gulf of Mexico. It is a real treasure on Florida’s coast. The place is alive with sandy beaches and clear blue waters. You could dream of no better place if you love the beach.

The beach access points on Gulf Boulevard are a big deal here. They let everyone get to the beach easily. Here, you can relax in the sand, swim, or do beach games. There’s a perfect piece of coast for everyone.

John’s Pass Village is a special part of Madeira Beach. It’s close by and takes you back to old times. At John’s Pass, you can find cute shops, places to eat by the water, and fun things to do. You can walk the boardwalk, shop, or even go fishing from the marina.

It’s no surprise that Madeira Beach is among the best U.S. beaches. Tripadvisor named it the 9th top beach in 2021. Madeira Beach invites everyone with its beauty and fun things to do. People come from all over to enjoy its charm.


Are there any public beaches in St Petersburg?

Yes, St Petersburg has many public beaches by the Gulf Coast.

What is Egmont Key?

Egmont Key is a small island near St Petersburg. It has quiet beaches, a wildlife area, and a historic fort. You can only reach it by boat.

What amenities are available at Fort DeSoto Beach?

Fort DeSoto Beach is at the tip of St Petersburg. It has campgrounds, trails, fishing spots, and places to picnic. You’ll also find a fort there.

What attractions are there at Maximo Beach?

Maximo Beach offers places to launch boats, boardwalks, and play areas. There are also paths for biking, an observation tower, and lovely views.

What activities can I do at Spa Beach and North Shore Beach?

Spa Beach is great for sunbathing and joining water activities. North Shore Beach has a playground, pool, tennis courts, and a special type of tree area.

What amenities are available at St Pete Municipal Beach?

St Pete Municipal Beach has a lovely sandy shore. It also has places to play beach volleyball and grab refreshments. Plus, they have special wheelchairs for the beach.

What makes Clearwater Beach special?

Clearwater Beach is famous for its wide white sands and lively atmosphere. It’s also known for the beautiful sunset celebrations at Pier 60.

Why is Madeira Beach popular?

Madeira Beach has a quaint feel and was voted the 9th top beach in 2021. It’s close to John’s Pass Village, a nice spot for shopping and eating.

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